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The Basics of Undershirts

Undershirts are an extremely versatile garment that comes with its own set of rules. There are several different kinds of undershirts, each with its own use and its own reputation. Everyone has their own favorite style of undershirt for their own fashion and comfort reasons.


The A-shirt is one that has fallen out of favor recently because of the “wife beater” nickname commonly used in the press and among young people. The A-shirt is a thin undershirt that is vertically ribbed. Some people wear these undershirts under their t-shirts in order to keep their sweat from soaking through to their outer t-shirt.

V-Neck Shirt

A V-neck shirt is an undershirt that has a V-shaped neckline in the front. These are useful to wear if you like to keep a button or two undone on your outer shirt and don’t want your undershirt showing. V-necks are very popular garments because the wearer doesn’t have to worry about how high their over-shirt is in the front and their undershirt peeking out above it.

Crewneck Shirt

A crewneck shirt is one that has a rounded collar. It is popular as both an undershirt and an over-shirt. These provide the maximum coverage for those who want to keep their sweat from soaking through their t-shirt, want to cover up their chest hair or want to hide figure flaws. Other people choose it simply because this style is widely available, classic and comfortable.

Ways to Wear an Undershirt

For some people, they don’t wish their undershirt to be seen at all by others. For them, it is an undergarment like any other and should be kept from sight. There are some people, however, who choose to wear an undershirt with an open over-shirt so that the undershirt is seen plainly. You can wear a crewneck t-shirt with a button-up shirt over it, leaving in a few buttons undone. If you are in a dressy situation however, allowing your undershirt to show is generally considered unacceptable.

When you wear an undershirt, the generally accepted practice is to wear a clean, fresh undershirt each day. Never wear an undershirt again without washing it first. Undershirts can soak up odors and two wears between washes is far too many. When you wash your undershirts, be sure to brighten them by occasionally using bleach or baking soda to keep them white. If you wear an undershirt that will be visible to others, make sure it’s not dingy or stained.

When you choose your undershirts, make sure you pick the best size for your needs. If you choose an undershirt size that is to large to be worn as an undershirt, it will be bulky and will bunch up under your over-shirt. If you choose one that is too small, it will not be comfortable. Once you choose the right size, it will not bunch up or ride up in the back and will hug your body with out being uncomfortably tight. Once you find this perfect size, buy a lot of them to ensure that you always have clean undershirts.


Is It Fashionable To Wear An Unbuttoned Collared Shirt With A T-Shirt Underneath


Wearing an unbuttoned collared shirt with a T-shirt underneath is always fashionable. It is a classic look for men of all ages. As with all outfits, there is a time and a place where certain looks are inappropriate, but for the most part wearing a tee under an open collar shirt is acceptable just about anywhere. It certainly works for everyday wear or for hanging out with friends. It is also a good option for workplaces that prefer business casual or even casual dress. It would not be acceptable for an environment that demands a more professional business look or a situation that demands a suit and/or a tie.

In reality, wearing a T-shirt under a collared T-shirt is a very good option, especially if the T-shirt is made of a light or somewhat transparent material. For men, such T-shirts often cover up a hairy chest. For women it can ensure that others cannot see your bra through your button-down shirt. For these reasons, you may need to wear a T-shirt out of practicality.

There are many ways to put together a T-shirt and button-down shirt look. By keeping them in the same color, you get a seamless look and the T-shirt is practically invisible. By putting a contrasting or complementary color under a button-down shirt, you can add a touch of color to an outfit to set it off or to break the uniformity of the look. With a simple white T-shirt under a button-down shirt you get a classic look that never goes out of style. It is an easy look for most guys because it combines practicality and good looks and requires little skills in terms of matching and style.

You can adapt the versatile T-shirt under a shirt look for practically any situation by changing the colors, patterns and fabrics. A plaid flannel shirt with a white T-shirt definitely gives a certain kind of casual, country look. A solid blue oxford with a logo on one breast, paired with a white T-shirt evokes a preppy look. A dress shirt with a T-shirt gives a perfect look for most offices. You can even create seasonal looks. A black shirt over an orange T-shirt is a great Halloween outfit. A green shirt with a red tee beneath is a perfect ensemble for Christmas.

For the T-shirt you wear under an unbuttoned collared shirt, it can have just about anything printed on it. Custom-made T-shirts let you create a T-shirt that is uniquely yours. You can speak your mind, support a cause, boast about someone you are proud of, show off a great photo, display a drawing or many other things. You can have a line of text printed on a custom-made tee that is funny, serious, thought-provoking or informative. You can simply say that you love something or someone.

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Is it ok that my t-shirt can be seen through my dress shirt?

T-shirts are extremely versatile and can meet a variety of your needs when dressing. In fact T-shirts are often used in layering or as an undershirt beneath other shirts and sweaters. Sometimes it looks fine to let your T-shirt be apparent through the dress shirt, other times it does not. Knowing when to let your T-shirt be seen and when not to can make all the difference in terms of dressing successfully.

When you are wearing a dress shirt, chances are you are attending a more formal event. You may be wearing a dress shirt for work, if you work in an environment that promotes a business professional style of dress. If you are in one of those situations, it might not be okay that your T-shirt can be seen through the dress shirt. If you are wearing a plain white T-shirt and your shirt is to cover up chest hair, your social faux-pas is not so great. If you are wearing a T-shirt with a wild and crazy design on it and it can be plainly seen through the dress shirt, chances are you should have considered something different when getting dressed.

When you need to wear T-shirts under dress shirts, opt for solid color ones that either are white in color, match the color of the shirt or your skin tone. Steer away from designs, pictures or anything printed on them. Another great idea is to purchase dress shirts that are heavier and do not show what you are wearing beneath them.

If you are wearing a dress shirt and the situation is less formal, wearing a T-shirt can be perfectly fine. Many people wear dress shirts loosely buttoned or even unbuttoned as a cover, a jacket or simply for the layered look. If this is what you are striving for, it is perfectly okay that your T-shirt can be seen through your dress shirt. Try to match colors and at least choose something that is complimentary for a more pulled-together look.

If you enjoy the laid back easy look of a dress shirt with a T-shirt underneath, you can use your T-shirt to express yourself any way you want to. In fact you can have T-shirts custom-made to do just that. You can have anything you want printed on a T-shirt. It can be your favorite picture, a drawing you have done or a message you want to convey. You can talk about the things you have accomplished, things you believe in or your favorite things to do. You can even boast about another person if you are proud of them. You can have some fun with your custom T-shirt by having something like these lines printed on them.
–    These are my dress clothes
–    Dressing up sucks
–    What do you mean a black tie printed on my shirt is not considered “black tie”?

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How to Avoid Showing Sweat by Wearing T-Shirts as Undershirts

There are a number of fabrics that show sweat easily. Most of them will show sweat to some degree. However, the kinds of shirts that many people have to wear to a work environment make it easy for the sweat to show. To avoid a sweat stain, there is a way to take advantage of a better type of fabric to keep the sweat from showing through.

A t-shirt is often worn underneath another shirt as a way to keep sweat from going through to the top shirt. This is effective for several reasons. The first is simply that sweat has a lesser chance of showing through two layers of fabrics than showing through only one. This is true of any fabric, even if the top layer is another t-shirt.

The second reason, however, is the reason that people choose t-shirts as their undershirts of choice. Cotton is an absorbent and breathable fabric that will take sweat away from the skin easily. It will allow the sweat to dissipate quickly through the pores in the fabric. This makes it work like a sponge when worn under another shirt and keeps the sweat from going to the outer shirt and being visible to the world.

There are some cases in which this will work better than others, however. If the outer shirt is a little larger than the t-shirt worn under it, the results will be better. This will allow a little air in flow between the two shirts. The air flow will allow the sweat to evaporate more easily and to keep it from seeping through to the outer shirt.

Wearing a tight shirt over the t-shirt or wearing an outer shirt that fits just as closely as the t-shirt will not have the same results. Without even a small layer of air in between the two shirts, the outer shirt will start to show the sweat far sooner than if there is a layer of air.

If the weather is warm, it can be a problem to wear two shirts at the same time. It can actually cause more sweat, making it harder to then hide the sweat. The solution for warm weather days is to wear an outer shirt that is unbuttoned, leaving the t-shirt underneath it visible. This is a casual look that isn’t too warm but will hide any sweat that may occur. This look isn’t always acceptable for the office, but the look can be worn on casual Fridays and to more casual occasions.

Another variation of this in a business casual office is to wear a t-shirt and a loose-fitting button-up shirt on the outside, but with the top few buttons left undone. This is a casual look that can be offset by a formal-looking outer shirt. A clean, starched shirt that has a few inches of t-shirt peeking out from the top will still look business-like enough for most offices. And, it will keep you from being the guy in the office with the sweat stains.