Skinny man

Fashion Tips for Skinny Men

Skinny man

Just because you are skinny man doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sense of fashion. Instead of throwing on anything you find in your closet take some time to coordinate an outfit that will not only be comfortable but will look great as well.

Start with the shirts you wear. When you are a skinny man you will have a skinny or “boney” upper body. It is important to be careful when choosing a t-shirt size. If you pick a t-shirt size that is too tight you are only accentuating the obvious; that you are skinny. On the other hand if you choose a t-shirt that is too big it will hang loosely off your body and will tend to billow and puff up around you. This can make you look like a kid wearing his dad’s t-shirt and again is pointing out your skinniness. Instead try to get a t-shirt that is fitted to your body type. Most skinny men are too small for the large and extra large but fit nicely into a medium or even a small at times. Don’t get caught being too macho when choosing your t-shirt size. Just because you can’t fit into a large t-shirt doesn’t mean you are any less of a man.

The same basic rules apply for dress shirts as well. If you wear a dress shirt that is too big the sleeves will bunch up towards the cuffs and you will successfully gain the look of a pirate. You must also be sure that your neck/collar size is not too tight, but defiantly not too big. If it is too tight, it will obviously be uncomfortable but if it is too big you will give the appearance that you might slip out of the shirt at any moment.

Move next to the jeans you wear. Just because you are a skinny man doesn’t mean you should buy skinny jeans. In fact, avoid them like the plague. Again, you don’t want to draw extra attention to the fact that you are skinny. Also avoid loose fit jeans. Baggy jeans on a skinny man look too baggy and will not allow any shape whatsoever to show. A good regular cut jean will compliment your shape and will not sacrifice comfort while doing so.

Finally if you are getting dressed up in a suite or are going to wear a sport jacket or blazer there are some rules that apply. First of all it is true what they say that vertical stripes are slimming. Since you are already slim, skip the pinstriped suites all together. When it comes to your jacket, avoid shoulder pads. Wearing shoulder pads when you are a skinny man will make you look like a big lollypop. Even worse if you are skinny and tall and you wear shoulder pads in your suite jacket you will look like Herman Munster.

Remember, being a skinny man doesn’t mean doesn’t have to be a fashion nightmare. With a little planning on your part you can leave the house with an air of confidence knowing you are dressed for success.

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