Will A Drawing On My T-Shirt With A Sharpie Last In The Wash?

Permanent markers are just that – permanent and Sharpie markers are well known for being high-quality permanent markers, used in a variety of situations. Therefore it is realistic to expect that drawings made with a Sharpie will stand up to some abuse and still last. In reality, it is very hard to remove permanent marker stains from clothing even when you try hard to do so therefore, if you try to not remove such markings, you should have lots of good luck.

If you have a drawing on your T-shirt made with a Sharpie brand permanent marker, you can easily make sure it lasts by taking certain precautions in the care of the shirt. First of all, make sure you do not use any type of bleach or stain remover on the drawing. It would probably not entirely remove it, but such solutions will fade it faster and you may loose some of the details of the drawing. In addition, avoid getting hairspray or rubbing alcohol on the drawing, as these substances are both often used to remove ink stains.

When washing T-shirts that have been decorated with a Sharpie, use regular laundry detergent only in cold water and dry them as you usually would. Avoid washing rough textured things with the T-shirt, like towels that may have an abrasive effect on the shirt and the drawing. Avoid hanging the T-shirt outside to dry as the sun often has a bleaching effect on clothes. Expect some minimal fading with time, but you can even slow this down by wearing the T-shirt infrequently so that it doesn’t have to be laundered so often. This is especially good advice if the T-shirt has sentimental value and you would like to preserve the T-shirt for the future.

For anyone who wants to adorn a T-shirt with a drawing, there is a much more effective and permanent way to do so. By scanning a copy of a drawing and submitting it to a company that specializes in custom-made T-shirts you can have the drawing you want on a T-shirt permanently. The T-shirt customizing company can even add little touches like adding a date, artist information or putting other types of information on the other side of the T-shirt. You can also choose the color, style, weight and quality of the T-shirt that bears the drawing you want to display.

Customizing T-shirts with permanent marker drawings is a great idea for good-bye parties, bachelor parties, showers, milestone birthday parties, graduations, school trips, end of the school year and much more. Having T-shirts made up to commemorate the event or activity, but leaving space for drawings, messages and signatures is a great way to have a unique souvenir for everyone who attends. Proud parents and grandparents can also have their little one make them a special piece of “art” of a T-shirt that they can show off in a unique way. Have fun T-shirts made for every child in the family that say something like “My child drew this” or “My grandchild’s work of art”. The possibilities of drawings on a T-shirt are endless.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today and doodle in up with a Sharpie to make it unlike any other tee out there.

7 thoughts on “Will A Drawing On My T-Shirt With A Sharpie Last In The Wash?

  1. Julie

    Using Sharpies on t-shirts is not exactly permanent. I’ve done it several times with my kids Girl Scout troop, Cub Scout troops and in end of school year projects. Every time I’ve washed them, most of the markers washed away or faded so much that it’s hardly there any more. I would advise relying on actual Fabric Markers if you want it to stay. I’ve recently started a family tradition with a white fabric table cloth. Every birthday dinner that we have among our large family we have every person there sign it and with the birthday person Happy Birthday with the date. Something kind of cool to pass down in generations to come. We use Fabric Markers to not loose anything over the many washed it will go through over the years.

  2. Vincent

    How long do i have to wait before washing it? i have a sharpie drawing on a shirt i did about 2 hours ago and the shirt has pencil marks on it. i wanna wash it but i need to use it tomorrow and dont wanna ruin it with bleeding

  3. Braelynn

    Sharpie recently came out with a new type of marker, made specifically for use on clothes. It has a brush tip, which works really well on shirts and such, and doesn’t wash out (so far). I’d advice using this, in my experience it works better that most other fabric markers.

  4. jeff woods

    I have the opposite problem. Does anyone have any advice on getting sharpie ink out of clothes?

  5. Christine J.Sojka

    I cant believe that “most of the Sharpie marker washed away.”I TRIED USING A SHARPIE MARKER TO DRAW ON A COTTON SHIRT AND IT WOULD NOT WASH OUT OR BLEED.The person claiming that “most of The Sharpie washed out” likely used either a water based non permanent marker or a cheaper brand “permanent” marker.Or a dry erase marker.Cheaper permanent markers will bleed when they’re being washed BUT EVEN THEY DONT WASH OUT.THE SAME GOES FOR DRY ERASE MARKERS.I KNOW I TESTED ALL OF THESE TYPES OF MARKERS.

  6. Nora

    Hi i just made a drawing on a T shirt for my grandson to wear tomorrow to school. But im kind of concern on the bad smell that the permenente marker has.. Does anyone knows if the smell goes away after some hours? ?

  7. Alyssa Campbell

    I have a shirt that has people’s name’s on it when I left my school and I used a sharpie and I don’t know if it will ruin it and all the name’s go away so do I wash it in cold water or not put it in the washer at all.

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