How To Remove Grease From Your T-Shirt

Stains are so annoying, but they happen to everyone sooner or later and you have to know how to deal with them. One of the most common stains is grease. I’m not just talking about the kind of grease used in mechanic work, although the same stain removal process applies. Grease stains happen to most everyone through the everyday act of eating. If you happen to drop a little food on your T-shirt, chances are it contains grease of some kind. This means you have a greasy stain to deal with. It is not simply enough to put a little commercial stain spray on your T-shirt and throw it in the wash. That will not take care of the grease stain. It requires more care than that.

There are numerous ways to remove grease from your T-shirt. However, you should remember that it is important to get to the stain quickly. By doing so, you will improve your chances of successfully removing the grease stain. Treat it as soon as possible after you notice the stain. You should also use the hottest water that is safe for your T-shirt when washing it

Apply a liquid dish detergent that is known for its grease-fighting properties to the stain and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before washing it. You may also apply bar soap, liquid laundry detergent, shampoo or a paste of powder laundry detergent and water to the grease stain and carefully work it in before letting it sit. For really stubborn stains you may want to try using WD-40 followed by dish detergent. Just be sure to test a small inconspicuous area of the shirt first to be sure it is safe for your tee.

For excess grease stains, apply talcum powder or chalk in order to absorb the excess grease before applying another product like dish detergent to it. Scrape off the any excess grease, apply the powder or chalk and let it soak up the grease. Shake the excess off the clothing before applying other pre-treatments. For heavy duty grease stains, applying a mechanic’s hand cleaner to the stain is another great solution. If you have a large amount of grease-stained clothing, adding ammonia to your wash will go a long way in getting rid of such stains.

If you find that you have tried everything and you are still left with unsightly grease stains, you can throw in the towel and use your T-shirt as your official cooking shirt or for whatever you do that usually leaves you with grease stains. Then you can get a new T-shirt to replace the old one. In fact, by having a custom-made T-shirt made you can completely recreate the old tee that you stained. That is the advantage of custom-made tees: you can choose absolutely everything from the color and style to the exact design.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today and deal with impossible grease stains in the best way possible.

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