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Thrift stores

Why Shop in Thrift Stores?

Thrift stores

Going to a thrift store is sort of like digging for treasure in that you never know what you will uncover. In today’s fast paced world where everybody wants something new now, many people are simply dumping off lots of really cool fashions at their local thrift shops. While fast pace may be for them, perhaps it is not so much for you and for this reason you may want to consider shopping a thrift stores.

Why shop at thrift store? There are a number of reasons, here a just a few:

•    Savings: They are called thrift stores for a reason. Because you are buying someone’s ‘leftovers’ you will be paying rock bottom prices. This is a great opportunity to pick up some designer fashions that you would normally pass over at the mall and best of all you can get these designer fashions for pennies on the dollar. To the thrift store it is worth it because all of the items you see in the thrift store are items that have been donated and so the cost basis for the thrift store is zero. Great for them and great for you.
•    Go vintage: If you look at fashion today a lot of what was popular a few years ago is coming back into style now. Fashion tends to do that and a thrift store is a great place to go to find these ‘vintage’ items that will complete your ensemble. Unlike a vintage clothing shop that knows what they have, thrift stores tend to mark articles of clothing the same price according to what type of garment it is. So if you are looking at t-shirts, a thrift store will have all of them marked at say $2.00 each, they simply won’t care what style or brand it is. But a vintage store owner knows what they are looking at and if they know that a certain shirt is popular you can bet the price will reflect that.
•    Discontinued items: How many times have you found a favorite brand of clothing and bought a couple of the items only to find out a few months later that the style or brand has been discontinued?  With the advent of the thrift store nothing is ever really discontinued, you just have to have tenacity and keep looking and eventually you will find a thrift store that has exactly what you are looking for.
•    Hidden gems: You hear so many cool stories about people just like you going into a thrift store not expecting much and coming out with a handful of really nice and really expensive designer clothes or a designer purse that they paid next to nothing for. A trip to a thrift store is a true modern day treasure hunt.

Thrift stores offer so much more than just monetary savings these days and a trip to your local thrift store will undoubtedly be a fun one and have you coming home with something that is new to you and an added smile to your face.


What to Wear When Clothes Shopping


Many times when people go out clothes shopping they pay no mind as to what they put on before they set off to the mall. This is a mistake that can end up costing you some time if you are not careful. Being aware of what you have on can actually help you to make better decisions and can get your shopping spree done in a faster amount of time as well.

The next time you go clothes shopping consider what you are going to wear to the mall for these reasons:

•    Changing rooms: This is where you can cut your shopping time almost in half. If you wear an elaborate outfit to the mall there is no doubt you will look great but if it took you a long time to put it on before you left your house it will take you just as long to take it on and off numerous times in the dressing rooms. If you are going out to get a whole new wardrobe, save yourself some time and wear clothing that can easily be taken off and put back on.
•    Accessorizing: If you are looking to accessorize some of the new clothes you are going to go shopping for then it may be in your best interest to wear clothes that are similar to what you are going to buy. This will make choosing a purse, a watch, jewelry, or any other accessory a breeze. If you think a certain accessory looks good with your older clothes, then they will more than likely look great with your brand new ones.
•    Mix and match: Let’s say you have a pair of jeans you love and a top you love but the two have been combined already numerous times. Wear that outfit to the mall one last time and you can then find new tops to go with those jeans and new jeans or other pants to go with that top. The end result is a new look with the same old favorites that you already have.
•    Sizing: If you are going after a certain brand of clothing and you already own some of that brand, then wear it when you go clothes shopping. This will enable you to know exactly what size you need as you can simply look on the tag if you forget. If the clothes you wear there are too tight or too loose, you can adjust the size accordingly. This trick will save you from trying on three or four different sizes and thus will save you time.
•    Avoid a disaster: This sounds weird but you may want to wear the outfit you hate the most when you go clothes shopping. Why? By doing so you will avoid certain colors and styles that you obviously think you don’t look good on you and this will help you to avoid the disaster of choosing the wrong clothes all over again.

Think about what you are wearing the next time you go clothes shopping and dress in an effort to save yourself some time. Remember, the faster you get done shopping, the faster you can sport your new outfits.