Top 3 Methods for Getting Stains Out Of Your T-Shirt

Isn’t it the most frustrating thing ever when you are wearing a perfectly clean, nice T-shirt and all of a sudden you look down and there is a stain? What’s worse is if you missed a stain and it’s gone through the washer and dryer and emerged with a stain that simply can’t be missed and is now set-in. Knowing how to fight a variety of T-shirt stains with success will save you money and frustration. Below are the top 3 methods for getting stains out of your T-shirt.

The Dish Detergent Method

This is the best way to get out those pesky greasy stains that show up especially well on colors. They are often the result of cooking splatters or getting a drop of something on your tee. After the wash, it looks like it’s gone, but once the shirt is dry the grease has remained, as large as life. The solution is in using regular liquid dishwashing detergent that you would use for washing dishes by hand. Choose a brand that brags about its grease-fighting formula. Squirt it directly on the stain and let it soak it. You can even give it a little scrub with a soft toothbrush for more stubborn stains. Then wash the T-shirt again in the hottest water that is safe for it, and presto the grease stain will be gone.

The Bleach for Unbleachables Method

So often we can’t use regular bleach on annoying stains, because of the color of the T-shirt, the washing instructions or for fear of damaging a print or design. The trick to getting rid of stubborn stains is to soak the item overnight in bleach for unbleachables. This product is designed to deal with stains without damaging colors and fabric, and given the right amount of time, it will do so.

The Laundry Booster Method

There are a variety of things you can add to your laundry detergent to aid in getting stains out. Some things are commercially sold as such, like the oxygen-based cleansers, while others may be intended for different use. Products that remove iron from water are great laundry boosters for yellow stains. Another great tip is to add borax to your laundry to help remove pesky stains from T-shirts. This natural product is great at helping laundry detergents do their job better. Remember that it is very toxic to people and animals and should be treated as such.

If you have tried these top 3 methods for removing stains from T-shirts and nothing has worked, I highly recommend the I give up method. You simply decide to use your stained T-shirt for messy jobs around the house or some other purpose and get a new one. You can recreate any favorite T-shirt by ordering a custom-made one to replace the one that you have given up on.

Order your custom-made T-shirt today for the perfect solution to stubborn stains that just won’t come out.

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