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What to Wear When Clothes Shopping


Many times when people go out clothes shopping they pay no mind as to what they put on before they set off to the mall. This is a mistake that can end up costing you some time if you are not careful. Being aware of what you have on can actually help you to make better decisions and can get your shopping spree done in a faster amount of time as well.

The next time you go clothes shopping consider what you are going to wear to the mall for these reasons:

•    Changing rooms: This is where you can cut your shopping time almost in half. If you wear an elaborate outfit to the mall there is no doubt you will look great but if it took you a long time to put it on before you left your house it will take you just as long to take it on and off numerous times in the dressing rooms. If you are going out to get a whole new wardrobe, save yourself some time and wear clothing that can easily be taken off and put back on.
•    Accessorizing: If you are looking to accessorize some of the new clothes you are going to go shopping for then it may be in your best interest to wear clothes that are similar to what you are going to buy. This will make choosing a purse, a watch, jewelry, or any other accessory a breeze. If you think a certain accessory looks good with your older clothes, then they will more than likely look great with your brand new ones.
•    Mix and match: Let’s say you have a pair of jeans you love and a top you love but the two have been combined already numerous times. Wear that outfit to the mall one last time and you can then find new tops to go with those jeans and new jeans or other pants to go with that top. The end result is a new look with the same old favorites that you already have.
•    Sizing: If you are going after a certain brand of clothing and you already own some of that brand, then wear it when you go clothes shopping. This will enable you to know exactly what size you need as you can simply look on the tag if you forget. If the clothes you wear there are too tight or too loose, you can adjust the size accordingly. This trick will save you from trying on three or four different sizes and thus will save you time.
•    Avoid a disaster: This sounds weird but you may want to wear the outfit you hate the most when you go clothes shopping. Why? By doing so you will avoid certain colors and styles that you obviously think you don’t look good on you and this will help you to avoid the disaster of choosing the wrong clothes all over again.

Think about what you are wearing the next time you go clothes shopping and dress in an effort to save yourself some time. Remember, the faster you get done shopping, the faster you can sport your new outfits.