Personal shopper

How to Become a Personal Shopper

Personal shopper

If you love to shop and are up to date on all the latest in the fashion and glamour world you may be the perfect job candidate for a personal shopper. Personal shoppers are individuals that do much more than just shop for other people. A personal shopper has the experience and talent to look at people on an individual basis and break down what that person needs to be more in fashion. The personal shopper then either goes with individual to assist them in shopping for fashion, or gets free reign and is responsible for bringing back items to the client. Another responsibility could be picking up gifts for individuals to give out, so you have to know what is appropriate to give in all situations. Sound like it is for you?

There is no real formal training for a personal shopper and becoming one is really a matter of selling yourself and your abilities. Here are some steps to help you blaze a trail for becoming a personal shopper:

1.    Know your stuff: You have to know what’s hot and what’s not and be able to translate that to potential clients. Working a retail job at a high department store for a while is a great way to get paid while you learn. While doing this attend every fashion show within a 100 mile radius of you and read, read, read. The more knowledge you can display the easier it will be for you to get clients.
2.    Create a portfolio: Put together outfits and photograph them so that you have something to show a potential client. Make notes of any and all trends you see coming and going as you never know when they may come in handy when talking to potential clients. Once you do get a client or two, be sure to photograph their progress if they will allow it and use these photos to further sell yourself to other.
3.    Get clients: Get out and start marketing yourself. At first you will have to be very vigorous at this and you should also charge a reduced fee. Once your repudiation grows you will be able to gradually slide up your fees. You should always ‘grandfather’ in your existing clientele at their low rate as raising their rates may lead to them getting agitated with you and leaving you. The idea is to build up your client list so that they always refer you to others.
4.    Give unmatched service: once you have a handful of clients, give then unmatched service and the rest will take care of itself. Happy clients will not only remain loyal to you, but they will recommend you to all of their family and friends and before you know it your personal shopper business will be booming. Word of mouth is key in the world of a personal shopper so service your clients right.

Though you may have been called things like a shopaholic or a mall rat in the past, you can translate that behavior into a rewarding career as a personal shopper.

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