Custom T-shirts and First Impressions

First impressions are important. Even if it is not always fair, the first impression you get of someone can very often determine your relationship with them. If your first impression of someone is that they are a know-it-all, it can be very hard for that person to convince you otherwise. You might have decided they were a know-it-all based on one tiny little remark or comment or moment that they themselves are completely unaware of. But it doesn’t matter, does it? We can all remember times when we’ve judged someone before we really knew them. It makes sense then, doesn’t it, that other people are doing the same thing to us? If you prejudge others, don’t you think it follows that others are prejudging you right back?

What are some situations in which making a good first impression is important? In general, it seems to be important, but when can it really make or break you? One instance might be in a job interview. Even if the atmosphere is casual—say, at a restaurant, or for babysitting, or just at a casual office—your first impression is still important. It’s not necessarily about being perfect. It’s about being yourself and comfortable with who you are. What about a first date? The same rules apply. You don’t have to look like a model all the time, but you would probably get a better response if you could manage to be relaxed and friendly when you first meet your date. Confidence is key in both of these situations.

So, can what you wear affect your confidence, and therefore the first impression you make on your date, or whomever it is you’re meeting for the first time? Of course it can! Choosing what you wear is a great opportunity to express yourself—what you care about, what you like, what you think is funny, and many other things about you. Think about it: when you go out with your friends or on a date, you spend time and energy on figuring out what to wear, even if only a little bit. You buy clothes that you like, clothes that you feel good about other people seeing you in.

One great way to use clothing to express yourself the way you want to when making a first impression is to make a custom t-shirt. If you design it yourself, there’s no better way to express your creativity, your sense of humor, and your sense of style. Your t-shirt design includes many choices. You choose the color and size that you think looks best on you. This can determine how “put together” you look—or don’t!

What you put on your t-shirt has a lot to do with what type of first impression you leave. You could design a stylish t-shirt, with a graphic you make yourself, or perhaps a piece of art. You could try designing a vintage t-shirt. Or, you could put a slogan or cause one your shirt that you care about.

Designing your own t-shirt is a great way to control the first impression you leave—or at least try to!

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