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Shorten t-shirt

How To Shorten A T-Shirt

Shorten t-shirt

Have you ever found the absolute perfect T-shirt but there was just one little thing wrong with it?  Often we come across shirts we absolutely love but they are in the wrong color, wrong size, wrong style, too short, too long, too tight or too loose. In fact there are endless things that could make a T-shirt almost perfect but not quite. If you happen across one of those almost perfect T-shirts that are simply too long, relax because it is the absolute easiest thing to fix. In no time, you can have the perfect T-shirt. Just follow these simple instructions on how to shorten a T-shirt.

1.    Pre-wash and dry the T-shirt. Alterations are never accurate unless the item has been laundered first. Even if the tag states that the T-shirt is pre-shrunk, you still need to wash and dry it at home to be sure that it has indeed reached its actual, final consumer size.
2.    After trying on the T-shirt and measuring carefully, cut the hem of the T-shirt to approximately 1 inch – 1 ½ inches longer than the desired ideal length.
3.    Use a serger machine to protect the cut ends of the shirt with an overlock stitch so they do not unravel or roll up.
4.    Fold the remaining end of the T-shirt to the desired size in order to create the new hem and then pin it, to hold it in place.
5.    Iron the seam to be sure it lays flat and to keep it in place when you actually start sewing.
6.    With care, line the T-shirt up on a sewing machine and simply sew the hem in place. You may also do so by hand, but machine stitchery is best.

Shortening an off-the-rack T-shirt to make it the perfect fit for you is not the only option you have. Of course you could buy it as is and belt it to wear as a dress or use it to sleep in, although these are not the ideal solutions either. If you happen to find an almost perfect T-shirt, there is another alternative to the somewhat timely process of shortening it. You can simply custom order a T-shirt like it that is indeed exactly what you want. Make a note of what it is that makes the T-shirt you have found so perfect, apart from its length, and then order it exactly as you want it.

What To Do If Your Shirt Neck Is Too Big?

Finding the perfect sized T-shirt is often a problem. Many people find that they are given customized T-shirts that they are expected to wear for a variety of reasons and those T-shirts rarely fit well. Yet, what do you do with a free T-shirt or a shirt that is for a special event and everyone else is wearing it? One of the most common problems with one-size-fits-all T-shirts and ones that are bulk-ordered without specific sizes in mind is that the shirt neck is often too big.

One of the best solutions is to wear an undershirt under your T-shirt. You can match up the color of the oversized T-shirt with an undershirt of the same color for a seamless look. You can also opt for a contrasting color so the layering stands out more and gives you a stand out from the crowd look. By putting another shirt under the one you need or want to wear, women can cover up sufficiently to avoid a risqué look or in the case of men, too much chest hair showing.

If you are in a situation where time is a premium and you don’t have an undershirt to wear or can’t wear it for some reason, double-sided tape will also solve your problem. Simply position the T-shirt as it looks best, tuck it in to keep it taut and gently place double sided tape inside the shirt so it adheres in strategic places to your skin and the shirt. This way the neckline doesn’t shift and overexpose you.

Since the biggest problem with a shirt neck that is too big is the risk of it moving and showing you off too much, anything you can do to help tighten it overall so that is doesn’t move is helpful. Tie a knot in the end of the shirt to get it under control. You can also put a clamp-style paper clip on the back.