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Which Color T-Shirt Shows Sweat More?

T-shirts are probably the single item of clothing that we wear most often when we sweat. Almost every activity that makes you sweat is an activity where you typically wear a T-shirt. Some people are very self-conscious about showing that they sweat, even though it is a normal physical reaction. Therefore, in the interest of image, it is useful to know which color T-shirt shows sweat more than others. That way you can avoid wearing that particular color if you know you are going to sweat a lot.

Gray and other light pastel colors are the T-shirts that show sweat the most. It is very easy to see wet circles and trails of sweat with a light colored T-shirt as it shows up darker than the rest of the shirt. White T-shirts do not show sweat much at all when they are wet, nor do dark colors as they typically do not change color significantly when wet. Therefore if you are going to break a sweat, opt for a white T-shirt or a dark T-shirt to minimize others knowing that you are perspiring.

White T-shirts show annoying discolored sweat stains more than any other color. Even though wet perspiration doesn’t show up prominently on white T-shirts at the time you are sweating, after the fact is another story. Unsightly yellow rings under the arms and ring around the collar are the telltale signs of sweat and they are most noticeable on white. Proper care of your white T-shirts can eliminate this issue.

There are plenty of ways to get rid of sweat stains from your T-shirts. Some of the most useful stain removal techniques are common household things like bleach, vinegar, white paste toothpaste, shampoo for oily hair, dish detergent or hydrogen peroxide. Commercially produced stain removal treatments can also help to keep your T-shirts looking good and stain-free. If you pre-treat your shirts regularly in the armpit and collar areas before laundering them, you will avoid having to deal with tough sweat stains altogether.

It is essential to have a good variety of T-shirts to wear when you are working out, doing yard work or just playing. It is much more fun to be able to change up your look and not have to worry about sweat showing. Have some customized T-shirts made up in white and a variety of dark colors so you always look like you are as cool as can be. Your custom-made sweat T-shirts can say anything you want them to. You can have a favorite picture, drawing or design on them. You can brag about your accomplishments or those of someone you are proud of. You can take a stance politically, environmentally or for any cause you believe in with a T-shirt. You can even just have funny T-shirts made up.

Some great lines to have printed on a T-shirt to sweat in are:
–    Don’t sweat it
–    Sweating is hot
–    He/She who sweats most, lives longest
–    Sweaty chicks rock

Get a custom-made T-shirt today and don’t let them see you sweat!