How Can I Remove Grass Stains From My T-Shirt

Removing stains from T-shirts or any item of clothing can be challenging. Pesky stains can easily ruin your favorite clothing and unfortunately they happen so easily. Often times you are enjoying yourself or even just doing day to day things and look down to see a stain on your shirt. Luckily with a little work and some knowledge on your side, you can get just about any stain out of your T-shirts, even grass stains.

The particular challenge involved with getting grass stains out of any clothing is that typically these types of stains are ground in. It’s actually pretty hard to find grass stains that are not ground in. So no matter which pre-treatment you choose to use on your grass stain, be sure to work it in gently by rubbing it a little with a cloth or a soft toothbrush, so you get the entire stain.

Since grass is a protein-based stain, you will need to treat it with an enzyme-based pre-treatment and laundry detergent. Rub the pre-treatment into the stain and let it sit, so it can start to work. Once you put the tee in the washer with the detergent, let it agitate for a minute or so and then turn off the washer and let the T-shirt soak in the soapy water for a little while. When the shirt is finished washing, check carefully to make sure the stain is gone before putting it in the dryer, because the heat from it will set the stain.

If after this initial treatment you still have a grass stain on your T-shirt, there are other things you can do. By applying rubbing alcohol to the grass stain with a sponge, you should be able to lift much of the remaining stain out and then re-launder as usual. You can also use chlorine bleach or color-safe bleach on the stain to get it out, depending on the care instructions for your T-shirt. Remember the key to successfully removing grass stains or any stain is to get to them as soon as possible.

If you still have a grass stain after all this hard work, you might just want to throw in the towel and use your stained T-shirt for puttering around in the garden. If it’s one of those shirts you just love, you can have it recreated by ordered a custom-made T-shirt. By doing so, you can choose the color, style, design and text that you want for the absolute perfect tee. If you have frequent grass stain problems, you might even want to have a grass stain T-shirt made so you don’t have to worry about getting such stains out.  You can have a fun line of text like one of the ones below added to a T-shirt to create such a useful shirt.

•    Official grass stain shirt
•    I got these stains playing soccer
•    Don’t ask about the grass stains on my shirt
•    I don’t do stain treatments
•    Grass stains are cool

Get your custom-made grass stain T-shirt or replacement T-shirt now.

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