Political T-Shirts–Tell Everyone Who You DON’T Want

Want to get your anti-message out? Use a t-shirt! Online you can find a shirt to be against any politician or issue you want.

Check out these ideas.

“Nancy Pelosi’s to do list: Raise taxes. Amnesty for illegal aliens. Civil War for Iraq. Lose the war on terror.”

“Evil Conservative.”

Be a billboard for change and bring attention to your viewpoint or just poke some fun and get people talking.

Try some of these edgy slogans on a shirt.

“Hey ACLU, Merry Christmas.”


Imagine the opportunity you get to start a debate when people come up to ask you about your shirt. For many, the most exciting part of buying custom t-shirts is the actual design process. You will not only have the ability to choose from a wide variety of shirt and ink colors, but you can also upload your own image. This allows you to get the exact t-shirt you want. And of course, the end result is quite professional, and will be something that you are proud to wear day in and day out.

Take a current design online and add contact information about your local group or cause like a website or phone number. Or design your own shirt with your own catchy slogan.

It’s easy. On most sites, you pick the artwork, graphics or photos then add text and names. Pick colors and styles. You can actually see a mock-up of the shirt while you design it. That makes it simple to see what you like and make changes before you order the shirts.

Get started with a t-shirt and get your message out there!

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