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When Is It Time to Get Rid of Your Favorite T-Shirt?

T-shirts are an incredible gift from their creator; whether you’re male or female, child or teenager, there’s a t-shirt for everyone. They can be casual, dressy, cute, fun or show off your personality. And when you find the right one, you fall in love with the comfort and fit. Sometimes, you fall so deeply in love with your favorite t-shirt that it’s like a bad relationship; you don’t know when to let it go, and when you finally come to realize that it’s time to part ways, it’s difficult to do. I mean, how do you let go of something that you’ve grown so attached to; something that’s been there for you through the good, the bad and the ugly, the laughs, the smiles and the tears? But as difficult as it may be, we’ve got to let them go when evidence of extensive wear and tear appears, or at least pack them away out of our site never to be worn again. And truth be told, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know when that time comes.

For example, if your favorite t-shirt has been worn down to the point that your skin shows through more than 50% of the shirt, not due to holes, but due to the fact that the threading is so worn and the material is so stretched that only 50% of the original thickness of the material remains, then you need to let it go.

Also, if you have more than two small holes, or any quarter-size holes or larger anywhere on the t-shirt, then you should probably say adios! The only exception is if the holes are minute and located in inconspicuous places on the t-shirt. In this case, you may be able to salvage the shirt for use at home or in the gym.

And have you ever seen someone in a t-shirt where you wondered if it was going to stay on because of a seam coming undone? Not at all attractive… If your t-shirt has any major seams coming undone by more than an inch, especially down the side so that your ribcage (men), or bra-strap (women), is exposed, then you need to let that t-shirt go!

Another scenario that’s a good indicator as to when your t-shirt’s too worn out to wear is when that favorite logo, saying or picture on the t-shirt makes people look and ask, ‘What’s that supposed to be, exactly?’. Yep. Time to let the t-shirt go!

You may also want to put the t-shirt to rest if it is the proud owner of any major stains that add little character, or extreme fading that simply screams ‘I’m old!’. However, some fading might fit depending on the original color and style of the t-shirt. Use good judgment.

And for all you parents out there, it’s true that old t-shirts (including the stains, holes and worn out logos) can be great for your child’s playtime, but please spare your children (and yourself) any embarrassment and make sure the t-shirt doesn’t scream ‘I’m homeless!’.

In summary, use a little common sense as to when your t-shirt’s too worn out to wear. If it’s too thin, has major holes, fading, stains, rips, etc. then it’s probably time to recycle. I know it’s difficult to muster up the courage, but remember, change can be good!

How to Recycle Your Old T-Shirts

You’ve got a pile of raggedy t-shirts, too pitiful to wear and certainly too shabby to donate to charity. Rather than chucking them in the trash, try out a few of these ways to recycle old t-shirts. Mother Earth will thank you, and you might just wind up with some pretty cool stuff.

Haute couture from holey shirts?

Maybe it’s not fit to wear as a t-shirt, but it might still have a place in your wardrobe. A shirt with a cool design on the front, such as a band name, can easily be turned into a trendy, one-of-a-kind purse. If you’re feeling sassy, you can turn that old tee into a pair of undies. That’s right! It’s such a popular trend that you can even find patterns for t-shirt panties on the Internet.

Keep it clean

Without a doubt, the most popular use for old t-shirts is to turn them into cleaning rags. Unlike paper towels, t-shirt rags are reusable. Stick them in with a load of laundry, and there good for another few rounds of cleaning. They’re great for drying dishes, cleaning up spills or washing your car. You can cut the shirts up into smaller pieces to use as eyeglass wipes, too.

Old t-shirts can also keep things clean by protecting your expensive clothes. Place the shirt over your suit or dress on the hanger, and it will help keep off the dust. You can place them over shoes as well.

Decorate your house

Decorate my house with ratty t-shirts? Eek! What would Martha Stewart say? It might sound crazy, but old shirts can be transformed into some pretty cool décor. You can make quick and easy throw pillows from old shirts, and you don’t have to worry if they get dirty or spilled on. Let the shirts pull double duty, and cut a few up into small pieces to use as stuffing for you pillows.

If the shirt has a particularly interesting or artsy design, you can cut it out and frame it. You’ll have a very unique piece of art and quite a conversation piece. Or decoupage several shirts squares and paste the finished product on a board. T-shirt squares can also be incorporated into funky quilts.

Gifts for our four-legged friends

You can give an old shirt to your dog as a blanket. They’ll love having something with your smell on it to cuddle up with. You can also use the fabric to make little catnip toys. All you need is a bit of stuffing and a package of dry catnip. Sew up a dozen or so and donate them to the local animal shelter. Or, tie the shirt up into a few knots and you’ve got an instant doggie chew toy.

A few last random ways to recycle old t-shirts:

· Cloth diapers
· Packing material
· Sell them to a company that buys cotton to make rags
· Handkerchiefs
· Donate them to elementary schools for children to wear as painting smocks
· Plant ties
· Woven rugs
· Bedding for ferrets

With all the ways you can give old t-shirts a second life, tossing them into your garbage can should be the farthest thing from your mind!