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How to Dress like a Teacher

Teacher t-shirt

Those Who CAN Do, Teach: Be a Teacher with Custom Printed T-shirts

Dressing like a teacher seems pretty easy to most people. You go to your closet, you put on something awful. Done! Better yet, you find a ten year old t-shirt from the Sierra Club and tuck it in to a broom skirt. With an outfit like that, the only thing you’d be missing is a teacher’s certificate.

The fact is that teachers get a bad rap when it comes to fashion. Let’s face it: these ladies (and gentlemen) have a tough job. You can’t blame them for wanting to be comfortable. They also have to be tasteful yet professionally dressed. The classroom is not always the place to make a fashion statement. Thus the bad t-shirts, brooms skirts, and weathered loafers.

However, being that t-shirts are a main staple in the teacher’s closet, you can’t dress like a teacher without them. That is not to say that the t-shirts in question have to be devoid of all modernity and style. In fact, it’s just the opposite. T-shirts are a great place to demonstrate your own personality and creativity while you dress like a teacher.

Just think if you could actually design and print your own t-shirts? Then, dressing like a teacher would be creative, fun, and cool. With custom t-shirt printing services, you can! Custom t-shirt printers can print almost anything you can think of on a t-shirt. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re going to dress like a teacher, then you’re going to have to think like a teacher. When you’re thinking like a teacher, you’ll have an unlimited supply of ideas as to how you can design your own custom printed t-shirts. You can even design t-shirts that correspond with the day’s lesson. Your custom printed t-shirt can even be a discussion starter for the students. Teaching ‘Hamlet’? Wear a t-shirt that says “To be, or not to be” and your students will never forget just ‘what’ the question is.

But dressing like a teacher doesn’t mean that you have to dress like you just stepped out of a catalogue specializing in frump gear. There’s no need to unearth your faded and thoughtless t-shirts from college and beyond with reckless abandon. Be relieved that you won’t need to rob your mother of her broom skirts hidden in the back of her closet in case they ‘come back in style.’ They never will. Not even for teachers.

That’s right. With custom t-shirt printing, you can dress like a teacher that has great personal style and endless creativity. All of your fellow teachers—or teacher impersonators—will be wondering where you got all of the great t-shirts. Teachers are hard-working and underpaid, so be sure to spread the word about your new found secret to great teacher style.

Custom t-shirt printing allows teachers and non-teachers alike to create awesome, unique t-shirts that are both trendy and functional. Be more comfortable in front of your classroom in a t-shirt printed with a design of your very own.

How Celebrities Inspire Custom T-Shirts

How Celebrities Inspire Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts, the walking billboards that have been delighting us, inciting us and encouraging us to say our own thing, have certainly come of age. No longer are they content in announcing your favorite sports team, branded articles, TV shows or political affiliations, they’ve become a medium of public dialogue, giving everyone a chance to express their opinions, take sides and shoot barbs at each other.

Celebrities cut in!

With such a powerful medium as tees, can celebrities be far behind! Today, custom t-shirts are being increasingly used for supporting celebrities or poking fun at them. Celebrities, too, have embraced the t-shirt as a form of self-promotion and self-exploitation to plaster any self-serving message and pass it off as either as new fashion or a press release. It’s even being increasingly used to get even with others!

What’d you say about Tori Spelling when she stepped out with the t-shirt message ‘My Dog Can beat up Paris Hilton’s Dog’!  Or the one worn by Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives that said ‘I’ll Have Your Baby, Brad’ shortly after Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their separation! Of course, Eva later apologized to Aniston for it.

Celebrities not only poke fun through the medium of custom t-shirts, they own up their shortcomings too. Take the case of Jessica Simpson, who was candid enough to sport a tee that read, ‘Talentless but Connected’! In another case, supermodel Naomi Campbell showed she can take a joke by wearing ‘Naomi hit me…and I loved it’. Like other controversies, this too fitted her like a T! For the ignorant, a few months earlier Naomi was ordered by a judge to attend anger management classes, after her former assistant complained of physical and verbal abuse at her hands.

Sometimes, the actions of celebrities evoke such reactions from the public that it gets displayed on people’s chests and backs. Alarmed at the way Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan, was losing weight, the t-shirt slogan ‘Feed Lindsay’ became such a rage that it actually collected an online petition with forty-three thousand signatures that urged Lindsay Lohan to stop. Custom t-shirts also became an important part of ‘Free Katie’ campaign. This campaign was kicked off, because someone it was ridiculous to see Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch, breathlessly declaring his love for Katie Holmes. The slogans included ‘Run, Katie, Run’ and ‘Stop Sofa Abuse’!

Tees come in handy for getting even too! Sample Julia Roberts’ t-shirt message ‘A Low Vera’. She sported this tee in 2002, when she was eager to marry Danny Moder. Although, the ‘Pretty Woman’ never cared to explain, it’s believed that she was sending a message to Moder’s estranged wife, Vera, who was in the process of stalling divorce proceedings.

Can you use celebrities on your tees?

Celebrities are public figures and if you use their image for the purposes of advertising or trade without their permission, you’re violating their right of publicity. Unless the use is for a newsworthy article, it’ll simply be commercial use and grounds for a lawsuit. So, if you want your very own customized t-shirt depicting a celebrity, don’t do it without their permission. Seek permission either directly from the celebrity or from the celebrity’s agent. This holds true even for dead celebrities.

Of course, celebrities attract people in droves. So, they’re the most ‘cashable’ commodity doing the rounds. And customized t-shirt is the perfect medium. So, if you’re finding it difficult to resist not letting the world know about something connected with a celebrity, do so.  But, not before taking his or her permission.

Automatic T-Shirt Printers

Automatic T-Shirt Printers

For those t-shirt designers or wholesale printers who wish to get into the business of mass-producing printed t-shirts, there are several automatic shirt printers available which make the process fast and simpler than single shirt production methods.  One such machine is known as the Xpress.  The Xpress will print both shirts and paper, and it promises an output of 60-100 shirts per hour.

This printer interfaces with a Windows-based computer system, which feeds the design to the printer and designates the inks to be used and the quantity to be printed.  Up to seven different ink colors can be used to print the shirts, and these can be blended together to create additional colors as needed. Since most colors can be easily created by combining four colors, this is probably not a limitation.  The Xpress also boasts and efficient self-cleaning system ink tank cleaner which allows the operator to quickly move between shirts and paper print projects.  The price will range between several thousand and tens of thousands of dollars for this type of printer, depending on the options and quantity desired.

A lower cost alternative for those wanting to mass-produce custom designed t-shirts is the four-color automatic t-shirt printing press.  This gives the designer the option to use any four inks, or cyan, magenta, black and yellow in any combination to create the color scheme of their choice.

Mentioned above are spray-on printers for t-shirt design. There are also conveyer systems with multiple heat press arms which can be used by t-shirt producers to mass produce heat-transfer designed t-shirts. These machines are often large and heavy. However, the convenience of being able to load shirts which will be heat-pressed with the desired design will reduce the necessary handling and lower the chance of errors in the printing process for large numbers of duplicate t-shirts.  The typical multi-shirt heat press costs somewhere between five and ten thousand dollars. A conveyor belt system for moving the shirts appropriately will be much more expensive.

New dad 2

Show off New Dad Pride with a Custom T-Shirt

New dad 1Being a new dad is like opening a Christmas present and then a large bill to pay for it. The excitement and joy is almost unbearable, but the reality of what lies ahead hits you like a ton of bricks. Concentrating on the joy part is obviously what you should do most of the time.

The moment that little one is brought home from the hospital, you start taking on new roles. You might start having to get up in the middle of the night to help with feedings and soothing. Or perhaps you have taken on diaper duty, something to be proud of.  You might want to show your pride to everyone you know.

Wearing a custom t-shirt is a great way to show your pride. Your new shirt can just say, “new daddy” or “rookie dad“. You can add a smiley graphic or a cute baby smiling or even screaming. If you are particularly proud of your achievement in being by your woman’s side during labor, your shirt can state, “Dad survived delivery” with a picture of a baby girl or boy or “I survived the delivery room and all I got was this shirt…oh yeah, and a baby”.

If you are the diaper changing man, wear it with pride “Daddy’s diaper service, proud to take my turn” or “Baby poops ’em – I change ’em”. Or a cute warning sign with a picture of a baby that says, “New dad changes diaper – avoid loose poop”. Or for a really cute one, a baby holding his diaper up with “My dad knows poop” to refer to several meanings. Or if you don’t appreciate the value of a dirty diaper your shirt can say “DADDY – damn another dirty diaper yuck” with the first letter of the phrase a different color for effect.New dad 2

Late night feedings are inevitable with new babies. A shirt that says, “New dad, point me to the nearest bed” tells others how tired you are. Or simply “new dad needs sleep” with a picture of a cartoon man in pajamas carrying around a baby would do the trick. “New dad – if you wake the baby plan on babysitting” would be effective in letting others know you are sleep deprived and stressed.

If you are just proud of your cute little one and are pretty competitive, a shirt with a kid in a diaper crossing his arms that says, “New dad- my kid can beat up your kid” might work for you. Or “New dad’s boot camp – only the fit survive” with a graphic of a man marching with a baby strapped to his back.

Being a new dad brings more joy to your life than people without kids can imagine. Yes, here are times of stress but overall most men wouldn’t change a thing. Wear your pride for others to see. Design a t-shirt that fits your style and feelings on the blessed event. Then watch as your kids grow up and start dating, that will make you want to wear a shirt that says, “I have kids…does that explain the gray hair?”

Don’t wait and design your own custom t-shirt or check out all of our Dad T-Shirts and New Dad T-Shirts

Brother 2

Brother T-Shirts Show Pride in Your Siblings

Being a brother or having a brother is a very important role in any family. Being a good brother means showing loyalty to your siblings, taking care of them, looking out for them, loving them and being there for special occasions and to share in triumphs and heartbreaks. Brothers and sisters are the family members who are usually a part of your life from birth to death. Spouses and parents don’t usually have that opportunity. Therefore, no matter what the reason, if it means something to you or you are going through a hard time, you want your siblings around.

Brothers sometimes get a good wrap and sometimes a bad wrap. There are many examples of good ones and bad ones. They provide lots of material for Hollywood and the media in general to work with. There are movies, TV shows and more about brothers. There are lots of books about them. Some of the most famous comedy teams, directorial teams and criminal teams are brothers. There are even several sets of famous actors who are brothers.

Brothers often team up for work purposes. Often there are brother teams who are restaurant owners together. There are many bands that are made up of brothers. Quite often in family businesses, one brother will bring in another as a partner. If guys come across a good business opportunity, they often share it with family members first. The familiarity and closeness one has with their siblings often leads people to want to work together. It may possibly be because they trust one another more than outsiders. Brothers are so into doing the same thing that frequently; brothers even end up marrying sisters.

Men’s groups are often referred to as brotherhoods. Men and boys who become close friends, have a true connection and trust each other often refer to each other as brothers. It shows a more masculine connection than the word friend does. It is even a cultural term, used by African-Americans when they refer to other African-American males.

Be proud of the special connection you have with your brothers, real or chosen. Enjoy that special closeness and tell the world about it with a Brother T-shirt. Get a custom-made brother T-shirt for yourself, your brother or your kids. The options to have printed on it are endless. For children, cute shirts are:

Big Brother T-Shirts

Brother 1
Brother 2
Brother 3

Little Brother T-Shirts

Brother 4
Brother 5
Brother 6

For adults, you can still show your affection, love and admiration of your brothers with a custom-made brother shirt. Some things to have printed on one are:

Get your Brother T-shirt today and tell the world that you are proud of being a brother or having a brother!