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How Cute Are Maternity T-Shirts

Cute Maternity Clothing. What Do You Think Is Cute?

Just being pregnant is an adventure. It is the biggest life change any woman will experience. Your body undergoes a dramatic and wonderful transformation. Suddenly, things that were not important seem very important. But one thing does not change when you get pregnant and that is the desire to look good.

New clothes are likely one the first things you are going to think about when you learn you are pregnant. Everyone knows at some point you can’t just stretch that shirt over your baby bump and wear your jeans with the top button undone. So what is a girl to do? Do you run out and buy a whole new wardrobe or do you just borrow clothes from a friend who had a baby? No matter what you choose, you will still want some clothes that are yours only. They need to fit the needs of your growing body as well as help you feel good wearing them.

Why not embrace one of the hottest trends in maternity fashion today? The t-shirt proclaiming to the world your feelings about your impeding motherhood. Celebrity moms and moms in the grocery store can be seen wearing shirts with designs telling everyone about their special baby. A popular design choice is one saying the baby is “Due in (fill in month due).” Another asks “Does this baby make me look fat?”

T-shirts are a great item to have in your maternity wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile and affordable. T-shirts range from the plain white standard with black lettering to vintage styles harking back to styles you wore in elementary school. You can have long, short or even three quarter length sleeves. They can be form-fitting or more relaxed.
Layering t-shirts is also another way to add more visual interest to your wardrobe. They can be worn with a hoodie and jeans or with a cute printed skirt.

The added value of t-shirts is their easy care requirements. Most tees on the market today are 100% pre-shrunk cotton or a cotton blend. This makes them totally wash and wear. Who really wants to spend their limited time as a pregnant mom doing laundry anyway?

Get started today. Pick a style or two that you love. Then choose a design with a slogan that you enjoy. This is a good time to be daring and have some fun. This t-shirt can be a great memento of your pregnancy and tell everyone how excited you are about your new life circumstances. You can use your shirt to tell everyone what your baby will be in the future. Pick a picture of Buddha and the word belly (Buddha belly). If you love the way you are looking pregnant, why not say “I heart baby belly”? If you are feeling sexy, say so. Declare that you are going to be a “Rock Star Mama” or “Sexy Mama.” Sassy design slogans include those declaring yourself to be “Knocked up” or that you “Failed sex ed class.” If you are tired of telling people the sex of your baby, get a t-shirt saying “Got Girl/Boy.” “Shhh, it’s a surprise” will tell everyone you choose not to find out the sex of your baby.

Whatever your choice of color or style, t-shirts are a cute and fun part of your maternity wardrobe. Pick out your shirt and get started.