Is There A Size Between Medium And Large? Sizing Strategies

In regards to T-shirts, generally sizing runs small, medium, large and extra-large. Therefore, there is typically no size between medium and large. However, if you find that you do not perfectly fit into one or the other, you do have a number of other options to consider.

In general a medium from one manufacturer should be the same size as a medium from another manufacturer. However, in reality sizing really is different from one company to another. Some brands tend to run a little larger or a little smaller than others. So if you find that medium is too small and large is too big, you may want to try on T-shirts made by different companies. You may come across a brand which has the perfect size for you.

Another point to remember when T-shirt shopping, is that pretty much all cotton T-shirts will shrink a little with the first wash, even those that say pre-shrunk. Therefore if you find that the large is just a little too big, you may want to choose it regardless, as it will probably fit perfectly after it has been washed. This is especially true if you do not want a form-fitting shirt. In fact, if you are really want a loose-fitting T-shirt and find that medium is just perfect when you try it on, you are likely to be unhappy with the T-shirt size after it has been washed. So it may be in your best interest to purchase the next size up or look for a different brand that fits differently.

How your T-shirt fits is a very personal choice. Some people like T-shirts that are like a second skin. Others like a totally baggy look. Most people are somewhere in between and like a shirt that fits without being too tight or too loose. The way to make sure you have that perfect T-shirt is to buy one slightly larger than ideal, allowing for that expected shrinkage. Opt for a shirt that is a little longer than you’d like and shoulder seams that are just off the edge of your shoulder. By keeping these things in mind, you are sure to pick a tee that will be simply perfect for you after that first wash.

The great thing about buying T-shirts from an online retailer who specializes in custom shirts is that you can choose the brand of shirt you want that fits you exactly the way you want. If you like fitted tees you can opt for those. If you like looser fitting shirts you can order those also. You can even choose lightweight or heavyweight T-shirts, the color you want and other details. When you have picked out the tee you want you can customize it in any way you want. You no longer have to settle for a T-shirt that doesn’t say what you want because the one you really wanted wasn’t available in your size.

Get your perfect sized custom-made T-shirt today for the tee of your dreams.

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