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What to Wear in a Courtroom


When you arrive at court, you need to look like a person who is conservative and who is serious about the court proceedings before them. This is not a time for showing off your personal style or to try to impress others with your contempt for the proceedings. You have to remember that a courtroom is a conservative place and judges are usually conservative people. You will have to dress accordingly in order to make the best impression.

Conservative Attire

The best thing to wear is a suit. Whether you are a man or a woman, a suit projects competence and seriousness on your part. If you are wearing a suit, you are telling the judge that are taking him seriously and that you are a productive member of society. If you show up in jeans or something very casual, this lets the judge know that you are not entirely aware of how serious a place the courtroom is.

Always wear dressy shoes, no matter what else you are wearing. Never attend court in tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops or casual ankle boots to court. For women, flats or pumps are most appropriate. For men, a neutral colored dressy shoe is most appropriate. Don’t go for trendy outfits or clothing that is in poor condition.

Blue is a color that makes people feel at ease and calm. Many people wear dark blue to court because it can make them seem more trustworthy. Avoid orange which can make people feel aggressive. If you are red, it may make you seem dangerous. If you are woman, wearing pastels can make you seem more demure.


Limit your accessories to just a few simple items. If you have a lot of piercings, take them out before you arrive. Your accessories should be small and understated and not too trendy. You want to show that you care about your appearance without making yourself stand out with her fashion choices.

Another important tip is to wear items that are comfortable. If you wear clothing that feels uncomfortable or strange, you may look nervous. Look nervous in the courtroom is not what you want to project. If you are very uncomfortable in a suit, try a business casual outfit such as slacks and a blazer so that you will be more comfortable. If you’re a man, you should wear a tie even if you are wearing a business casual outfit.

Don’t wear a hat to court. Most courtrooms will allow it, and it shows a general sense of disrespect to the court. If you are wearing a coat, take it off before you see the judge. Never wear sunglasses and to the courtroom.