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Panty hose

How to Wash Panty Hose

Panty hose

Panty hose are an important part of any women’s wardrobe. Panty hose allow for a sleek and sexy look and really when you think about it, they make it possible for anyone to have nice tan and shapely looking legs. That being said, you can spend a great deal of money on your hosiery and it is important that you wash them with great care and wash them properly if you want them to last.

Unlike socks or other types of undergarments you have, you can’t just throw panty hose into the washer and let them go for a spin; well, you can but you will find yourself buying new hosiery on a regular basis if you do so. Follow these methods and you will ensure that your panty hose enjoy a nice long life:

Machine Washing

•    If you insist on washing your panty hose in your washing machine, be sure to go about it properly. You have to be sure to use a gentle soap and whatever you do make sure there is no bleach additive in the soap. Then turn the panty hose inside out and put them in a mess garment bag that zips at the top. Only wash your panty hose and nothing else and wash them on the delicate cycle. If you follow these procedures your panty hose should remain unharmed and the color should last in them as well.

Hand Wash

•    Even better than machine washing is good old fashioned hand washing. Simply fill up your sink with warm water and use some gentle soap in the water. Then wash to your heart’s content. Be sure not to wear any type of jewelry that could get snagged on the undergarments while you are washing them. It is alright to agitate the hosiery a little bit, but avoid pulling on them in any way as this will  stretch them out.


•    One thing you never want to do with your hosiery is to put them in a clothes dryer. This is a sure recipe for disaster and if you are going to do this, you may as well throw them into the trash can. Another no, no is to hang your panty hose up to dry. This will allow the fabric to stretch and will make for a looser fit. The best way to dry your panty hose is to lay them onto a towel and then roll the towel up. Once the towel is rolled up, use pressure and push down so the water is absorbed into the towel. Once the panty hose are merely damp, place them onto another dry towel and let the air take care of the rest. Be sure that the panty hose are laid out in a natural position and do not allow them to get bunched up as that can result in wrinkles forming during the drying process.

By the following morning your panty hose should be dry, great looking, and ready to go on you to make you look your absolute best.