Chemical Smells In Clothes – What are they and How To Remove Them

Stains and odors are the two worst enemies of clothes. One small stain or one impossible to remove odor can mean that an otherwise perfectly good shirt will be not used and eventually gotten rid of. Therefore we typically work very hard trying to get rid of any and all stains and unpleasant odors we find on our clothing.

If you have been in certain areas where the odor is very strong, in some cases it will cling to your clothing. Many times simply washing it will be enough to return it to its original great smell. However, some odors linger and simple washing is not enough. In those cases, you may need to identify the smell on your clothes in order to get rid of it. Chemical smells are one of the worst offenders.

Finding that your clothes have a chemical smell on them is somewhat common. If you can identify the source of the smell and you know where you picked up the odor, you will best be able to successfully get rid of it. However there are some cases, especially with synthetic materials and synthetic blend materials that the chemical smell really is a part of the fabric. Certain fabrics are made from petroleum or are treated with chemicals like formaldehyde that bond to the fabric. They usually have a telltale odor that is as much a part of the clothes as the color. In these cases, it is almost impossible to remove the chemical smell.

If you have a chemical smell on your clothes, you can take several steps to get rid of it. Air it out well outside in the sun. Spray the garment liberally with an odor eliminating spray like Febreeze. This should also be done outside or in a well-ventilated area. Then wash the item, as usual. If your item is white, you can add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle in order to help get rid of the odor. If you use vinegar with other colored T-shirts you run the risk of fading them.  Check the clothes carefully after the wash cycle to make sure it is odor-free before air drying it outside if possible.

If you find that your T-shirt has that horrible chemical smell no matter what you do, the best thing to do is throw out the shirt or use it as a rag. Order a custom-made organic T-shirt to replace the old one, to be sure you get one that is completely free of noxious odors. You can choose one in any color or style you desire, as well as in the fabric weight or quality of your choice as well. With a custom-made T-shirt you can print anything you would like on them. You can completely replicate the T-shirt that you have had to get rid of or make one that appeals to you even more.

Get your clean smelling custom-made organic T-shirt today and never again spend time trying to awful remove chemical smells.

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