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What to Wear with a Fedora


It seems every time you turn on the television these days you can see a number of the stars from stage and screen wearing an infamous fedora. A fedora is a hat that is made of a felt like material and is creased down the middle and pinched on both ends in the front. The brim of the hat is somewhat flexible to create different looks and everyone from Humphrey Bogart to Indiana Jones has graced this type of hat.

Finding a fedora is as simple as going to any department store and choosing one as they come in a wide variety of colors. Knowing what to pair with your fedora with is another story. Sure you could just wear it with everything you put on, but to get a great look you can dress to compliment your fedora. Here are a few ways to do so:

The suit look: This is a classic look that began with the Blues Brothers and is still seen frequently today. To accomplish this look all you have to do is start with a black fedora and then get a black or navy blue suit and a white long sleeved button down collared shirt. Finish off the look with a black tie, black dress shoes, and of course black sunglasses and you will have the unmistakable cool look that has seen many generations.
Jeans and tank look: This look is for the ladies and is being made quite popular by the who’s who in Hollywood starlets. The look is easily mimicked and consists of a lighter colored fedora such as white and paired with black jeans and a black tank top. Strappy heels seem to be the shoes that go with this look and many of the younger women in Hollywood like skinny jeans with this look. It definitely takes a certain type to pull off skinny jeans and if they are not your thing just go a bit on the tighter side with your jeans and you will be all set.
Relaxed formal look: This is what many of the guys in Hollywood are doing these days. They begin with a black or dark gray fedora and pair it with a sort of ‘sloppy formal’ attire. To get this look you need to wear dress pants and a white button down collared shirt. Leave the collared shirt untucked and the top two buttons undone. You will want to get a neck tie but secure it loosely and over the shirt you can go for a sweater vest. In the shoe department you can either go for a pair of dress shoes or you can go for a pair of high top Converse.
Untouchables look: Back in the days of prohibition fedoras graced the heads of many of the police that raided illegal liquor taverns as they went after the likes of such criminals as Al Capone. Even the great Elliot Ness is depicted as always having on his fedora. To get the look of these Untouchables you need only wear dress pants, dress shoes, a long sleeved white collared shirt with a tie and instead of a jacket or blazer go with a long style rain coat. They typically wore tan fedoras but any color you like will fit the look just fine.

Fedoras are a timeless classic that can look great with almost anything you wear and when paired with the right clothing you too can look calm, cool, and collective.