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Does Chemicals Or Dye On Cotton Rub Off On Your Skin From Your Clothes?

Cotton is the most popular natural fabric. It is used in a variety of different items because it is so versatile and yet so comfortable. However, people are becoming increasingly concerned with keeping themselves away from things that are not completely all natural. There is even a concern about chemicals or dye on cotton rubbing off onto your skin from your clothes. Yet, does it really occur?

Typically you do not have to worry about dye transferring from your clothes to your skin. The only time is tends to is if the dye process was poorly done, as in the case of a very cheap item. Some very bright or dark colors may transfer a small amount of dye if they are not washed before they are first worn. Therefore it is very important to wash new clothes before wearing them.

Chemicals can and do transfer from cotton to your skin. Skin irritations and allergies are proof that chemicals transfer from cotton to your skin. Those who have sensitivities to certain soaps and fabric softeners suffer from breakouts and irritations when their cotton clothes is washed using these products because the chemicals that bother them rub off on their skin. Some people also find their skin is irritated if they wear a new item of clothing before washing it. This is typically because of some residual chemical used during production and another good reason to wash new clothes before wearing them.

Luckily there are several options that you have, if you are concerned about chemicals or dye rubbing off on your skin from your clothes. First, be sure to wash all new items before wearing them. Second, wash them using a mild and pure soap that is low in chemicals and does not have any additives like dyes, perfumes or fabric softeners. Third, do not use bleach on your clothes, it is a very harsh chemical and can be very irritating. Fourth, stop using fabric softener, because the way it makes clothes soft and static free is by coating the fibers of the material in chemicals.

If you truly want to avoid chemicals and dye in your cotton clothes, you can always opt for organic cotton as an excellent alternative. This type of cotton is grown without pesticides and other chemicals. It even grows in different naturally occurring colors and therefore you can get a variety of colors without the use of dyes at all.

If chemicals and dyes on your cotton clothes concern you, replace your T-shirt wardrobe with a variety of custom-made organic cotton T-shirts. You don’t need to give up cute tees in great designs and styles just because you are choosing organic. You can choose the natural colors you want in the styles you want. Then you can choose to have anything you want printed on the custom tees. You can flaunt the fact that you have chosen an organic tee, support a cause, make a clever remark or a silly one. The choice of how to personalize a T-shirt is endless.

Get your custom-made organic cotton T-shirts today and never again worry about the chemicals and dyes from regular cotton.