Top 10 T-Shirt Fashion Faux Pas

1. Wearing a dirty or stained t-shirt
No one wants to see a dirty t-shirt. It doesn’t matter how casual the gathering is. It doesn’t matter what the activity is. No one wants to see it. There are plenty of ways to take care of a t-shirt and to remove any stain imaginable, so there’s no excuse for wearing a shirt with stains.

Clean Dirty T-shirt Tips
, Top Methods for Removing Stains, Use Bleach to clean your t-shirt, Remove ring around the collar

Stain Specific Solutions:

2. Inappropriate shirt tuck

If you’re at a formal occasion, or a very dressy one, it is possible to look great in a t-shirt that has been dressed up with the right clothes and accessories. What isn’t appropriate is having your t-shirt hanging out untucked. Even worse is a half tuck that looks like only half an effort has been made. Both looks are sloppy for many occasions. If you’re going to go somewhere nice and you’re going to wear a t-shirt- make the effort to keep it tucked in.


3. Stretched neck

There are ways to keep your t-shirt neck from getting too stretched. If you have a lot of t-shirts with stretched necks, you are either putting too much force on it when you get dressed or you are buying a size that is too small. Once the neck gets stretched out on a t-shirt, it’s time to replace it with a new one.


4. Wrinkled T-Shirts

Wrinkled t-shirts are preventable but if they do get wrinkled its an easy fix. var iety of methods to get the wrinkles out.


5. Frayed Edges or Holes in your t-shirt

Small holes, or holes that are on the seam, can be fixed easily with just a few stitches. If you don’t have the coordination to use a needle and thread, you can try an alteration shop. Fixing a small hole is very inexpensive. Or, simply replace the t-shirt. It is not acceptable to have holes in a t-shirt that is to be work in public.


6. Wearing a t-shirt in an inappropriate location

There are times, such as a formal church service or a wedding, in which a t-shirt isn’t generally appropriate. If you can dress up your t-shirt, however, people may not realize that you’re wearing a t-shirt at all. If you’re going to wear a t-shirt to a location that isn’t appropriate, pair it with dressier clothes and make sure it’s in perfect condition.


7. Not wearing the correct color t-shirt to match your pants

Nothing looks worse than an outfit that clashes. Literally. It’s hard on the eyes, it irritates people and it’s just a fashion mess. Make sure that your t-shirt color coordinates with your pants color. If you don’t have an idea about what will look good with your t-shirt, err on the side of caution and wear it with jeans. They look good with any t-shirt color.


8. Showing/not showing undershirt t-shirt under another piece of clothing

Whether your undershirt shows or not is a personal preference, but there are many places in which it is not considered appropriate. In an office that requires business attire, make sure to keep it out of sight. In a more casual environment, keeping an over-shirt buttoned up tight may make you look uptight and unfriendly. Think about the environment you are in before you decide to show or not show your undershirt.


9. Wearing a smelly t-shirt

No one appreciates someone who smells. There are many inexpensive ways to get a bad odor out of a t-shirt and it’s respectful to others to try those methods before going out in public. Think about the people around you and how you’d feel if someone near you had an offensive odor.


10. Wearing a t-shirt that is not the correct size

At work, wearing a t-shirt that is too tight may get you into trouble. When you’re visiting family, it’s just inappropriate. When you’re out with friends, wearing a t-shirt that is too big and doesn’t show off the basic line of your physique may mean that you don’t get the same attention that your friends will. Make sure that your t-shirt size is appropriate to the occasion and to the company you are keeping.


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    My name is James and I am just wondering what T.shirts would be matching with my;
    Silver / Gray Pants,
    and also I have t.shirts
    Two blacks,

    I just wanted to know what color goes with what.


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