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Fun with the Girls Wearing Custom Bachelorette Party T-Shirts

Bachelorette partyPlanning a wedding is a lot of work and many brides get stressed out often during the process. A bachelorette party is the best reason to get together with your girlfriends and go crazy. Whether your group of friends likes to go to a club, hire a stripper or just enjoy a nice quiet evening talking about the past, the celebration is sure to be fun.

A really nice way to show everyone what party they are with is to wear matching t-shirts. Wearing matching shirts will let other patron’s know what you are doing and why. This may help explain the erratic behavior, or allow men that would normally be too shy to approach one of you for a dance. The bride will also be ecstatic that you were considerate enough to make her day even more special.

Designing the perfect shirt for the group is easy when you use your imagination. Simply printing words onto shirts with the bride’s wedding colors is just one idea. Each shirt can have the name of the bride’s guest and her role in the upcoming wedding. The bride can have her shirt with simply “bride” so she can show off her happiness. Of course, this shirt can also warn others not to get in her way, bridezilla’s on the loose. Other titles can include “mother of the bride” “maid of honor” or “bridesmaid“.

For a more unique shirt, you can have cuter sayings for all the entire party. “What happens with the chicks, stays with the chicks” with several little girl chickens lined up would be really cute. “Bachelorette Party” says it all or adds the year for a more personal touch. “Girl’s Night Out” or even “last fling before the ring” are some other cute and simple sayings. Another idea is to have a shirt that reads, “We’re hear for the party” with the word bachelorette inserted with an editing symbol between “the” and “party” or a “Bachelorette Support Crew“.

Perhaps you want a shirt to really say more. “Buy me a shot, she’s tying the knot” or “Buy me a beer the end is near” are fantastic for those parties at bars and clubs.  Including a graphic of cocktails or beers add a touch of spice to the your shirts. Or even a shirt that says, “”Bachelorette Party in Progress“, bridal party may be hot”. For just bridesmaids, the shirt can say “forget the bride, kiss the bridesmaid” while the bride where’s a shirt that says “property of groom” or “sorry guys I’m taken”.

Whatever you chose to do for your bachelorette party, enjoy it. Choosing matching shirts will make it really special and help everyone remember the great time years later. Have your shirts match what type of party you are planning to have whether it is a wild night out or a simple evening with the girls. This is an exciting time in your life and creating a cute shirt for your bachelorette party should be just as exciting and fun. Get started with a Wedding T-Shirt Template or Design Your Own Custom T-Shirt

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