Custom Halloween T-Shirts Put the “OOOOO” in Boo!

Want a quick and easy Halloween costume for you or your children? Try Halloween t-shirts. They are great for kids of all ages who are heading out to trick or treat. T-shirts are an easy costume for your child’s first Halloween when they are often too tiny for expensive and involved costumes. Try a pumpkin t-shirt. Your little one will be comfortable and adorable. It’s also easy for you when it comes to changing diapers and cleaning up. Personalize the costume with their name. “Ashley’s 1st Halloween!” And, don’t stop there. Mom and Dad can get T-shirts to match and customize them, as well. “I’m Ashley’s Dad.” You will be the most adorable family in the neighborhood!
Other ideas for little ones include a t-shirt that looks like Cinderella’s giant pumpkin with a magic wand and tiara. The shirt says, “Pumpkin Princess.”

T-shirts are a simple costume for older kids and grown-ups who don’t want to put a lot of effort into dressing up for trick or treating or a Halloween party. Try a shirt with a rib cage on it. Or one with the shadow of a man doing martial arts that says, “Cheap Ninja Costume.” And, for those smart alec’s in the group, how about “I left my other costume with your mom.”

Online you can find a variety of pre-designed t-shirts. Look for shirts that will quickly make you look like a pirate, pumpkin, a disco diva, magician, or your favorite scary face.

It’s easy to design your own shirt, too. Take your own design or add your own text to any of the thousands of designs found in online libraries. Put your picture with “Trick or Treat” over it and you won’t have to say a word when you head out for candy.

Online and at fabric and sewing shops you’ll find easy patterns to make your own Halloween t-shirts. They are much easier than complicated costumes. It’s easy to iron or sew bits and pieces onto a simple t-shirt to create the perfect pirate, flapper, princess, wizard, or superhero.

Typically, you’ll find kids t-shirts for between $12-$15 dollars. Halloween t-shirts for adults are closer to $20.

In a time, when so much of our focus in on our troops fighting in Iraq, Halloween is a great time to show your support. Try a shirt with an American flag. And, for kids, there’s a new trend. Put your soldier’s picture on the shirt. Then, add “My mom/dad is fighting in Iraq. I deserve a treat.”

If you want to order the perfect t-shirt for Halloween, start shopping now. Go online and search for “Halloween t-shirts.” Once you select a site to go with, decide if you want to create your own or go with a pre-fabbed design. Pick a size and shirt style. Then, you can typically customize it with names and colors. You can see a proof of the shirt before you actually confirm your order. Expect it to take about two weeks to arrive. Then, all you need is a pumpkin for trick or treating!

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