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The Excitement of Big Brother T-Shirts

There are few things more exciting in the life of a child as when they get a new sibling. At least, it’s exciting once they learn just how exciting a new baby can be. At first the news may be met with indifference. It may even be met with fear that a parent will be too occupied with a new baby.

To get a little boy more excited about his role as a big brother, there are big brother t-shirts. There are a number of ways to interest a boy in his new baby brother or sister, or even in a younger sibling who is already there. A t-shirt is one of the simplest ways to do this. It helps the child to see how his own role is changing in the family. Getting a new baby brother isn’t just about the baby- it’s also about the older brother.

An older brother is a very special thing, and any boy who starts to understand that will be a lot more excited about an addition to the family. The big brother t-shirt can be bought before the baby is born in order to get the brother more interested in the birth. It may help him to understand that there really will be a new baby coming- that wasn’t just a bedtime story.

The t-shirt can be worn for awhile before the birth to build up some excitement for the new baby. When people see it and ask whether this is a big brother, it will remind him that life is about to change and that a new playmate is coming. Putting on the t-shirt in the morning is a time to remind the big brother about the impending arrival, and anytime he looks at it he will think about the new baby.

A big brother t-shirt is also a nice present for the big brother at the same time that the baby arrives. Most of the attention will be on the baby and even on the mother. Getting the big brother a present to help them feel special too is a good way to ease the transition. The baby will be getting a lot of attention for quite some time, but the big brother is also special in the family.

If the baby has already been born but the big brother doesn’t seem to take a lot of interest in the baby, a big brother t-shirt might do the trick. It reminds the big brother about how important he will be in the life of the new baby. The baby may be small now, but pretty soon there will be a sibling who is big enough to run and play. That sibling will look up to the big brother and want to be just like him. Some ideas for big brother t-shirts include

Big brother 1 Big brother 2 Big brother 3
I’ve been promoted to big brother Big Brother 2010 I’m the big brother
Big brother 4 Big brother 5 Big brother 6
Proud Big Brother I’m the Big Brother Train Big Bro Dinosaur

A big brother t-shirt makes the older sibling feel special, and may make him like the younger child just a little bit more. This can make for a better transition in the family and an older child who is proud of his new role.

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