Wet t-shirt

Choosing the Right Shirt for a Wet T-Shirt Contest

Wet t-shirt

If you are thinking of entering a wet t-shirt contest, chances are you’re a girl who likes to have a good time and doesn’t mind taking risks. Wet t-shirt contests have all the makings of a beauty pageant, combined with a heavy (a REALLY heavy) dose of sex appeal. Sex is definitely the number one draw here, with classic beauty and poise taking a back seat to plain old big boobs. That’s not to say the girl with the biggest boobs always wins though. It’s the one with the best overall package that will ultimately win the prize.

No one knows exactly where the first wet t-shirt contest took place, or whose idea it was (though we can logically assume the genius was of the male gender). Some claim that the wet t-shirt contest was inspired by the opening scenes of the 1977 movie “The Deep,” in which Jacqueline Bisset swam in a t-shirt. Today, wet t-shirt contests are commonplace events at bars, nightclubs and especially college parties and spring break celebrations.

The reasons to enter a wet t-shirt contest include the lure of cold, hard cash (the bigger the venue, the more lucrative the prize will be), the guarantee of lots and lots of male attention, and the chance to establish your reputation as one of the hottest babes around. If you bring along a date to the contest, chances are he’s really going to be into you by the end of the night!

How you dress for a wet t-shirt contest will largely determine if you win, so be sure to spend some time picking the right shirt for the event. First, it’s very important to wear a WHITE shirt that will become transparent once it becomes wet. A pale pink shirt may work, but you should consider testing it before wearing to be sure it meets the transparency rule. Next, the fabric should be rather thin in order to be the most revealing. A thick Lycra fabric, such as one worn for sports or similar activities, is designed to not reveal boobs when it becomes saturated, so avoid this. Stick to flimsy cottons for the best results.

When you’re choosing a shirt for a wet t-shirt contest, you should only wear a fitted shirt. A tight t-shirt, tank top or halter top are all great choices. A loose t-shirt will only look droopy and unappealing when it gets wet, so make sure the style is form-fitting. Create your own t-shirt style but tying it in the front or back, cutting holes in strategic places or ripping it.

If you’re at the beach or a swim party, wear a bikini bottom with your t-shirt. If the contest will be held at a nightclub or a college frat house, you can pair your shirt with a short skirt, cut-off Daisy Dukes or tight jeans. Whatever you choose, just be sure you can dance, shimmy and shake in it to show everyone why you deserve to win the big prize!

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