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T-Shirts – The Ultimate Form of Self-Expression

Ever found yourself standing in line at the checkout and staring pointedly at your line mate’s back? Or front? Ever been caught doing it? While it may be embarrassing to be found staring at someone’s chest (male or female), it’s natural when there’s a picture or message to be found there.

Lots of people wear extremely interesting t-shirts. No matter what they say, wearing a tee that has a picture or written words on it is an obvious means of getting the attention of others. If they didn’t want the attention, they’d wear something else, like a polo, henley or solid color tee. Nope, the folks wearing t-shirts with something actually printed on them are sending a message, “Look at me, this is what I think of the world!”

The messages shown on t-shirts are as varied as the millions of people who are wearing them. Perhaps they want the world to know that they love a certain disrespectful yellow cartoon boy; they have him or one of his famous lines printed on their shirt. By wearing this, they are letting the rest of us know that they admire this character, find him humorous, and can identify with what he’s saying.

Others may wear a t-shirt that looks like something it’s not. Maybe it’s got the human skeleton on it, showing exactly what’s under their tee, skin, and muscles. This can be interpreted to mean that we should look at what’s inside someone rather than what’s on the outside. Kind of an oxymoron–look at what they’re wearing on the outside that then tells you not to. But in the end, it’s like poetry; you don’t know for sure what the author (or person wearing the shirt) truly meant, which then leaves it all open to your own interpretation.

What’s really cool about a graphic tee is that you can wear anything on your shirt, any day of the week, and can match the message to how you’re feeling or what you’re into. You may have just returned from a trip to your local art museum and become particularly excited by Monet or the Mona Lisa. You can get a t-shirt that has one of these works of art right there in the museum’s gift shop!

Maybe you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. In a black mood, you reach for your equally black t-shirt that says something like “S*@T happens”. Definitely gets the message across, don’t you think?

There are so many different reasons to wear a t-shirt that isn’t impossible to list them all, but consider these:

– Gals who wear “Bride-to-Be” tees at their showers or bachelorette parties.
– The tired looking couples, who sport t-shirts claiming “I’m With Stupid”
– “I’m a Big Sister (or Brother)” kids wear when a new baby is born
– The ever popular “I went to (enter destination here) and all I got was this dumb t-shirt”
– “Surf Naked”; an interesting invitation to experience the ocean in a whole new way
– Or, there’s my personal favorite, “My mom rocks”

No matter your mood, there’s always a t-shirt to help you share it with the world. It’s the ultimate means of self-expression, so go for it! Slip on a t-shirt and share your feelings or beliefs with the world.

Custom T-shirts – Way to Express Individuality

The days of t-shirts displaying company logos are passé. And plain t-shirts well, they remain just too plain for anyone’s comfort! Today, you’re not ‘in’ with the crowd, if you don’t have a custom t-shirt, flashing your style and ideology. So, what do you do to stand out in the crowd? Well, you design your own t-shirt to have your say.

Custom t-shirt–a unique medium

Since the time t-shirts became a canvas for displaying images and messages, life hasn’t been the same. Such is the impact of this apparel! Evolving from the basic white that generally displayed school and team emblems, it soon metamorphosed into different colors and sizes, boasting of every design and slogan imaginable. Just look around and you’ll find them everywhere, especially in public events, like rock concerts, sports meets, events like ‘run for health’, and the like.

But why is it that t-shirts never fall out of favor? Like humans, custom t-shirts too are not created equal! If you wear, say, Levis or Wranglers or any other brand, countless others wear them too. However, if you wear something that says ‘Hold My Chest, I Breathe Heavy’ or some such deep philosophy, people know it can only be you!

This walking billboard is the single most powerful form of individual expression for anyone. When you flaunt your very own slogan and design, irrespective of the fact whether somebody understands it or interprets it correctly, there’s little doubt that it’s you who’s delivering the message. Your custom t-shirt is you! This powerful tool is one of the most potent weapons wielded for a cause. When you sport a tee that says ‘Stop Clubbing Baby Seals’ with an appropriate graphic, the message clearly hits the bullseye.

Having your say via custom t-shirt

Custom t-shirts not only give you the space, but also the power to say what you’ve been dying to say. And it ensures you’re the first off the blocks in expressing what others haven’t as yet thought of. You’re also spared long hours looking for an appropriate, second-hand slogan, which may or may not fit your taste or ideology. So, if you’ve a favorite joke, quote, famous saying or words of wisdom, simply print them on your tee. If you want to convey your interests, whether it’s scrap-booking, music, baseball or sex, create the one in your own unique style. You can also share a common cause, by expressing your thought on the tees and distributing them among those supporting the cause. In case you’ve got an axe to grind with someone, this blank canvas on your chest and back can come in handy too! However, if you just want to be ‘you’, and simply want to assert your independence, the tee becomes your medium of self-expression.

So, give shape to your ideas and advertise it far and wide through your very own custom t-shirts. There are some excellent sites that’ll do everything for you at the click of a mouse. It’s time to assert your individuality and let your imagination run wild!