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What to Wear with Moccasins


Moccasins have been in style ever since the Native American Indians’ culture was introduced to the American culture. These suede shoes are traditionally in the form of boots and those are still the most popular today. They do however come in flats styles as well and both styles look great with a number of today’s fashions. Many actresses and Hollywood starlets can often be seen off the set in a comfy pair of moccasins while just being out and about.

Pairing your moccasins with the right outfits will have you too looking great while maintaining the ultimate in laid back fashion. Here are some outfits that you can wear with your moccasins:

•    Jeans: This is a tough one because the moccasin boots are made to be just a bit loose at the top and so jeans don’t really cover the moccasins very well. If you do get a boot cut and cover the moccasins then no will know that you even have them on at all. But thanks to the invention of the skinny jeans, you can now wear your moccasin boots and still wear jeans. Because skinny jeans tapper down and hug the bottom of your ankle, they will actually slip inside of the moccasin boots and make for a comfortable and stylish pairing. Top this off with your favorite t-shirt or blouse and you will be all set for a day of comfortable window shopping. If the weather is a bit chilly, then grab a lightweight leather jacket and you will be all set.
•    Dresses: Sleeved dresses make for a great pairing with moccasins and the great part is that you can either wear your boot style moccasins or your flats style moccasins with this look. Because many moccasins are generally dark brown or black, you should stick with neutral or dark colors for the dresses you choose.
•    Leggings: Like the skinny jeans, the leggings will slide right inside the moccasins so that the style of the boot won’t be disturbed. From here you can pair the leggings with a miniskirt and blouse, a dress, a long blouse, or even a long t-shirt. You can use dark colored belts to help tie in the outfits and this look gives you the perfect opportunity to wear a fun and stylish hat.
•    Short shorts and miniskirts: Denim short shorts look great with a pair of black moccasin boots that come up to the upper part of your calf. Up top you will want to go with a black t-shirt or tank top and finish off the look with a lightweight and short suede jacket. If you don’t like denim short shorts you can go with a white miniskirt and get the same effect. This look is extremely sexy, but also extremely toasty so be sure you go for this look during the cooler times of the year.

Moccasins are a timeless classic that should be on the floor of everyone’s closet. They offer a great look while offering great comfort and when dressed up properly they will also offer up lot of look as you walk down the street.