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What are sweatshops?


Sweatshop T-Shirts

Prevalent in developing countries sweatshops are factories where people work for small wages or for doing piecework. The goods that usually come out of a sweatshop are clothes (t-shirts), electronics, toys, shoes and other consumer goods. The word sweatshop is actually a pejorative term that connotes the condition of a factory or place where the employees are made to stay in harsh conditions. Sweatshops are commonly criticized for their use children in their sweatshops while others that forbid the practice of trade unionization. Many times employees in a sweatshop are kept in a harsh environment with inadequate ventilation and are sometimes physically and mentally abused, and subjected to long hours with unsafe conditions.

Where and why are there sweatshops?

To do this, they hire, recruit and pay garment workers to cut, sew and package the clothing at very low wages. In addition to low pay many manufacturers do not pay legal wages (if they even exist in some countries) or comply with safety laws, and thus they ‘sweat’ the profit out of their workers! Large retailers such as Walmart or even down the supply chain for clothing companies such as Nike contract their work out to manufacturers at the lowest bid and in turn insist that they are not directly connected with the employment of these people and not responsible for the wages and working condition of sweatshops because it is the manufacturers responsibility.

Stringent laws, high wage levels, and competitive markets in USA and other developed countries has influenced many companies in the garment industry to moved overseas or slightly below the border (in Mexico) for the manufacture of t-shirts and clothing in sweatshops. Sweatshops are prevalent throughout Central America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Many countries in these areas do not have labor laws, health codes, or environmental restrictions (or they aren’t enforced) that maintain the safety of its workers. There have been many cases of children working in sweatshops to help their family obtain basic necessities. Because the children start working at such a young age and for very long hours they have little to no opportunities to get a formal education. The lack of environmental regulations also creates a much less expensive situation for clothing manufacturers. The result is expensive for the environment. Unfortunately a $2 t-shirt does not factor in the damages to families, communities, and their surrounding environment.

Alternatives to Sweatshop T-Shirts and Clothing

Fortunately there are alternatives to sweatshop t-shirts and clothing.  Over the past few years growing concerns about the effects of sweatshops on local communities and the environment have pushed certain retailers, clothing and t-shirt manufacturers (with the help of consumers!) to produce products follow principles that are far less destructive than the sweatshop model. Many of these sweatshop-free products are currently marketed as Fair Trade or socially responsible products. While these socially responsible and Fair Trade t-shirts and clothing items aren’t completely mainstream but they can easily be purchased online through a variety of merchants. With Fair Trade, many of the manufacturers not only try to be more socially responsible but they also have been increasing the number of t-shirts made from organic cotton. Organic t-shirts made from socially responsible companies are the best option because its take into account not only people and communities but the surrounding environment. For your next t-shirt make sure to ask the retailer if it was made by a socially responsible company and hopefully made from organic cotton.

Brother 2

Brother T-Shirts Show Pride in Your Siblings

Being a brother or having a brother is a very important role in any family. Being a good brother means showing loyalty to your siblings, taking care of them, looking out for them, loving them and being there for special occasions and to share in triumphs and heartbreaks. Brothers and sisters are the family members who are usually a part of your life from birth to death. Spouses and parents don’t usually have that opportunity. Therefore, no matter what the reason, if it means something to you or you are going through a hard time, you want your siblings around.

Brothers sometimes get a good wrap and sometimes a bad wrap. There are many examples of good ones and bad ones. They provide lots of material for Hollywood and the media in general to work with. There are movies, TV shows and more about brothers. There are lots of books about them. Some of the most famous comedy teams, directorial teams and criminal teams are brothers. There are even several sets of famous actors who are brothers.

Brothers often team up for work purposes. Often there are brother teams who are restaurant owners together. There are many bands that are made up of brothers. Quite often in family businesses, one brother will bring in another as a partner. If guys come across a good business opportunity, they often share it with family members first. The familiarity and closeness one has with their siblings often leads people to want to work together. It may possibly be because they trust one another more than outsiders. Brothers are so into doing the same thing that frequently; brothers even end up marrying sisters.

Men’s groups are often referred to as brotherhoods. Men and boys who become close friends, have a true connection and trust each other often refer to each other as brothers. It shows a more masculine connection than the word friend does. It is even a cultural term, used by African-Americans when they refer to other African-American males.

Be proud of the special connection you have with your brothers, real or chosen. Enjoy that special closeness and tell the world about it with a Brother T-shirt. Get a custom-made brother T-shirt for yourself, your brother or your kids. The options to have printed on it are endless. For children, cute shirts are:

Big Brother T-Shirts

Brother 1
Brother 2
Brother 3

Little Brother T-Shirts

Brother 4
Brother 5
Brother 6

For adults, you can still show your affection, love and admiration of your brothers with a custom-made brother shirt. Some things to have printed on one are:

Get your Brother T-shirt today and tell the world that you are proud of being a brother or having a brother!

New t-shirt

Why Are New T-shirts So Stiff?

New t-shirt

Whenever you buy new clothing, there always seems to be a strange feeling to the fabric. It tends to very stiff and uncomfortable to wear. This is one of the reasons that many people swear by the fact that T-shirts must be washed prior to use. Once washed the same T-shirt tends to be soft, yielding and relaxed. It is like a totally different shirt. This is often simply because the cotton fibers in the garment have had a chance to relax in the water and return to their natural state after all the stress of production.

Additionally, can be a buildup of excess chemicals on the new T-shirts that may cause them to feel very stiff to the touch. Unless you opt for organic cotton, your T-shirt may have been covered in chemicals even from before it was made. Cotton is one of the crops that receives the most chemical treatments of all. Therefore even in the growing stage the cotton was getting chemicals.

In the plant where it was made into thread and then fabric, it was again treated with chemicals. Again during the sewing process, even more chemicals may have been added to make a shiny appearance and other chemicals were put on it before the item was pressed. Excess dye was used and remained on the garments after purchase. Therefore all these things accumulated to create a rather stiff final product.

By opting for certain types of T-shirts you will not have to deal with the initial stiffness of T-shirts that are so uncomfortable. Combed ring spun cotton is exceptionally soft and is a great choice for a T-shirt you plan to have printed. When opting for this type of T-shirt, remember that it will probably be slightly stiffer than it will be after that first wash but it is much softer than comparable tees.

If you find that your T-shirts are too stiff, opt for pre-washed cotton tees that are custom-made. You will get to choose the fabric, the style, color, fit and design. You can create a perfect T-shirt that you will look forward to wearing time after time, because it is so totally you. Choose to put a favorite photo, drawing or other image on a T-shirt. You can instead print a cool line that is typically you, like a joke, a clever one-liner, something sarcastic or something you feel strongly about. You can choose to educate others with a T-shirt full of information. You also have the option of stating your pride about something or supporting a cause.

What Type Of T-Shirt Seam Is The Fanciest?

There are many things that can determine how fancy a T-shirt is perceived as being. The cut of the shirt, the fabric used in making it, the color of the shirt, the style and the design are all very important. These components help to make a T-shirt seem fancier or plainer than others. However, there is also the use of seams in adding to the fanciness of a tee.

Some of the more fancy seams to be featured on a T-shirt include the following.

•    Shirring: In this type of seam, extra fullness is added. It lends a nice touch of femininity to a T-shirt. It is usually found around the neckline or where the shoulders meet the sleeves. Such T-shirts are very distinctive and are definitely for dressing up. Casual tees do not get made using shirring.
•    Bound Seams: A thin, folded layer of fabric is sewn over the edge of the T-shirt seam. It stops any potential unraveling and makes for a very neat, attractive and fancy T-shirt seam. It is typically used at the neckline and at hems, not for side seams or shoulder seams.
•    Flat seams are also the somewhat fancy. The two edges of the material are placed side by side and a cover stitch is used to sew them together. This makes for a very neat, flat seam that can also be seen as fancy.
•    Superimposed seams are typically used to create side and shoulder seams on a T-shirt. They are created in the traditional way of creating seams, two pieces of fabric back to back, sewn together. Not a very fancy seam, but definitely a useful and practical one.
•    Lapped seams also exist in T-shirt making, but like superimposed seams, there is little that is fancy or out of the ordinary about these seams that are created by two or more overlapped pieces of material.

Choosing a T-shirt seam that is the fanciest is rather difficult as everyone has different tastes. Bound seams and shirring are the fanciest seams as defined by most people, however others may prefer the others and find their simplicity more inviting and fancy.

If you are looking for a fancy T-shirt, the best place to start is with custom-made T-shirts. You get to choose the perfect T-shirt for you quickly and easily. In fact the hardest thing to decide on will be how to personalize your tees, because there are simply endless possibilities. When choosing your custom-made tee, you will get to choose the quality, color, weight and the style, including the seams.

In order to customize a fancy shirt, you can opt to have nothing at all printed on it. You could also put something small and tasteful, like a word or two or a small image. You can also have a little fun with the whole idea and have a tee printed with the line “These are my fancy clothes.” Get your custom-made T-shirt today with fancy seams.

Absorbent fabric

What is the Most Absorbent Type of Fabric for a T-Shirt

Absorbent fabric

People love to wear their t-shirts because they are so comfortable in many different types of weather. The fabric that is used for most t-shirts is chosen because of many factors- its breathability, its shape, its ease of washing, and also for its high level of absorbency. Cotton and wool are generally seen as the two most absorbent fabrics available for clothing. Both are natural and both are extremely absorbent types of fabrics.

Cotton and wool are both absorbent enough to take dyes and colors very well. This is what gives them their extremely broad range of colors and designs available. However, wool is generally not used for t-shirts because it has other properties as well. Wool is a very warm fabric, and that’s something that most t-shirt owners aren’t looking for. When they put on a t-shirt, they expect to stay cool and comfortable. This is best done with cotton instead of wool. Wool can also cause reactions in some people and it’s known to be an itchy fabric. This has made cotton the all-around favorite for t-shirt wearers.

Synthetic fabrics are sometimes substituted for cotton in t-shirts, but they are not as absorbent as cotton. So far, there has not been a synthetic t-shirt fabric that is as absorbent as the natural fibers of cotton. And for holding a variety of dye colors, that’s extremely important. Because cotton is so absorbent, it will hold not only synthetic dyes, but a wide range of natural dyes. Plant-based dyes, vegetable dyes and others are often used with cotton because they will be readily absorbed and will stay looking great for a long period of time and over many washes.

Another way that the absorbency of cotton helps with comfort is with keeping the t-shirt wearer cool. This is because of cotton’s ability to absorb liquids quickly and easily. When a t-shirt wearer sweats, a synthetic fabric may repel that sweat, keeping the wearer wet and uncomfortable. But, cotton t-shirts will absorb that sweat and keep it from soaking the wearer’s skin. This allows the sweat to evaporate better than if a synthetic fabric was holding it in. It allows the wearer to cool off but to be kept cool and drier than if the t-shirt was made out of another fabric.

Cotton’s absorbency may not be something that most people think about when they are putting on their t-shirt, but it’s one of the factors that makes a cotton t-shirt more comfortable than many other garments. Its softness and its absorbency go together to make a breathable t-shirt that takes on the sweat and oil that can make a person feel uncomfortable if they are left on the skin for long periods of time. No synthetic material will do this. For all of these reasons, cotton is by far the most common type of fabric that is used in t-shirts. People all over the world use it in their t-shirts as well as many of their other items of clothing.

Can T-Shirts Be Sexy?

If you have ever seen someone you thought was sexy, might not have even noticed what they were wearing or what type of shirt they had on. But, chances are that you’ve seen many people in t-shirts and found them sexy. There’s no reason that a person has to wear a dress or a suit to be sexy. Most of the time, a t-shirt is just as sexy or even more so, than wearing something more formal.

Why are t-shirts so sexy? Because being comfortable and casual gives people self confidence. Why many people aren’t comfortable in formal clothing, most people do feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt. This gives them the self-confidence they need to project their own personality. And for most people, confidence is extremely sexy. Confidence is what allows people to go out and meet other people and to take chances where they otherwise might be too timid to do so.

There are several other reasons that t-shirts can be sexy. Most of these have to do with the way that a t-shirt fits. On anyone, man or woman, a t-shirt is generally made to fit well and to reflect the way their body is shaped. On a man, the shape of a t-shirt is meant to emphasize the square shape of a man’s chest. It is flat across the waist and tends to be larger in the shoulders. This is sexy on both men who have dimensions like that and on men who have problem areas that can be disguised by the shape of a man’s t-shirt.

On a woman, a woman’s t-shirt emphasizes her figure. Women’s t-shirts are generally tailored to nip in slightly at the waist. They also have a larger area at the bust. This helps women to emphasize their figures in a sexy way. Many women wear t-shirts that are short in order to make their figures more obvious. This can emphasize the hip area and makes the t-shirt, and the figure, noticeable. Another way to make a t-shirt sexy on a woman is to wear a size that will be form fitting. This generally emphasizes the entire physique and creates a silhouette that gets attention.

For many people, the aspect that calls attention to a t-shirt as being sexy is what is written or pictured on it. The current trend is toward t-shirts that have suggestive sayings printed on the front. These can be eye-catching ways to get some attention for a well-fitting t-shirt. These sayings are usually printed on women’s t-shirts, but there are some men who choose to do this on their own t-shirts as well.

There are also colors that are more flattering on a person than other colors. Using the right colors is another way to make a t-shirt sexy. The color black is generally a slimming color and one that is often worn when a person wants to look and feel sexy. Wearing a bright red t-shirt or a pink t-shirt can also make a t-shirt sexy on a woman.

What Is The Difference Between Heavyweight And Lightweight T-Shirts?

T-shirts come in a wide variety of different forms. They are available in all different colors, quality, sizes, styles, fabric and designs. There are even differences in the weight of T-shirts. T-shirts that are over 6 ounces are referred to as heavyweight. Lightweight ones weigh less than 6 ounces. There are a variety of reasons to choose one over the other, but for most people it is simply a personal preference.

Heavyweight T-shirts are not only meant for colder weather. Typically heavyweight T-shirts are of better quality than lightweight ones. For most people, especially those in professional jobs, heavyweight shirts are ideal for work, because the cover up chest hair, tattoos and the like. Such shirts also tend to look nicer and hold their shape better, so they are even appropriate for workplaces that stress business casual as the dress code. They are also the best choice in T-shirts for dressier occasions. Heavyweight T-shirts are also perfect for use as work uniforms because they hold up better to constant washing and wearing than do lightweight ones. You can also get away with wearing heavyweight T-shirts in larger sizes than lightweight ones, therefore you can cover up body flaws a little more easily.

Lightweight T-shirts are great for warmer weather. They are thin enough to help you to stay cool. For working out or playing sports, lightweight tees are the choice of many. They work great as cover-ups for the beach or as nightshirts also. They are also great under other layers of clothing as an undershirt, as they do not add bulk. If you happen to like the layered look of one T-shirt on top of another, lightweight tees are definitely the way to go. These T-shirts typically have a softer look than their heavyweight counterparts. They also drape the body in a more flattering and alluring way. However, if you wear a lightweight T-shirt that is too big for you it will not look attractive at all.

Lightweight T-shirts also tend to be less expensive than heavyweight ones. As such they are a great choice if your group is choosing to do a T-shirt giveaway for a special event, especially a one-time occasion. T-shirts that are seasonal like Halloween tees or Independence Day tees do well in lightweight cotton as they have a limited period of time in which they will be worn.

You can have both lightweight and heavyweight T-shirts customized anyway you wish. You can have a design-based t-shirt made up like the very popular “I heart something” tees or “Eat, Sleep, Whatever”. You can also choose to put a picture or a design that you like on a custom shirt. T-shirts are a great way to show pride, what you enjoy doing, the causes you believe in, the groups you belong to, special events you attend and much more. The list of things you can put on a T-shirt of either weight is endless.

Get your custom-made heavyweight and lightweight T-shirts today so you are covered in any situation.

What Makes Some Cotton T-Shirts Softer Than Others?

The search for the absolutely perfect cotton T-shirt continues. T-shirt wearers around the world seem to be endlessly searching for that ideal T-shirt that is so soft and comfortable that you never want to take it off. They want a cotton T-shirt that also fits perfectly, never fades, looks great on everyone and never shrinks. Some things are practically impossible to find in a T-shirt while others are quite possible. The super soft cotton T-shirt definitely does exist and is surprisingly easy to find.

While almost all T-shirts are made of cotton, what makes some of them much softer than others? You can pick up 2 almost identical T-shirts and they can feel very different to the touch. The difference can be attributed to a variety of factors. Quality of course makes a huge difference. You must also pay a premium for quality. Therefore expect more expensive T-shirts to be softer, while cheaper ones will be less so.

One of the main factors is the type of cotton your T-shirt is made of. Cotton grown in certain areas of the world such as Egypt, Arizona and other places is softer than that of other areas, because the cotton fiber can grow longer than usual under ideal conditions. These long fibers that result from a longer growing season can then be made into very fine yarn which produces the softest of fabrics. These extra long fiber cottons are amongst the highest quality cotton on the market. Soft cotton shirts are typically a sign of high quality.

Another thing to look at in terms of the quality and softness of a T-shirt is the thread count. If the tee is made of high quality fabric, it is likely to be 200 plus count, referring to the how many threads make up an inch of the material. The higher the thread count, the better in terms of quality and softness, however you can also have high thread counts without the quality. So beware, finding high thread counts may not mean that you have a soft T-shirt on hand. However, a general rule of thumb is that fine thread means a soft fabric.

Special techniques also ensure extremely soft cotton fabrics. Combed cotton helps to remove any remaining tough fibers before cotton is spun into thread. This is typically a more expensive type of cotton, though it is definitely softer than the average. It is well-known that T-shirts made of combed cotton are softer and more luxurious than many other T-shirts on the market.

If you are ready to find a perfectly soft T-shirt, try ordering a custom-made T-shirt. You can choose the color, style, quality, cut and design that you want. You not only get a great shirt that is soft and comfortable, but you can have it say anything you want it to. You can customize a great shirt for every occasion you can think of. You can show pride, beliefs, passions and more with a custom-made tee.

Get your perfect T-shirt custom-made today for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

Fit To Be Tight: The Important Difference between Fitted and Tight T-Shirts

Let’s say you’re shopping for the perfect shirt to wear on a vacation with your spouse or best friends – or maybe you’ve got a hot date tonight and you want to go for a casual yet flirty look that will knock his or her socks off. Seems almost impossible to pick out a shirt that’s both functional and affordable, right? Don’t despair, because today’s fashion trends have unleashed the perfect solution to your conundrum – the form-fitting t-shirt.

Perfectly suited for both men and women, the fitted t-shirt offers style, comfort and an understated yet sexy appearance that can easily take you from day to night. Fitted t-shirts are great for any size and shape, as these shirts can accentuate everything from a whittled waistline to curves that won’t quit. Better still, fitted t-shirts are easy on even the most squeezed budget, as they’re relatively cheap to make and come in inexpensive fabrics like cotton. What’s not to like about this classic wardrobe staple?

However, it’s important to note that when it comes to t-shirts, fitted is not synonymous with tight. Despite how similar these two concepts may seem at first, one kind of t-shirt can make you look great no matter what your size or shape, while the other is more unforgiving towards most average body types.

Want to make sure that you don’t fall into this potential fashion pitfall?

First of all, be sure to try on any t-shirt that you’d like to purchase, no matter how sure you may be of your size. Many department and clothing stores vary in what is considered a small, medium, or large, so when you make your selection, always take the time to try it on in the dressing room. After all, nothing is more annoying than having to take the time out of your busy schedule to return an item!

When trying on your selected t-shirt, be sure to examine how it fits on your body. Do a few jumping jacks, bend over, and shimmy around like you’re dancing. While you may feel temporarily embarrassed, a t-shirt that’s fitting your body just right will give you room to comfortably move around, while a tight t-shirt will make you feel as though you need to continually suck in your stomach! Also, check out how the sleeves fit around your arms – do the sleeves feel tight, or are they just snug enough? A fitted t-shirt will hug your body shape, but it won’t ever make you feel as though your circulation is being cut off. Additionally, a tight t-shirt will usually create the illusion of rolls on those of us with more than two percent body fat, while a fitted t-shirt will smooth over any trouble spots.

A fitted t-shirt will always make your body look and feel great, no matter what your size or shape. In fact, this fashion staple will not only make you look like a million bucks – it will make you feel confident enough to take on the world!

What Does the T In T-Shirt Really Mean?

The T in the word T-shirt simply refers to the shape of the T-shirt itself. If you lay it out flat, it forms the letter T. Yet, there are other things that the T in T-shirt could stand for like Terrific shirt, The shirt, Trim shirt, Tidy shirt, Trendy shirt and so much more. T-shirts are a fashion staple that have been a major part of wardrobes for many years and will remain as such for many years to come. T-shirts are popular with everyone, young or old, rich or poor!

T-shirt trends come and go. During some fashion seasons, there is an abundance of printed tees, other seasons it is boldly patterned tees or subtly patterned tees. Still, other seasons bring a flood of simple solid color T-shirts. However, one thing that tends to always remain in style though is customized T-shirts. There are so many great reasons to have a T-shirt customized and such shirts are always in demand.

T-shirts can speak of pride in family, sports, school, achievements, religion, country or city. They can be printed to make a statement of belief, take a political stance, promote a cause or give information. You can have T-shirts made to symbolize where you’ve been, what you’ve done or what you plan to do. You can also state the things you enjoy doing, show images of your favorite places, people and things and you can boast of your hobbies. You can have tees made up for special events like family reunions, team championships, weddings, parties, trips and a variety of school events.

Custom-made T-shirts are often an effective tool in team building at work, school, sports and in any group. For campaigns, special projects, upcoming events and more, custom T-shirts are a great way to get the word out. They are also wonderful icebreakers and conversation starters. Seeing someone wearing a T-shirt from your area, when you are away from home will often start a conversation about back home. A T-shirt that says I heart something often earns comments from other people who love the same thing.

Lots of people love humorous T-shirts and will wear T-shirts that they find amusing. Such T-shirts reveal a lot about the person wearing it and his or her sense of humor. The reactions of others tell a lot too. By watching the other person’s expression as they read the T-shirt, you can easily gauge whether the person shares your sense of humor or not. You’ll definitely get lots of comments on funny T-shirts.

T-shirts are the ultimate in versatile clothing. They can be the most casual thing you own or one of the fanciest. You can wear them cleaning the house, hanging out, at work or even to bed. They allow you the freedom to express yourself in a unique way that no other item of clothing does. The shirt with the T-shape is definitely a keeper.

Order a custom-made T-shirt today and celebrate this simple, yet versatile letter-shaped shirt.

Do T-Shirts Make You Look Older or Younger?

T-shirts are extremely comfortable and go well with most pants, jeans, or shorts. There are so many varieties of t-shirts that there is usually a shirt to fit your personality or the situation. However comfortable and easy to wear they are, you may wonder if they make you look older or younger. This is one of the questions that are not as simple as a one or two word answer; there are too many factors to consider.

The style of shirt you choose to wear has a major impact on whether or not you will look younger or older. A nice fitted t-shirt that allows some definition of your body’s curves should give you a younger looking appearance. If your shirt is too baggy then you may look older. If your shirt doesn’t fit properly, not only will you look older you may also look physically out of shape. A shirt that is too tight and causes bulging is just as unflattering as a shirt that is many sizes too big. If your shirt is the correct size that allows some curves for women and more muscular definition for men, then you will not only look younger but also more physically in shape.

What is printed on your t-shirt is also an important factor in determining how you are going to look age wise in it. A shirt will a rock n’ roll band or a country band gives off the appearance of youth where as a t-shirt that has shows names or pictures of your grandchildren will obviously make you look older. T-shirts that represent places you have visited or lived can be tricky. This is where you need to choose a shirt that isn’t quite as generic as normal. Choose the proper size as well as color. If you chose a color that doesn’t work well for your skin tone, your will look paler and thus older.

How you wear your shirt is another factor to consider. Tucking your shirt into your pants or jeans usually makes you look older unless you have chosen the proper fitting and the right pair of jeans. This is tricky to pull off for most people. Leaving your shirt un-tucked gives you a more youthful appearance since most young people do leave them un-tucked. Rips in t-shirts may not make your age look any different, but it does look less polished. Be aware of the image you are portraying if you choose to wear a t-shirt with rips or holes.

If you want to look great and younger in your t-shirts you just have to be considerate of what you choose. Make sure your shirts are fitted to your body size without creating unsightly bulges or being too loose to see any definition in your body. The shirt should have a great saying or printing that point towards youth instead of the older generations. You need to also ensure that you choose colors that will compliment your skin tone so you do not appear pale and sickly. Doing these things will increase the likelihood that your t=shirt will make you appear younger instead of older.

T-Shirts Can Be Personal Ads and the Ultimate Conversation Starter

Nice weather, huh? What’s your sign? Perhaps it’s time to freshen up your conversation starters. If you’re in the market for a special someone, trying letting your t-shirt do the talking for you.

A t-shirt with a funny saying or unusual design can easily spark a conversation. Start thinking of t-shirts as personal ads. They’re a way to show off your personality and interests. Hey, you gotta get dressed, right? Why not don a shirt that could help kick your love life into overdrive.

Funny shirts

We all love to be around people who make us laugh. If you can get a smile out of that cutie sitting next to you on the bus, you’ve got an opening to introduce yourself. T-shirts with funny sayings are hugely popular right now, so shopping for one will be easy.

Sometimes we all enjoy a bit of “potty humor” or laugh at an offensive joke. But if you’re looking to meet a special someone, you should probably steer clear of the lewd and crude. Or anything that indicates you like to party until you pass out.

Political t-shirts

What social issues matter to you most? Who do you plan to vote for in the upcoming election? Wearing a t-shirt that expresses your opinion on a social or political issue can be a great way to meet someone who shares your values. You could even invite them to a meeting or rally.

Bands, movies, and TV shows

Are you a diehard Beatles fan? Have you memorized every line of The Godfather? Sport a shirt featuring a pop culture reference, and you could meet someone with similar tastes in movies and music. A shirt with a classic movie quote is always a winner, and it’s a natural segue into asking them out to the movie. Concert shirts are cool, too, and they present you with opportunity to ask them to check out a new band that’s playing this weekend.

Hobbies and interests

Whatever you love to do, there’s a t-shirt out there that says it. Try a shirt featuring the logo of your favorite sports team or a print of your favorite piece of art. You can also wear shirts indicating you belong to a particular club or team. Next thing you know, you’ll be inviting them to the opening of the Impressionist collection at the local museum. Having things in common is the foundation of a strong, healthy relationship.

Announce your singleness

If you’re feeling bold, just come right out and say it: I’m single and looking! It could actually serve a practical purpose. We’ve all spotted a looker but opted not to chat them up thinking “Someone that good looking can’t possibly be single.” Your shirt would clear that question right up.

Time to trade in your plain white tees for something with a bit more personality. Be funny, be provocative…you can even be downright desperate! Maybe that last one isn’t the best idea. Whatever style you go for, next time you’re shopping for tops, keep personal ads in mind.