Fit To Be Tight: The Important Difference between Fitted and Tight T-Shirts

Let’s say you’re shopping for the perfect shirt to wear on a vacation with your spouse or best friends – or maybe you’ve got a hot date tonight and you want to go for a casual yet flirty look that will knock his or her socks off. Seems almost impossible to pick out a shirt that’s both functional and affordable, right? Don’t despair, because today’s fashion trends have unleashed the perfect solution to your conundrum – the form-fitting t-shirt.

Perfectly suited for both men and women, the fitted t-shirt offers style, comfort and an understated yet sexy appearance that can easily take you from day to night. Fitted t-shirts are great for any size and shape, as these shirts can accentuate everything from a whittled waistline to curves that won’t quit. Better still, fitted t-shirts are easy on even the most squeezed budget, as they’re relatively cheap to make and come in inexpensive fabrics like cotton. What’s not to like about this classic wardrobe staple?

However, it’s important to note that when it comes to t-shirts, fitted is not synonymous with tight. Despite how similar these two concepts may seem at first, one kind of t-shirt can make you look great no matter what your size or shape, while the other is more unforgiving towards most average body types.

Want to make sure that you don’t fall into this potential fashion pitfall?

First of all, be sure to try on any t-shirt that you’d like to purchase, no matter how sure you may be of your size. Many department and clothing stores vary in what is considered a small, medium, or large, so when you make your selection, always take the time to try it on in the dressing room. After all, nothing is more annoying than having to take the time out of your busy schedule to return an item!

When trying on your selected t-shirt, be sure to examine how it fits on your body. Do a few jumping jacks, bend over, and shimmy around like you’re dancing. While you may feel temporarily embarrassed, a t-shirt that’s fitting your body just right will give you room to comfortably move around, while a tight t-shirt will make you feel as though you need to continually suck in your stomach! Also, check out how the sleeves fit around your arms – do the sleeves feel tight, or are they just snug enough? A fitted t-shirt will hug your body shape, but it won’t ever make you feel as though your circulation is being cut off. Additionally, a tight t-shirt will usually create the illusion of rolls on those of us with more than two percent body fat, while a fitted t-shirt will smooth over any trouble spots.

A fitted t-shirt will always make your body look and feel great, no matter what your size or shape. In fact, this fashion staple will not only make you look like a million bucks – it will make you feel confident enough to take on the world!

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