Strawberry stains

How to Remove Strawberry Stains from Clothes

Strawberry stains

One of the tastiest fruits known to man is the timeless classic known as the strawberry. The strawberry is used in many different desserts but can be enjoyed equally as well on their own. The best is getting a really ripe strawberry that latterly burst with flavor as soon as it hits your mouth. Unfortunately these strawberries also usually burst all over your clothes as well leaving a very nasty stain. These stains are some of the hardest stains you will ever have to deal with.

You can try to use the stain removers you buy at the store but they will have little to no effect on these tough stains. But don’t throw your garments away until you try the following steps to remove the strawberry stain:

•    Rinse and blot: As soon as you realize your clothing has been stained you need to run those stains under cold water for about five minutes. Then get a paper towel and blot at the stain. This will help to remove some of the stain right away and makes the removal of the rest of the stain easier on you. Be sure you are blotting and not rubbing as rubbing will simply make the stain worse.
•    Soak the stain: In a bucket of cold water and regular laundry detergent soak your garment for a while. You don’t need to soak the garment for very long, but a couple of hours certainly won’t hurt. Once the time is up take it out of the solution and wring it out.
•    Make a magic mix: Take this time to make a wonderful and easy mixture that will almost always remove the strawberry stain. To create this concoction you mix baking powder with white vinegar and mix it into a loose paste, it’s that simple.
•    Treat the stain: Next take the stained garment and spread some of the magic paste over the stain. Let this sit on the stain for twenty minutes or more and remember, no rubbing.
•    Rinse the stain again: After the twenty minutes has elapsed rinse once again with cold water.
•    Wash the stain: Now wash the garment in your washing machine using the cold water cycle. Do not throw it in the clothes dryer when the washer is finished.
•    Dry the garment: Let the garment air dry to be sure that the strawberry stain is completely gone. If you dry the garment in the clothes dryer and the stain is still there, you will set the stain in and then you may as well just toss it in the trash.
•    Repeat if needed: If the stain remains you may have to repeat the process. Strawberry stains are among the more stubborn stains in the stain family so expect to give it an application or two for best results.

Now just enjoy your strawberry eating and don’t worry about the stains that will come. After all, it is probably easier to deal with these occasional stains than it is to give up strawberries as part of your diet.

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