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What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving family

Is there any holiday that is better than Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is filled with family, food, and football and it is usually the food that everyone looks forward to the most. From turkey to mashed potatoes to stuffing and everything else in between, Thanksgiving is truly a day where you want to wear loose fitting pants. But the fact that your family and friends will be about does mean that you really should dress a bit on the nicer side for the food filled holiday.

Of course you will wear clothing in accordance with your gender, but here are just a few tips to help you out whether you are a guy or a gal:

Go with dark colors:  No matter how careful you are you will no doubt have some of your Thanksgiving dinner find its way onto your shirt or your lap. If you are wearing light colored clothing you will risk looking like a bit of a slob where as with darker colors you can get away with it a bit easier.
Be casual: As well as sitting around and eating, Thanksgiving also involves sitting around and recovering from the eating. After everyone is done with the food they will generally make their way to the couches and chairs and take in some football, even if they don’t like it. Thanksgiving also includes kids and having them around will mean that at some point you may want to get on the floor and play with them. By wearing more casual attire you will be able to do so and not worry.
Loose is the word: Be sure that your waistline can expand somewhat. If you go with a belt be sure that there is an extra belt hole or two so that you can adjust after your third helping of turkey. You can also opt for a pair of slacks with an elastic waistband but don’t go with sweat pants as that is a little too casual.
Wear cozy shoes: Since you will be walking all over the house and making several trips back and forth to the food table, wearing a comfortable pair of shoes is essential to your feet being as happy as your stomach will be.
Get in a festive mood: Part of the fun with Thanksgiving is the festive mood it sets. Be a part of that by going out of your way to dress a bit festive. You can find shirts or sweaters that sport turkeys, pumpkins, or anything else that relates to the holidays. A nice touch for a guy is a festive neck tie that features something from the holiday. The point is to have fun with this. If you have kids, a fun thing to do is to make pilgrim hats and then have everybody that comes over put one on. Of course you will want to take them off at dinner time.

Dressing for thanksgiving can indeed be fun. It is usually family and friends so casual is ok, just be sure you are going a little bit classier than shorts and a t-shirt.