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How to Choose a T-Shirt That Will Stand Out in a Crowd

When wearing a t-shirt, it may sometimes feel like you blend in with all of the other people out there wearing t-shirts. T-shirt wearing is now so common that it can take a little bit of creativity to make yourself stand out apart from the crowd. There are several ways to go about choosing a t-shirt that will stand out. Choosing a color that gets noticed is one way. Choosing a saying that gets attention is another. Still other people like to wear a t-shirt with an attention-getting picture on it. And for the very bold, a combination of all three things is a sure way to stand out and be noticed in even the largest crowd.

Choosing a color that will make a t-shirt stand out apart from all the others can be done by picking the brightest, most eye-catching color possible. When you want to do that, there’s just one option- neon. A bright t-shirt in a neon orange, yellow or pink is just about as eye catching as a t-shirt can get among a crowd of people. The eye is drawn immediately to these bright t-shirt colors and it can’t help but get plenty of notice from everyone else in the immediate area.

A t-shirt that has a very clever or shocking statement will always get some attention. To get the biggest impact from words on a t-shirt, though, you need to be shocking. Taking a familiar saying and turning it around to mean something completely different is one way to do this. Another way is to use words that aren’t generally considered polite in most areas of society. This can, of course, lead to problems. To avoid any problems, use a word that sounds like a rude word but that won’t get you kicked out of your event.

Pictures can be one of the easiest ways to get a lot of attention very quickly for t-shirt. A picture of someone that is very recognizable and that is popular in pop culture is an easy way to get attention quickly. The best way to choose the right person for your t-shirt is to find out who is being talked about the most. Listen to who your friends are discussing and who is on the news most often and you may have the makings of a great T-shirt for capturing attention. If you can do something to change that photograph to make a statement, it will be even more attention-getting.

To do this to comic effect, try changing the picture slightly with small details. You might try painting sinister looking eyebrows onto a picture, putting a strange hat on them, or even putting makeup on them. There are a lot of ways to change photograph to make people notice right away that something about this photograph is different. You may get a lot of attention from people who are simply trying to figure out how you have changed the picture. This is a fun way to get attention without being offensive to anyone or getting yourself into trouble.

How Can I Tell If My T-Shirt Is Too Big Or Small Based On The Shoulder Position?

Having clothes fit right is the key to dressing successfully. If you wear things that are too small, it gives the image of not caring how you look or that you are trying to dress provocatively. If you wear things that are too large, it looks sloppy or like you are trying to hide under oversized clothing. It may even look like you are wearing someone else’s clothes. Wearing properly fitting clothes is essential to a neat, pulled-together look.

Luckily it is very easy to tell if your T-shirt fits properly or not. You simply need to look at how your T-shirt falls on your shoulder. The seams of the tee where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt should be at the edge of your shoulder if it is the correct size for you. If that seam is closer to your neck, then the T-shirt is too small and you should choose the next size up. If the shoulder seam is on your upper arm, the shirt is definitely too large for you. You can still wear it and it will make for a great beach cover-up or T-shirt to sleep in. However, for everyday wear, you may want to opt for a smaller shirt that fits right.

When you are trying T-shirts on for size, remember the shoulder seam rule. You also need to keep in mind the fact that T-shirts always shrink a little with washing and you should account for that in terms of sizing. If you are choosing between 2 shirts and one is almost too small and the other almost too big, based on the shoulder seam rule, you should go with the bigger one. Inevitably, shrinkage will make the smaller one too small and the bigger one just perfect.

When shopping for T-shirts, do not assume that all brands will fit the same in the same size. One brand may be larger or smaller than another. Some brands tend to be more fitted or longer or shorter than others. That is why it is important to try them on for size or if you are buying online, check the dimensions and compare them to a shirt you own that fits well. Once you know that a certain brand fits you perfectly, it will make T-shirt buying much easier and quicker.

If you take a good look at your T-shirt wardrobe and realize that you have a bunch of tees that simply don’t follow the shoulder seam rule, it may be time to buy new ones. In order to look your best, get new properly fitted tees to replace those that are too big or too small. If some of those that don’t fit right are your favorites, you can get them replicated easily by ordering custom-made T-shirts in the right size. The great thing about custom-made tees is that you can choose any color, style or design that you want and have a variety of perfect tees made to fill up your wardrobe.

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What Do The Size Numbers On A T-Shirt Mean?

“On one of my size small T-Shirts, it says 34-36. What does that mean?” This is a common T-shirt related question. When we are shopping for things and find different types of sizing methods, it can be very confusing. Suddenly, buying a simple small T-shirt has gone from a quick errand to a head-scratching puzzle. By understanding a little about how this particular sizing method works, you will be able to save yourself time and confusion.

There are a variety of different ways to size clothing and it often varies from place to place and manufacturer to manufacturer. The most common method of sizing is Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large and so on. It is usually further divided into adult sizes and youth sizes. For certain items of clothing, different sizing methods are even used for men and women. It is very useful on the occasions that you come across T-shirts with number sizes to know exactly what they mean.

The number sizing method is actually very simple. It is basically the measurement around the chest in inches of the typical person who would wear that size. A size small would fit a 34 to 36 inch chest. A medium fits 38 to 40 inches. Large fits 42 to 44 inches. Extra large fits 46 to 48 inches. Extra extra large fits 50 to 52 inch chests. A triple X T-shirt would fit someone whose chest measures 54 to 56 inches.

However, when you are choosing a T-shirt, remember that there is always a certain amount of shrinkage to consider. All tees should be expected to shrink about 3-5% in width. The average shrinkage for the length of a T-shirt is 8-12%. Therefore, you should definitely buy one size larger if you are on the higher end for the chest measurements for your size. If you are on the lower end of these measurements, you may be okay getting a tee in the size you are supposed to fit into. Another good piece of advice when shopping for T-shirts is to familiarize yourself with common brands and how they fit. With time you will learn which ones tend to run a little large or are more fitted than other brands. This will help you make the right choice in sizes.

The great thing about custom T-shirts is that there is rarely a sizing problem. Often when you go to a retail store and find a shirt that you just have to have, it is sold out in your size. You may need to check other stores and waste a lot of time tracking down that perfect tee. By having the perfect T-shirt custom-made, you can be sure that it is the perfect size, color, style, cut, quality and design for you. With the endless choices you have in custom-made T-shirts, you can wear the absolute perfect T-shirt everyday if you choose to.

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Size Yourself Up! How to Choose the Right T-Shirt for Your Body

It seems as though T-shirts were created to make people happy. Just think about it – what other type of clothing out there feels so comfortable, yet is form-fitting and undeniably sexy at the same time? A great t-shirt can be worn under a blazer for a casual business look one minute, and in the next it can be glammed up with a pair of dark-wash jeans, heels and some funky accessories for a night out on the town. Yes, t-shirts are truly one of the more versatile – and affordable – articles of fashion out there.

However, if you’re not wearing the right t-shirt for your body shape and size, all of these great benefits may as well be tossed out of the window. Contrary to popular belief, the purchase of a t-shirt takes as much time and deliberation as any other clothing item, as the wrong shirt can make you look heavier or shapeless. Read on for the final word on finding the right t-shirt fit for your body type!

If you have a torso that’s a bit on the shorter side, fashion experts recommend picking out fitted t-shirts that can be used with layering. By layering t-shirts together (note: be sure to layer a shorter t-shirt over a longer one), you will not only be camouflaging your short torso; you’ll actually be creating the appearance of a long and streamlined stomach! Just make sure that the bottom shirt is a darker color than your top one, or else you’ll make your hips and waist appear much larger. For ladies with longer torsos, play up your length by choosing a fitted t-shirt and accessorizing it with a bright and funky belt. This playful look requires that your shirt fits snugly, so be sure to try any t-shirts on before making your purchase.

For women with fuller breasts, stop hiding your shape under baggy t-shirts! This look is the easiest way to make yourself appear much heavier than what you actually are, so toss all those t-shirts that are ill-fitting and baggy. Accentuate your curves with a form-fitting tee, but be sure to avoid super-low cuts that show off too much cleavage – remember, leaving a little something to the imagination is extremely sexy. Smaller busted ladies have more freedom in buying the right t-shirt for their shape, as most shapes and cuts look great regardless. However, if you’re looking to add a bit of fullness to your chest, buy a t-shirt that has funky designs, ruffles, or embellishments on the chest – these types of styles look great on smaller women, as they create the illusion of a bigger bustline.

Choosing the right t-shirt doesn’t end once you’ve decided whether you’re a small, medium, or large. People come in all fabulous shapes and sizes that can significantly determine which t-shirt is right for their specific body shape. Once you’ve armed yourself with this information, go on and purchase a t-shirt that will not only make you feel comfortable and relaxed – you’ll turn heads wherever you go!