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How to Get Clothes Soft Without Using Fabric Softener

Getting clothing soft is one of the most sought-after effects of washing and drying clothes. However, fabric softener is avoided by many people who have sensitive skin or who don’t like the smell of most fabric softeners. Some people also have concerns about the chemicals used in fabric softeners and what their possible effects on health and the environment may be. To solve this problem, there are ways to get soft clothing without using harsh chemicals as fabric softeners.

Vinegar is a substance long known to soften clothing. It is inexpensive and it is a completely natural substance. To use vinegar as a natural fabric softener, use plain white vinegar. Wash the clothing as usual and wait for the first rinse cycle. Then, during the beginning of this cycle, add about a cup of the vinegar to the clothing. This will soften the clothing without leaving any harsh residue, and it will be rinsed out during the final rinse at the end of the washing cycle.

Another method is to use less detergent on the clothing. Stiff clothing is sometimes caused by simply using too much detergent. This can leave residue in the clothing that makes them feel stiff or heavier than they should be. If your clothing often feels like this, experiment with how much detergent you really need. Cut the detergent in half and see if the clothing still comes out clean. If so, it will likely feel far softer than it did when you were using double that amount.

To get a fast softening effect, try ironing the clothes with steam and then rolling up the clothing. This keeps the humidity in the clothing and keeps it softer. After about 10-15 minutes, the clothing will have cooled and will be soft and ready to wear.

Another easy method to add a little softness is to always use the second rinse on your machine. Many people overlook the second rinse or don’t think it’s necessary to use it. However, a second rinse will get more detergent residue out of the clothing and will take out any small particles of dirt that have been left behind. This will leave the clothing in the load feeling far softer than if they had been denied that final rinse.

Baking soda is used by some people to soften their clothing. This can be used in several ways. It can be used as a substitute for the detergent, though this might not get rid of all the dirt and grime that detergent would. It can also be added along with the regular detergent. This allows the detergent to do its job, but it will keep clothing softer at the same time.

If you dry your clothing on a clothes line, this will contribute to stiffer clothing. To make the clothing softer, use a dryer. It may be more expensive to use than using a clothes line, but using a drier will make a big difference in the way the clothing will feel against your skin.