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They’re Not Laughing at You… It’s Your T-Shirt

Finding a great joke to play on someone is a great way to have a few good laughs. As long as your joke doesn’t offend the person then you can enjoy the laughs together for years to come. One fun way to pull a joke on someone is through t-shirts. You can give the recipient a t-shirt that makes fun of the person. There are so many things you can choose to have printed onto a t-shirt that will get some great laughs.
You can make fun of the person’s age on a t-shirt. The traditional “Over the hill” is a great start. You can get even more creative with age jokes though. Just a few fun sayings you can chose include:

·    In dog years, I’m dead
·    Seen it, done it, can’t remember most of it
·    Gravity is a harsh mistress
·    I’d pick on someone my own age, but they’re dead now

Maybe you want to make fun of someone’s personality. Perhaps the person is a little conceited and wants everything. “High maintenance” may be the perfect shirt for such a personality. “You can thank my plastic surgeon” and “I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken” would also be fun. “Warning: don’t annoy the crazy person” or “I listen to enough voices in my head, I don’t want to listen to yours too” would be fun for the slightly crazy personalities. For “Redneck” there are also many great ideas.

·    Trailer Park Christmas: Nothing says Christmas like beer can lights on the tree.
·    Redneck pick-up line: I’m getting indoor plumbing when I save up enough money.

Of course, personalities and age are not the only things that can be made fun of on t-shirts. Events are also great to make fun of. Marriages, anniversaries, retirement, holidays and vacations can all be turned into a joke t-shirt.

·    The Three rings of marriage: The engagement ring, the wedding ring, suffering
·    Warning: Retiree who knows it all and has plenty of time to tell you about it
·    When I go on vacation I bring back t-shirts. Sorry.
·    I’ve been married for 30 happy years. At least that’s what my wife keeps telling me.

T-shirts are a great way to joke with someone. Whether you choose to make fun of their personality, age, or even marital status the options are nearly limitless. Your shirt can be designed with or without graphics and in an array of colors. Your shirt can be as personal as you want it to be so you can enjoy the joke for years to come. You can have “inside” jokes on a shirt or simply chose one that you have already seen that works perfect for you little prank. Just be sure when you give the recipient the shirt that you know what their reaction might be. And make sure there aren’t any shotguns around!

Mugshot 1

Top 10 Funniest T-Shirts Worn During Mugshots

It is never good to get arrested and it is even worst when you are wearing one of the funny t-shirts below. Here is a top 10 list of funny mug shots of men and women wearing t-shirts.

1. I’m Not Anti-Social T-Shirt

Mugshot 1

2. I May Not Be Mr. Right T-Shirt
Mugshot 2

3. I’m Not Religious, I Just Love the Lord T-Shirt

Mugshot 3

4. The Bitch T-Shirt
Mugshot 4

5. I Don’t Do Drama T-Shirt
Mugshot 5

6. Proud to be a Senior Citizen T-Shirt

Mugshot 6

7. I’m Sorry, My Fault T-Shirt

Mugshot 7

8. Comeback When You are Rich

Mugshot 8

9. Bad Hair Day T-Shirt

Mugshot 9

10. I Let My Mind Wander T-Shirt

Mugshot 10

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