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How to Dress Comfortably for an Airline Flight

Want to actually enjoy your next flight, try dressing comfortably. You will not only enjoy your cross country flight a whole lot more but a nice side effect comes with the added comfort; a speedier visit through security.

So many business men these days feel like they have to be wearing a suit and tie 24-7. This simply is not the case anymore and is certainly not the way to enjoy an airline flight or even get to your airline flight in a timely manner for that matter.

If you are wearing a suit and jacket you will probably be wearing your best shoes as well. Some security check points now make you take your shoes off to be checked. Instead of wearing those laced up shoes that look great at a meeting, try wearing some slip on shoes. That way you will be able to comply much faster with security should you be asked to take off your shoes. It should also be noted that your feet tend to swell while flying so a pair of shoes that is more stretchable will ultimately save you in comfort. Remember to put on clean socks before your flight in case you need to slip off your shoes during the flight. That is not just for your comfort, but others as well.

Along with the shoes, your suit will consist of a number of items that may set off the metal detector. There is your belt or you may have a tie clip or may even have some type of cufflinks. Any and all of these can set of that dreaded “beep.” If security cannot pinpoint the beep rather quickly you are off to the side to have some strangers hands pat you down. And remember, your suit jacket will have to be scanned as well. What a hassle.

Instead try wearing a nice leisurely suit like a jogging suit that has an elastic waist band and requires no belt. If the whole jogging suit is too casual for you, just wear the pants and top it off with a nice polo style shirt. This will still give you the look of a business man, just one who wants to be comfortable. Now you will be comfy in your seat and not have to stress about anything wrinkling.

Another way to make sure you get through the security check point quicker is to have all your items like your phone, wallet and watch in a clear plastic bag ready to be scanned. Aside of those few items, everything else should be checked anyway.

If you’re concerned because you have a big meeting when you get off the flight, don’t be. Either you can change in the bathroom once you land or you could always try to schedule your meetings a little later. But if you are not having to fly in your suite you do not have to worry about the wrinkles that come with a long flight. If you are stressing, you are not relaxing and then how effective will you be in that meeting?

When you are flying you should be relaxed and calm, not anxious and stressed. By dressing in a casual way this can easily be accomplished. Just because you are a working stiff does not mean you have to be a stiff.