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Wet t-shirt

Choosing the Right Shirt for a Wet T-Shirt Contest

Wet t-shirt

If you are thinking of entering a wet t-shirt contest, chances are you’re a girl who likes to have a good time and doesn’t mind taking risks. Wet t-shirt contests have all the makings of a beauty pageant, combined with a heavy (a REALLY heavy) dose of sex appeal. Sex is definitely the number one draw here, with classic beauty and poise taking a back seat to plain old big boobs. That’s not to say the girl with the biggest boobs always wins though. It’s the one with the best overall package that will ultimately win the prize.

No one knows exactly where the first wet t-shirt contest took place, or whose idea it was (though we can logically assume the genius was of the male gender). Some claim that the wet t-shirt contest was inspired by the opening scenes of the 1977 movie “The Deep,” in which Jacqueline Bisset swam in a t-shirt. Today, wet t-shirt contests are commonplace events at bars, nightclubs and especially college parties and spring break celebrations.

The reasons to enter a wet t-shirt contest include the lure of cold, hard cash (the bigger the venue, the more lucrative the prize will be), the guarantee of lots and lots of male attention, and the chance to establish your reputation as one of the hottest babes around. If you bring along a date to the contest, chances are he’s really going to be into you by the end of the night!

How you dress for a wet t-shirt contest will largely determine if you win, so be sure to spend some time picking the right shirt for the event. First, it’s very important to wear a WHITE shirt that will become transparent once it becomes wet. A pale pink shirt may work, but you should consider testing it before wearing to be sure it meets the transparency rule. Next, the fabric should be rather thin in order to be the most revealing. A thick Lycra fabric, such as one worn for sports or similar activities, is designed to not reveal boobs when it becomes saturated, so avoid this. Stick to flimsy cottons for the best results.

When you’re choosing a shirt for a wet t-shirt contest, you should only wear a fitted shirt. A tight t-shirt, tank top or halter top are all great choices. A loose t-shirt will only look droopy and unappealing when it gets wet, so make sure the style is form-fitting. Create your own t-shirt style but tying it in the front or back, cutting holes in strategic places or ripping it.

If you’re at the beach or a swim party, wear a bikini bottom with your t-shirt. If the contest will be held at a nightclub or a college frat house, you can pair your shirt with a short skirt, cut-off Daisy Dukes or tight jeans. Whatever you choose, just be sure you can dance, shimmy and shake in it to show everyone why you deserve to win the big prize!

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Not Your Mama’s Beauty Pageant: A History of the Wet T-Shirt Contest

Wet t-shirt 1

Moms and dads enter their adorable tykes in those baby beauty contests everyday. Darling little girls with bouncing curls and frilly dresses are a beauty pageant staple. And who hasn’t spent a few hours in front of the TV, watching regal, tanned goddesses stroll across the stage at the Miss America Pageant or the Miss Universe Pageant? There’s something irresistible about watching lots of beautiful people, young or old, compete to decide who is the MOST beautiful. It’s just one of those quirks of human nature, even as we try to teach our kids that “it’s what’s on the inside that really matters” or “everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

The wet t-shirt contest has all the makings of a beauty pageant, combined with a heavy dose of sex appeal. Sex, in fact, is the number one draw here, with classic beauty and poise taking a back seat to plain old big boobs. No one knows exactly where the first wet t-shirt contest took place, or whose idea it was (though we can logically assume the genius was of the male gender). Some claim that the wet t-shirt contest was inspired by the opening scenes of the 1977 movie “The Deep,” in which Jacqueline Bisset swam in a t-shirt. Today the competitions are the domain of bars, nightclubs, resorts and similar establishments that are looking to draw a big crowd with the lure of sneak-a-peeks.

Wet t-shirt contests are a staple of spring break celebrations at locations such as Daytona Beach and Cancun, and typically involve lots of big-breasted young women (though male versions of the contest do exist). Participants wear white or light-colored t-shirts, tank tops or crop tops, sans bras or other undergarments. At the height of the contest, water is sprayed or poured onto the contestant (we’re pretty sure that job is one that’s not hard to fill among the men), making the material see-through and revealing the breasts. Each girl may dance or pose for the crowd, with the ultimate winner determined by crowd reaction or a panel of judges.

Wet t-shirt contests have always been viewed as risqué, and occasionally become the subject of controversy locally and nationally. In 1998, an airplane flight carrying a group of Portland, Ore., high school students to Mexico following graduation became notorious for a wet t-shirt contest held en route. Flight attendants encouraged the contest, and airline pilots supposedly acted as judges, disobeying FAA regulations that prohibited passengers in the cockpit. An investigation followed, and the pilots were disciplined for sexual misconduct.

In 2005, a 17-year-old Florida teenager brought a federal suit against Playboy, Anheuser-Busch and other companies regarding video of her appearance in a Daytona Beach wet t-shirt contest the previous year. While the girl admitted that she had lied about her age to participate, her suit claimed that as a minor she was unable to give consent to participate or be taped while performing. The suit was later settled. A similar suit was brought against Deslin Hotels, “Girls Gone Wild” and various websites in 2007, by two girls who participated in a 2001 Daytona Beach wet t-shirt contest.

Lady t-shirts

Are T-Shirts Ladylike? What Makes T-Shirts Ladylike?

Lady t-shirts

Everyone has a different opinion about clothes. Some people think that anything and everything is fine to wear. Others have very specific beliefs about what is appropriate and what is not, especially when it comes to fashion. Still others believe that in some situations strict standards are necessary, while other situations are really a case of anything goes. For anyone who is wondering if T-shirts are ladylike, there are many things to take into consideration, not the least of them being the situation in which someone is wearing the tee.

There are some people who believe that T-shirts are not ladylike. However, for the most part, people today believe that T-shirts are as ladylike as any other item of clothing, especially since there are so many styles and looks to make certain T-shirts feminine and distinctively ladylike compared to other tees. Choosing a woman’s style T-shirt leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind about whether or not a T-shirt is ladylike.

T-shirts used to be simply unisex, meaning that the same cut of T-shirt and the same sizing would be used for both men and women. Often women would almost float in a T-shirt. However, luckily with time fashion changed and now there are T-shirts made just for women, even though sometimes they still opt for the unisex T-shirt or even a man’s tee. Many things make a T-shirt appear ladylike.

Some of the things that successfully help a T-shirt look as ladylike as they should include the following:

•    Color: Feminine colors like pink, purple and pastel colors are distinctively ladylike.
•    Girly Prints: T-shirts that feature feminine looking things or are full of flowers and other girly stuff definitely contribute to tees that are ladylike.
•    Neckline: Women’s T-shirts come in a wide variety of decidedly feminine necklines, like scoop necks, square necklines and princess necklines, in addition to the traditional crewneck and V-neck ones.
•    Cut and Style: T-shirts made for women are usually shorter, have properly fitting shoulders and shorter sleeves. They are also more fitted and have a softer line. They also come in a much wider range of options.
•    Design: Designs that are feminine also make T-shirts seem ladylike. They include snappy remarks, jokes, provocative lines and cutesy graphics.

Custom-made T-shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe. They can be made as ladylike or not as you want. The many things you get to choose from include color, style, fit, quality, cut, necklines, fabric weight and of course, the design you want on your T-shirts. Below are some great suggestions for ladylike T-shirts.

•    It’s a girl thing.
•    Didn’t your mother tell you that fighting is unladylike?
•    Girls rule
•    Hip chicks do wine
•    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it
•    Everyone loves an American girl
•    If Mommy ain’t happy, no one is happy
•    I’m the Momma, that’s why

Get your ladylike custom-made T-shirt today and never question your T-shirt again.

Why Do People Wear Obama T-Shirts?

Barrack Obama, the president of the United States, has created a furor for politics unlike anything this country has seen in decades. This Democrat has crossed party lines and attracted younger people and African-Americans to the political world in a way that no one before him has ever done. He is the first African-American to hold the office of President and symbolizes real change and a new era for the people of the United States.

Because Obama has achieved what, not long ago, many thought was impossible. He has truly become a hero in today’s culture. Particularly for African Americans, he represents civil rights in a significant way and belongs in the same category as civil rights icons such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. People are proud to wear the image of Barack Obama on a T-shirt because he is a living legend and symbol of hope for the future.

The 44th president of the U.S. is forging ahead with true change during a very difficult economic environment. Despite coming to power during one of the worst recessions in history, Obama has inspired a nation of people that change has arrived and the country will be better for it. Many of his policies are stirring controversy and strong sentiment, as he takes actions that administrations before him never did.

Those who choose to wear Obama T-shirts do so because of what he represents. They have hope for the future because of him. They are confident in his abilities to change the things they perceive as wrong with our great democracy. They are proud of the fact that their country is changing already simply because he has come to power. Many of African-Americans that wear a T-shirt with his image do so because they relate to him. He is one of them and they are proud of his accomplishments and their shared heritage. Caucasians who wear Obama T-shirts relate to him also, but more because he symbolizes progress than because of color.

Despite the support and excitement for our new president, there are still anti-Obama T-shirts that can be seen being worn by those who have strong sentiments that Obama was not the best choice for president. Many shirts make jokes and negative comments about the president, while others are more symbolic using the Obama change logo or other images.

Whether or not you are a proud Obama fan, you can have a custom-made shirt printed to show exactly how you feel. You can choose from any of the many Obama designs that are out there or you can create one of your own. It can be as simple as a word or two or can be a lengthy text about the man. You can even put an image of your own creation on an Obama tee.

Should I Wear a T-Shirt for My School Pictures?

What you wear for your school pictures is something you will remember for decades to come. For this reason, a lot of anxiety can go into what to wear on picture day. Parents, friends and other people may give you advice, but the answer has to come from yourself. You will want to show off your own style and personality with what you wear in your picture. Years later, you will want to be able to look at your picture and remember the person that you were and the style that you had.

If you feel a lot of pressure to dress up for your school pictures, there are many ways to wear a t-shirt and still be dressy. You can wear a tie or a necklace over your t-shirt. You can wear a nice jacket or blazer over your t-shirt. You can pair your t-shirt with a collared shirt worn under it. You can wear a simple black or white t-shirt and dress it up with accessories. A scarf can be tied around your neck or put over your shoulders for a more unique look. Some people like to dress up the t-shirts with a brooch or pin.

For most pictures, wearing something extremely complicated with a lot of buttons and patterns on it can make the details too difficult to come out in the picture. This makes a t-shirt the ideal thing to wear for school pictures. A t-shirt, even if it has a printed image, will be less fussy and complicated for the pictures. And because school pictures are so small in the yearbook, wearing something simple is generally the best idea.

When you wear a t-shirt on picture day, you can be assured that you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day. The alternative is wearing something stiffer and less comfortable throughout the day for the sake of your school pictures. But, there’s no reason to be uncomfortable just because you want to look good.  With a dressed-up t-shirt, you can look great as well as stay comfortable.

If your style is very casual, wearing a t-shirt on picture day is a must. A t-shirt shows that you have a cool, comfortable style all your own. What color t-shirt you wear should be chosen based on the colors that are most flattering to you as well as what the background colors are. Most school pictures are taken against some type of colored background. This may be one color, a picture, or swirl of colors. If you can find out what color the picture background will be in advance, you can better coordinate your t-shirt color to the back ground color.

If you have friends that you spend a lot of time with, you can coordinate with your friends in advance to wear matching t-shirts for picture day. This will remind you in the years to come about how close you were with these friends and will remind you of some of the good times you had together.

Should I Wear a T-Shirt on a First Date?

There are no hard and fast rules about what you must wear on a first date. There’s no dress code and there is no one way of dressing that will impress any date that you may have. The main rule when dressing for a first date and any subsequent date is to dress properly for the specific occasion. Keep in mind the environment that you will be in with your date.

The problem with wearing a t-shirt on a first date is often that it is worn casually to a place that is not supposed to be casual. If you are taking a date out to dinner, it is possible to wear a t-shirt the right way in order to be appropriate to the occasion. The trick is to dress the t-shirt up or down according to where you and your date will be headed for the evening.

If you’re going to a picnic or a sporting event, wearing a t-shirt and jeans is certainly appropriate. If you are going out for a nice candlelit evening, you can still wear a t-shirt as long as you pair it with dressier items. If you wear a jacket or blazer over your t-shirt and pair it with a nice pair of pants, your t-shirt will look perfectly dressy and very appropriate for a nice first date. For women, pairing a t-shirt with a nice set of jewelry will make it look far dressier. That way, you can look dressed up and still remain in a comfortable t-shirt.

If you are going for a casual date, you should still pay attention to how your outfit coordinates. Don’t wear a t-shirt with the clashing pair of pants or a scarf that doesn’t match your shirt. Put together your outfit with care so that it flows well. Try to color coordinate so that your t-shirt is part of a well-thought-out outfit.

No matter where you’re going to no matter how casual the event is, it’s important that your t-shirt should be clean and in good condition for your date. Wearing a dirty or rumpled t-shirt is a sign of disrespect and will not impress your date no matter how casual the date is supposed to be. To show your date that you respect him or her and that you have made an effort with your appearance, hang up your t-shirt the day before you wear it so that any wrinkles will have the chance to fall out. You might also consider ironing your t-shirt so that it looks its best.

For any date, wear a t-shirt that is not stained and does not have a collar that is stretched out. If you want to wear white t-shirt for your date, wear one that is not dingy has been taken care of properly. If you can show your date that you made an effort to look your best even for a very casual date, you will have done your part to make the date a success.

Why Do People Wear T-Shirt Undershirts?

You find out rather young why people wear t-shirt undershirts. You learn why the first time you wear a nice white dress shirt without an undershirt a few times. Soon, that same beloved white dress shirt is white everywhere except two places. One place is under your right arm and the other is under your left. Now, it might be worse under you right arm than your left. In fact if you are a righty it usually will be. If you are a lefty, it will be worse under your left. But, make no mistake about it. Soon your white dress shirt will have two yellowish, brownish stains under them. This is not a very pleasant sight to most people and is it professional looking? Forget it.

Now you can go ahead and launder that shirt with the very best of detergents. I mean, go ahead, and add bleach. Do whatever you want to do. Take your shirts to be dry-cleaned if you want. But, in the end, you will still have a shirt with two stains. This happens, unless of course, you wear a t-shirt undershirt. See the difference as the stain eventually effects your undershirts but not your dress shirts so much. You remain looking great in your white dress shirt because, yes, it actually remains a white dress shirt everywhere. You even look professional again.

T-shirt undershirts even make you smell better. That’s right. They make you smell better. No matter how much underarm deodorant you wear, you will still smell at least a little as the day moves on. For some, it is not just a little smell, but a lot. Your t-shirt, while not a deodorant in and of itself, keeps your smell from heading out to the world where it can do damage. That is, where it can do damage to others. We are usually blissfully unaware of our own stink. So, there is all the more reason to be careful and wear an undershirt.

T-shirt undershirts have many other great uses too. For one, they simply look good and give you a polished look even in more casual outfits. Seeing that undershirt at your opened color tells others that you care about your appearance. It does make you look good. What’s more it’s not a parka, but a t-shirt undershirt also gives you just a little more warmth on brisk days. The undershirt, usually made out of 100% cotton is also usually more comfortable against your skin then whatever shirt you are wearing on the outside.

So, in many ways, the undershirt is a big part of the overall wardrobe. There are usually many in all of our drawers. Tough is the day when the drawer is empty because they are all in the wash. That’s when we know we let the laundry go too long. That’s when we know we need to have more on hand. Those undershirts are just too important.

How to Choose a T-Shirt if You Have Large Breasts

There are times when you might want a little attention for your figure, but there are likely also times when that kind of attention is simply unwanted. When you want some attention paid to your figure, there are many different T-shirt types to wear than if you don’t want that kind of attention.

A good, attention-getting T-shirt for someone with this type of figure is one that is well fitted. The well-fitted T-shirt will fit the bust like a glove and will not be baggy around the chest. This is a way to enhance the bust line and to make it more noticeable to anyone who sees you in this type of T-shirt. Depending on the type of bra you wear, the T-shirt size that you choose may be different.  A bra that offers a lot of support will probably allow you to wear a smaller sized T-shirt than one that doesn’t. Choosing a good support bra means not only being able to fit into a smaller size, it also means having a silhouette that is made more attractive by the tight-fitting T-shirt.

There may be a lot of times when you don’t want any attention for your figure, however.  During those times, choosing a T-shirt that is looser in the bust line is the best idea. A looser bust line conceals the exact size and shape of the bust and keeps it from getting too much attention. Wearing a T-shirt that is one size larger than one that fits like a glove is a good way to keep the bust line from being too prominently noticeable in the T-shirt while keeping the T-shirt from getting to baggy.

To make the bust line seen smaller than it is, wearing a darker color on top is the best advice.  Many women with large breasts wear black or dark-colored T-shirts to achieve this look. Any dark color will have this effect on your figure. You can choose from dark blue, dark green, dark purple, or even a deep burgundy red and the dark color will make the entire area that covers look smaller to the eye.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to enhance the area, choose a lighter color. A bright yellow, a pink, orange, or even a white T-shirt will make the area seem a little larger. This enhances the figure and calls attention to it.

For women whose breasts are very large and tend to get attention no matter what, wearing two T-shirts may provide a little bit of extra support. One T-shirt with a slightly larger T-shirt worn over it, or even two T-shirts being worn that are the same size, will give a little extra support to the breasts as well as offering more material. This thicker material means that the breasts may not be as easily noticeable then if the material was thinner. And with the extra support, the breasts will move less as the woman is in motion, meaning even less attention being focused on the breasts.

Why Don’t Men Usually Wear Pink T-Shirts?

Why don’t men wear pink T-shirts? To women it is a mystery. What is wrong with pink? After all, it is one of the most frequently worn colors by women. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Women are a lot more likely to name pink as their favorite color. Pink is the color of a beautiful rose. There is pink in a stunning sunset. They even go to great lengths to get a pinkish glow to their skin. Men on the other hand will wear lots of colors but most of they time they won’t wear pink T-shirts. What’s the deal?

It gets even more puzzling when you realize that men do like pink in some things. The key word there is some things. For example, a good steak has a little pink in the middle doesn’t it? In fact, the more pink in a steak the more manly, so they say. Pigs are pink and guys like pigs. Men eat bacon and ham even though it all came from a pink pig. Sometimes guys even act like pink pigs. Yet this acceptance of pink does not translate to wearing pink T-shirts. Why?

Well, unseen to the average woman, there is a great stigma over the color pink when it comes to clothes like T-shirts. Wearing it is regarded as slightly less than manly. Not the kind of message most guys want to send out to the world as they walk around in their T-shirts. No, they will not wear pink when black, gray, or blue are available to wear instead. These are much more manly shades. Ever notice that there are no male sports teams with the color pink on them? Some have boldly ventured out into purple. But, is there any pink anywhere? No.

Now, understand that some guys do venture out into wearing pink T-shirts. How bold they are! What non-conformists! Yes, perhaps they are to be admired above all. Maybe they are the most manly, not being dictated to by anyone on what to wear. Maybe they just do not know of the stigma and in their ignorance love their pink T-shirt and wear it proudly. We just can’t tell by looking. For some they may not venture into the T-shirt realm with pink but wear a pink tie or something like that. This is much more acceptable as far as the stigma goes.

Now, you can try to sell guys on pink but, for most, it won’t work. You could say, “Hey, isn’t pink just a light shade of red?” You could bring up that pink steak they ate or the very manly bacon and ham breakfast they downed earlier, but it still won’t work. This stigma has been a part of our culture for years and years. It will probably still be for a long time to come too. Maybe some day lots of men will start wearing pink T-shirts. But, for now, if they have one, it will lie buried deep in their drawer just like the quiche they were given lays deep in the back of their refrigerator never to come out.


Is It Fashionable To Wear An Unbuttoned Collared Shirt With A T-Shirt Underneath


Wearing an unbuttoned collared shirt with a T-shirt underneath is always fashionable. It is a classic look for men of all ages. As with all outfits, there is a time and a place where certain looks are inappropriate, but for the most part wearing a tee under an open collar shirt is acceptable just about anywhere. It certainly works for everyday wear or for hanging out with friends. It is also a good option for workplaces that prefer business casual or even casual dress. It would not be acceptable for an environment that demands a more professional business look or a situation that demands a suit and/or a tie.

In reality, wearing a T-shirt under a collared T-shirt is a very good option, especially if the T-shirt is made of a light or somewhat transparent material. For men, such T-shirts often cover up a hairy chest. For women it can ensure that others cannot see your bra through your button-down shirt. For these reasons, you may need to wear a T-shirt out of practicality.

There are many ways to put together a T-shirt and button-down shirt look. By keeping them in the same color, you get a seamless look and the T-shirt is practically invisible. By putting a contrasting or complementary color under a button-down shirt, you can add a touch of color to an outfit to set it off or to break the uniformity of the look. With a simple white T-shirt under a button-down shirt you get a classic look that never goes out of style. It is an easy look for most guys because it combines practicality and good looks and requires little skills in terms of matching and style.

You can adapt the versatile T-shirt under a shirt look for practically any situation by changing the colors, patterns and fabrics. A plaid flannel shirt with a white T-shirt definitely gives a certain kind of casual, country look. A solid blue oxford with a logo on one breast, paired with a white T-shirt evokes a preppy look. A dress shirt with a T-shirt gives a perfect look for most offices. You can even create seasonal looks. A black shirt over an orange T-shirt is a great Halloween outfit. A green shirt with a red tee beneath is a perfect ensemble for Christmas.

For the T-shirt you wear under an unbuttoned collared shirt, it can have just about anything printed on it. Custom-made T-shirts let you create a T-shirt that is uniquely yours. You can speak your mind, support a cause, boast about someone you are proud of, show off a great photo, display a drawing or many other things. You can have a line of text printed on a custom-made tee that is funny, serious, thought-provoking or informative. You can simply say that you love something or someone.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today to wear under an unbuttoned collared shirt for a great look that goes almost anywhere.

Can T-Shirts Be Sexy?

If you have ever seen someone you thought was sexy, might not have even noticed what they were wearing or what type of shirt they had on. But, chances are that you’ve seen many people in t-shirts and found them sexy. There’s no reason that a person has to wear a dress or a suit to be sexy. Most of the time, a t-shirt is just as sexy or even more so, than wearing something more formal.

Why are t-shirts so sexy? Because being comfortable and casual gives people self confidence. Why many people aren’t comfortable in formal clothing, most people do feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt. This gives them the self-confidence they need to project their own personality. And for most people, confidence is extremely sexy. Confidence is what allows people to go out and meet other people and to take chances where they otherwise might be too timid to do so.

There are several other reasons that t-shirts can be sexy. Most of these have to do with the way that a t-shirt fits. On anyone, man or woman, a t-shirt is generally made to fit well and to reflect the way their body is shaped. On a man, the shape of a t-shirt is meant to emphasize the square shape of a man’s chest. It is flat across the waist and tends to be larger in the shoulders. This is sexy on both men who have dimensions like that and on men who have problem areas that can be disguised by the shape of a man’s t-shirt.

On a woman, a woman’s t-shirt emphasizes her figure. Women’s t-shirts are generally tailored to nip in slightly at the waist. They also have a larger area at the bust. This helps women to emphasize their figures in a sexy way. Many women wear t-shirts that are short in order to make their figures more obvious. This can emphasize the hip area and makes the t-shirt, and the figure, noticeable. Another way to make a t-shirt sexy on a woman is to wear a size that will be form fitting. This generally emphasizes the entire physique and creates a silhouette that gets attention.

For many people, the aspect that calls attention to a t-shirt as being sexy is what is written or pictured on it. The current trend is toward t-shirts that have suggestive sayings printed on the front. These can be eye-catching ways to get some attention for a well-fitting t-shirt. These sayings are usually printed on women’s t-shirts, but there are some men who choose to do this on their own t-shirts as well.

There are also colors that are more flattering on a person than other colors. Using the right colors is another way to make a t-shirt sexy. The color black is generally a slimming color and one that is often worn when a person wants to look and feel sexy. Wearing a bright red t-shirt or a pink t-shirt can also make a t-shirt sexy on a woman.

Is It Illegal to Wear Sheriff T-Shirts? Impersonating People With T-Shirts

You may have seen t-shirts that said “Sheriff” or “Police.” You might have even been fooled into believing that the person wearing the t-shirt was a member of the police department. It may look like it might be fun to wear a t-shirt like that.  But are people really allowed to wear a t-shirt like that? Does wearing a police or sheriff t-shirt mean that the person wearing it is impersonating an officer?

There is a difference between a non-law enforcement person wearing a sheriff t-shirt and a person who is trying to impersonate a police officer. Sometimes that line can be a finer one than at other times. When wearing a sheriff or police t-shirt, the person wearing it has to remain conscious of how they are presenting themselves. If the person appears to be acting in the capacity of a police officer, such as directing traffic, ordering people out of a buildings, etc., the t-shirt can be construed as a way that the person is impersonating an officer.

If the person is wearing the t-shirt in a purely recreational way, and the person is not giving orders to the public and not trying to act like they have authority of a police officer, the t-shirt should not be breaking any laws. The words “sheriff” or “sheriff’s department” are not copyrighted and are covered by free speech laws as long as they are not misused to fool or endanger people.

Impersonating a police officer with a t-shirt is a serious offense and can result in the arrest and trial of the person who was wearing the t-shirt. A case like that, however, has to be proven. Authorities have the burden of proving that the person was wearing the t-shirt with the intention of fooling other people into believing that he was a police officer.

For the most part, a sheriff or police officer t-shirt is usually seen as a tribute to the local police department and the person will probably not be seen as a real officer. It may, however, be an unwise decision to wear a t-shirt like this in certain situations. People wearing these t-shirts may be looked at with suspicion and they may even be the target for anger or violence. There are people who dislike anyone involved with law enforcement and they may want to take it out on anyone who they see as a possible police officer. There are some occasions where this wouldn’t be a possibility, such as at a small gathering of friends, and others where it is far more likely.

Some police officers don’t appreciate non-officers wearing t-shirts like that and they might interpret it as impersonating an officer. While this might not result in a guilty verdict, it could certainly cause a lot of trouble and embarrassment for the person who was arrested under the suspicion of impersonating law enforcement. In many cases, it’s best to just leave the sheriff t-shirt at home rather than to put yourself at risk of any problems.

Can I Wear a Political T-Shirt When Voting at the Polls?

Many people like to show their political affiliations by wearing a t-shirt that represents their political candidate or the political party they support. It’s a fun way to show your support for your choice during an election period. However, political t-shirts can be construed in some cases as campaigning for a certain candidate or political party. Whether a t-shirt like this can be worn to the polls depends on the type of t-shirt, how it’s worn and in some cases it comes down to the opinion of the poll workers.

There are states in which anything can be worn to the polls, including political t-shirts. There are also a number of states that don’t allow any political messages of any kind to be worn to the polls.

People in Vermont, South Carolina and New York, for instance, are not allowed to wear a political t-shirt when voting. Anyone showing up at the polls may be asked to either cover up the t-shirt or to turn it inside out so that the message no longer shows. If a voter refuses to do this, poll workers in these states can turn the wearer of the political t-shirt away.

In Maryland and many other states, voters can wear any type of political clothing they wish, but they are not allowed to stay at the polling site after voting. This would constitute campaigning at the poll site, which is illegal. Anyone in a political t-shirt has to leave immediately after voting and stay a few hundred yards away from the polls to avoid being considered a campaigner. This is a way of keeping t-shirts and other campaign paraphernalia from influencing other voters. It also keeps disruptive arguments from breaking out among people with competing political points of view.

In some states, the question gets more complicated. There are some states that have laws about wearing reasonable political messages to the polls. The problem there is defining what is reasonable and what is too much like campaigning for a candidate. The question is subjective and largely comes down to the opinion of the poll workers. They may decide that a bright, noticeable political t-shirt might attract too much attention. Or, they may allow t-shirts but no political buttons. In some cases, these polling places will have a smock that poll workers hand out to people who are wearing clothes that are considered unreasonable. Smaller districts may have jackets to loan to voters to avoid having to turn them away from the polls.

In still other states, each individual county has its own rules about what can and can’t be worn to the polls. This can make it difficult for residents to know exactly what will be allowed in their districts. If you aren’t sure about whether a political t-shirt is allowed in your state or county, call the local courthouse for the information. If you are still unsure, bring a jacket along with you to the polls to avoid being turned away for inappropriate attire.

Is A T-Shirt Business Casual?

Ever since business casual became an accepted standard of dress in the workplace, employees have had endless questions about what actually constitutes business casual. In reality, the guidelines are different for each company. Generally speaking, business suits are much too formal to fit the style. Exercise clothes, short shorts, ripped jeans and tank tops are much too casual to be business casual. Apart from those rather extreme guidelines, everything else is based on interpretation.

For many businesses, business casual is very structured. It means that you wear dress pants, skirts, polo shirts, button down shirts and sweaters. Jeans, sneakers and flip-flops are a no-no. T-shirts are fine if they are under something or have nothing printed on them. Many of these businesses are helping employees avoid the expense of traditional business wear, but still want to maintain a very professional, serious tone at work. They may even allow clean, well-maintained jeans and T-shirts on casual Fridays. Some businesses like this will occasionally do a charity fundraiser, by charging their employees a small fee to partake in jeans and T-shirt days.

For many other businesses, T-shirts are perfectly fine for business casual wear, as long as they are clean and in good repair. Most businesses however, will enforce common sense rules about what can be printed on a T-shirt. Text on a business casual T-shirt should never be offensive, rude, contain bad language, be sexually explicit, be political or promote a competitor of the business you work for. There are very few workplaces where you can actually wear anything you choose.

So, in short, a T-shirt can be considered business casual, depending on the T-shirt and depending on what the company’s policies are. If you absolutely want to wear a T-shirt that does not meet your company’s guideline, layering is always a good solution. Put your favorite tee under another T-shirt, button down shirt or sweater for a neat layered look. You’ll have the satisfaction of wearing the shirt of your choice, without getting in trouble for it.

Custom-made T-shirts can be the solution to your problems if you find that your T-shirts are not suitable for business casual. Thanks to custom printing you can have a T-shirt made in the color, design and style you want, saying whatever you want it to say. You can still make a statement, have a unique look, but follow the business casual guidelines of your office with a custom-made T-shirt.

If your company is on the more relaxed spectrum of business casual or you know that you have a casual Friday coming up, you can have some fun with a customized T-shirt. You can have a line like one of these printed on a tee:
•    This IS business casual
•    I love business casual
•    Business casual rocks
•    Peace, Love, Business Casual
•    I’ll take business casual any day
•    Business casual works
•    Casual Friday rocks

Get your T-shirt wardrobe up to par for business casual with brand new custom-made tees just for work!

Should I Wear A T-Shirt When In The Pool Or Swimming?

Whether or not to wear a T-shirt when in the pool or swimming is a complicated question to answer. T-shirts, especially light weight ones, are very easy to swim in and for many people may be more comfortable than even a bathing suit. However there are many things to take into account in deciding whether or not to wear one in the water.

If you are swimming competitively, you will not want to wear a T-shirt in the pool because it will slow you down by creating drag in the water. If you are training to swim competitively, you may want to wear a T-shirt in the pool occasionally during practice because it will force you to work harder to get through the water.

If you are a guy, you may want to keep your T-shirt on for a variety of reasons. If you are not comfortable with certain aspects of your body like your size, body hair, scars or other imperfections, you may choose to wear a t-shirt in the water. If you are outside, a T-shirt can actually provide some added protection from the sun, therefore it may be a good choice to wear in the water. This is especially important for those who are fair-skinned and burn easily.

For women, wearing a T-shirt in the pool or while swimming is often a modesty issue. Many women are not comfortable with their body shape or size and want to disguise it or at least downplay it by hiding under an oversized T-shirt. They may also not want the attention received from wearing a bathing suit. The thing to remember though is that once the T-shirt gets wet, it shows your shape as much as a bathing suit would.

T-shirt color choice is important if you plan to wear it in the water. If you decide to go into the water wearing just a bathing suit bottom and a T-shirt, you want to stay away from white and light colored T-shirts, because you will end up being revealed once you are wet. If you choose a darker color shirt and go into a chlorinated pool, remember that in all likelihood, your T-shirt will suffer some discoloration. If you are wearing a newer colored T-shirt, especially one that has not been washed yet, it is a good idea to avoid pools because you may end up dying the entire pool water, which will not make you popular with the pool owner or your fellow swimmers.

If you have a tendency to like wearing T-shirts in the pool or while swimming, you can have some fun with it by having a custom-made pool T-shirt printed just for that purpose. You can have lots of fun lines printed on such a T-shirt like:
•    Yes, this IS my bathing suit
•    Official Swimming T-Shirt
•    I heart my swimming tee
•    This is to protect my modesty

Get your custom-made T-shirt today for swimming, hanging out in the pool or just relaxing by the water.

To Bare Or Not To Bare: Are Midriff-Revealing Shirts Still Fashionable?

It seems as though it was only yesterday when bare midriffs were all the rage in the fashion world. From the glamorous runways to the streets and bars of towns and cities, many young women were sporting this hard-to-rock look, which looked best on the figures of those who clearly spent more than a few days a week at the gym. Yet after a few years, midriff-baring tops soon began to give way to today’s softer-flowing fabrics and more forgiving cuts, leaving some to wonder: are short shirts that reveal midriff still fashionable?

Midriff-baring shirts hit the height of their popularity in the mid-nineties, around the same time as the arrival of the low-rise jeans. Like all fashion trends, the midriff-baring shirt was born out of a response to the larger and heavier fabrics of the eighties and early nineties, which tended to overwhelm and weigh down more petite frames. Shirts and fashionable tops that exposed the midriff were seen as a breath of fresh air, a flirty and fierce style that played up the confidence and youth of all women who sported the look. Stomachs were on full display in the midst of the midriff-baring trend, with little indication that it would ever end.

However, given the excessive amount of bare skin, midriff-baring shirts soon gained a rather unsavory reputation, especially when paired with increasingly low-rise jeans or miniskirts. Soon, there was an overabundance of skin everywhere, and not just at the local bar or club – school districts started to crack down on the midriff-baring epidemic, which was deemed to be too distracting and inappropriate for the classroom. Eventually, the fashion world extended the hemlines of fashionable tops and shirts, declaring that showing too much skin was no longer considered demure and sexy.

Given the current fashion trends, midriff-baring shirts are definitely considered out-of-style. Pick up a copy of your favorite fashion magazine or watch a few episodes of a style channel and you’ll hardly see an ounce of bare midriff. The more popular stomach-baring shirts of the nineties have now been replaced by voluminous shirts in bright and fun colors, or fitted shirts with flirty graphic prints. In fact, one of the more popular styles this season is wearing a long shirt which has a hemline that hits past the waist – which is an extreme opposite from a shirt that exposes your midriff! This latest style trend started in response to the skinny jean look, which fits tightly around the thighs and hips and tapers into a pencil-thin ankle. Add a midriff-baring shirt to this equation, and you’ve got a recipe for a very unflattering look – especially if you’re anything above a size zero.

However, it’s no secret that the fashion world is cyclical – what is now considered out-of-style and antiquated will soon roar back as the latest trend in high fashion. So if you’re loathe to throw away your most treasured midriff-baring shirt, keep it in the back of your closet – it’ll more than likely come back in style again!

How to Get a T-Shirt Back From an Ex-Boyfriend

An ex-boyfriend may be the last person you ever want to see again, but if he has something of yours, you may have to. If he has your t-shirt, you have a particularly strong motivation to see him again to get it back. If you know your ex-boyfriend well, you may feel that you know how to talk to him to get your items back. However, after a break up emotions will be running high and he may not listen to you the way he once did.

Unless your ex wants you back as a girlfriend, he will probably not want to talk to you and may not care that you want your item back. The answer for an ex-boyfriend who doesn’t want you back is to make the request short and sweet. Let him know that this is a one-time exchange and that after it you will not be asking him for anything else. This may entice him into giving it back to you just to make sure that everything is finished between you.

Make it easy for him to give the t-shirt back. Rather than expecting him to bring it and meet you somewhere of his choosing, do most of the work for him. Tell him that you will pick it up, or choose a place where you can both meet and tell him what time to be there. By doing the thinking for him, you might get him to go along with it simply to make the situation end and ensure that he doesn’t have to keep hearing from you about it.

Be firm when requesting the t-shirt back. Don’t allow your ex any wiggle room or he may find an excuse for not giving it back. Instead of asking if he can bring it back sometime, tell him a time and place that you will expect the t-shirt. Don’t take no for an answer and don’t let him put you off by postponing the day or time. As more time passes since the two of you had a relationship, he will only become less interested in giving you your shirt back.

If you have a particularly mad ex-boyfriend, he may not listen to reason or to rational arguments. This is a situation where it may take a lot longer to get the t-shirt back. You may have to wait a few weeks or even a few months before contacting him about the return of your shirt. This will allow a cooling-off period that will allow you both to stop being so angry and to start to listen when the other one talks.

After what you feel is an appropriate amount of time, try contacting him and politely asking how he is doing. Engage him in a nice, calm conversation before bringing up the t-shirt. This will draw him in and let him see that there’s no reason to be angry any longer about the situation. This will make him more inclined to listen to you and to cooperate with returning your shirt.

How Many T-Shirts Should I Have in My Wardrobe?

How Many T-Shirts Should I Have in My Wardrobe and How Often Can I Wear the Same T-Shirt Without People Noticing?

This is a question that many people ask when they are stocking a wardrobe that is comfortable, causal and fashionable. The answer, however, is that there is no one right answer for everyone. Some people may want a lot more t-shirts in order to wear the same shirt less often and appear to have a much larger wardrobe. This is often the case for women who are concerned about the way their wardrobe will be perceived.

For people who work in casual environments or are still in school, they will need more t-shirts than someone who wears both casual and more formal clothing regularly. The number of t-shirt for someone who wears t-shirts every day should be at least 20 shirts. This will allow some to be in the laundry while others are ready to wear. It will also ensure that the same t-shirt will not have to be worn in the same two-week period.

If you are very concerned with not having people notice how often you wear a t-shirt, having at least 30 will make it possible to wear a different t-shirt every day of the month. If you work in a casual environment, this number will also make it possible to do laundry whenever it’s convenient instead of having to do it more often to keep your supply of t-shirts fresh.

For people who wear business clothing, uniforms and wear t-shirts less often, they will likely not need as many t-shirts in their wardrobe. Having about 10 to 15 t-shirts should be enough. This will supply enough t-shirts to wear to casual events, to wear on weekends and for casual days at the office.

To keep from wearing the same item too soon, many people try to keep track of when they last wore an item. People who are very concerned about this take a cue from celebrities and write down when they wore each item or put an index card on it with the last date it was worn. But that shouldn’t be necessary with t-shirts unless the t-shirt is going to a red-carpet event sometime soon. A better way to keep track is simply to plan a laundry day just for t-shirts every two or three weeks. That way, the clothing in it the laundry won’t be worn again for awhile.

If you have the space, create two piles and organize them for two different laundry days- One for items that were worn during the first two weeks of the month and another pile for t-shirts worn during the last two weeks of the month. This is an easy way to keep the supply of t-shirts organized so that they the same ones aren’t worn too often.

T-shirts should periodically be replaced, however, as they become worn or stained. A good t-shirt should last a long time with the proper care, but eventually it may need to be taken out of the rotation and replaced with a new one. This will keep the number of t-shirts steady and ensure that you always have something presentable to wear.

Che Guevara

Why Do People Wear Che Guevara T-Shirts?

Che Guevara

There are a lot of Che Guevara t-shirts out there, but there are perhaps even more reasons why people wear them. There are those who have seen the image and simply like it and want to wear it. There are also people who wear them because people they admire, such as professors, bosses, or parents wear them. Some wear Che Guevara t-shirts to express part of their own political ideas. Others wear them specifically because they admired some of the things that Che Guevara did during his own political and military career.

There is undoubtedly an international following for Che Guevara t-shirts. They are popular for their style as well as their statement. The t-shirts have become to many people a symbol of their own rebellious nature. To some people, a Che Guevara t-shirt is a symbol of rebellion against the constraints of the government, of society or of whatever it is they feel is too constraining

Some people feel that being passionate about politics or military actions is an important part of life, and that attracts them to the symbol of Che Guevara. He is seen by many to be a symbol of an overriding passion for change that can change the way whole governments and armies operate.

For some, the look of military style is what is appealing. Camouflage and Che Guevara t-shirts appeals to them for the image it conveys. The classic Che Guevara image is one in which he is wearing a military hat and coat. Someone wearing a similar outfit may enjoy a Che Guevara t-shirt because it fits into that image with its military style.

Other people are opposed to specific types of political parties or types of government. These may include conservative politics or communism in general. Some use it as a symbol of fighting against the ruling classes that they perceive as oppressing the poorer classes. The struggle of one class against another is one that interests many people in learning more about Che Guevara and wearing t-shirts that feature him.

In most cases, it is used as a symbol of revolution, rebellion and being true to your own vision. While not everyone who wears these t-shirts agrees with everything that Che Guevara stood for, for many it’s not about anything that he did specifically. For them, it’s more about symbolizing living life on their own terms rather than simply doing what they are told to do feeling true passion for a cause.

A Che Guevara t-shirt doesn’t have to be worn to symbolize anything that other people wear it to symbolize. If it appeals to someone, it can be worn for whatever reason has drawn them to it. It can be about politics, the military, fashion, passion or rebellion. It can be worn for a combination or some or all of these reasons. Whatever the reason, a Che Guevara t-shirt does stir up passions in those who are for or against him and what he stood for. And for many, that’s exactly what they want to accomplish.

Ten Worst Places to Wear a T-Shirt

Have you ever put on a t-shirt and wondered if it was appropriate for the function or place you were wearing it to? We are a country of casual dressers and many times anything goes. But there are situations and locations to which wearing a t-shirt may be frowned upon. Whether a t-shirt is okay to wear is largely dictated by social norms and the need to make a positive impression.
In general, the top worst places to wear a t-shirt are:

1.    A funeral
2.    A wedding
3.    A black tie charity event
4.    An exclusive golf course
5.    A Broadway play
6.    A five star restaurant
7.    A job interview
8.    A presentation before the company CEO
9.    A formal work function, such as the company Christmas party
10.    A new client business presentation

As with many things in life, there are no definite hard and fast rules on where it is okay to wear a t-shirt. While the above cover the places where social norms would typically dictate that someone should not wear a t-shirt, there are always exceptions. To determine for yourself if a t-shirt is an acceptable clothing item to wear think about the following: what does the t-shirt look like, do the social norms apply in your particular situation, and do you care about the social norms?

Not all t-shirts are the same. T-shirts can range in style from fancy ones made of silk to ripped worn colored cotton ones. A fancy t-shirt, such as a silk one, can be paired with other more formal items to create a sophisticated look. Think a 2008 version of Miami Vice. Even a less fancy t-shirt can be dressed up and made more acceptable for an occasion by adding a sports coat.

Not all situations are the same either. Take, for instance, a presentation before the company CEO, if you work for t-shirt manufacturing company or t-shirt screen printer, your t-shirt may be part of your presentation. Additionally, a wedding on a beach in Hawaii may call for a nice Hawaiian t-shirt instead of a suit. Without considering the context of the situation, traditional social norms would frown on the above. However, by taking into account the particulars of the event you are attending, you can feel confident your t-shirt is not a faux pas, but in fact, a sound clothing choice.

One final item to consider when determining whether a t-shirt is acceptable for a particular function or situation is whether or not you want to follow social norms. You may want to set yourself apart and get noticed for your clothing choice. Or, you may want to make a statement or a point about an outdated tradition. If this is the case, a t-shirt may be the appropriate although not necessarily accepted choice.

Therefore, next time you pull a t-shirt out of the closet and ask yourself if it is appropriate to wear, consider the above factors. Often you’ll find that with a little thought and creativity there are few places that are truly the worst to wear a t-shirt to.