Is a Girl Wearing Just a T-Shirt to Bed Sexy?

There is no way to predict what any one guy will say he thinks is sexy. There are too many of them in the world for the same thing to be considered sexy by all of them. But fortunately, there are many things that the majority of guys find sexy. Therefore, playing by the numbers, you can determine whether something is more or less likely to be sexy.

Wearing just a t-shirt to bed is one of the things that most men do find to be sexy. Wearing a t-shirt without anything else is a way for a girl to show off her legs and to be comfortable at the same time. It’s a casual way to be sexy without looking like you’re trying too hard to create a specific look for bed time.

Getting all dressed up in extremely intricate lingerie is one way to look sexy, but it’s certainly not attractive to all guys. Some of them find that this look makes it seem like the girl is just trying too hard to be sexy. It may look forced and unnatural to them. Wearing just a t-shirt, however, looks like the girl was just getting into bed and happens to look sexy in what she’s wearing without even trying.

T-shirts come in every color imaginable. This makes it easy for a girl to pick out a t-shirt that is flattering to her. Different colors have a much different effect on the way a girl’s face, hair and figure look. A bright color, for instance, may make a girl look slightly rounder. This is a good choice if a girl is embarrassed about being thin but wants to look sexy in a t-shirt. A t-shirt with a darker color will generally make a girl look slimmer. Some girls may choose to sleep in a dark-colored shirt to minimize any areas that they are embarrassed about.

The color should also coordinate with her hair color. A blonde wearing a yellow t-shirt may not look as sexy as the same blonde wearing a deep blue t-shirt. The same is true for a brunette- a dark brown t-shirt will simply blend into the girl’s hair color and will probably do nothing to bring out her features. A red or green t-shirt will likely look better on a brunette.

If a girl has an eye color that she wants emphasized, she should try going to bed in a t-shirt that matches her eye color. This will bring the eye up to that color and make it far more noticeable.

When sleeping in just a t-shirt, the casual sexy look is emphasized if the t-shirt is soft and even a little wrinkled. Ironing a t-shirt or wearing a brand new one to bed may look like the causal look was planned in advance. To make the s-shirt softer, wash it a few times before wearing it to bed. Keep it folded in a drawer and don’t worry if it has a wrinkle or two.

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