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Battle of the Sexes T-shirt Ideas

Battle of the Sexes has become a very popular game that is played on radio and TV shows, at parties, colleges, variety shows and much more. You can easily take a somewhat uneventful game of trivia and turn it into a challenging and exciting contest by doing a Battle of the Sexes version. Such games are enlightening, funny and entertaining for both the players and those listening to or watching them.

Doing a Battle of the Sexes match is actually quite an easy thing to do. You separate men and women into two different teams. You can even play it with just one man and one woman. Typically women are asked questions that every man would be expected to know. Men are asked questions that most women would know. Therefore the female team would probably have questions based on tools, sports trivia, hunting and other masculine pursuits. The male team would get questions based on things like make-up tips, clothing trends, chick flicks, wedding planning and other female-dominated areas. The questions are asked to each team in turn. They get points for a correct answer, but if the answer is incorrect, the opposing team can steal the question and points by correctly answering it. The side with the most points wins.

Battle of the Sexes is hilarious to watch or listen to from the spectator’s point of view, because everyone can feel affiliation for one team or the other. Since we are all men or women, we have a natural urge to root for the team of our own gender. It is also lots of fun for those who play it, especially if they happen to be an atypical player who knows a lot of trivia that is common to the opposite sex. Half the fun is in the fact that nothing is more natural that competition between the sexes.

If you enjoy a good Battle of the Sexes match, say so in a custom-made Battle of the Sexes T-shirt. You can have one made in any of a number of designs. You can simply state something like I love Battle of the Sexes or you can go for a design based tee that says “Eat, Sleep, Battle of the Sexes” or one of the many other popular designs available. If you want a truly unique shirt, you can choose your own line to have printed on it. Below are some fun suggestions:
–    I’d rather be playing Battle of the Sexes
–    Battle of the Sexes rocks
–    I’m a Battle of the Sexes champion
–    I’m a POW in the battle of the sexes
–    Nothing beats a good battle of the sexes
–    Master Battle of the Sexes Player
–    There’s nothing better than a Battle of the Sexes
–    Proud member of a Battle of the Sexes team
–    I didn’t win the Battle of the Sexes but I will win the war.

Get your custom-made Battle of the Sexes T-shirt today and tell everyone how much you love a good Battle of the Sexes.