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Roll-up sleeves

How to Roll Up Your Sleeves Guide

Roll-up sleeves

Have you ever wondered if rolling up your sleeves makes you look like a hillbilly? Is it even acceptable in a business setting? Is there a right way and a wrong way to do it? Well, as a matter of fact there is. And there are even multiple ways of doing it the right way! Rolled up sleeves are quite acceptable in most business offices, and even necessary in certain business environments where the hands are used frequently and sleeves might interfere.

We love the way rolled-up sleeves give a guy an immediate air of “I’m ready to get down to business,” as if too much suit and dress accessories could get in his way. A guy with rolled-up sleeves is the one everyone turns to when things get hectic and tense, because he’s the one that can handle it. He’s quick to act, no-nonsense and respected. If you’d like to project this air, or if you’re just one of those people that hates the feel of stiff cuffs around your wrists, here are some guidelines for looking cool while you keep your cool.

Method One:
1.    First, remove cufflinks if you are wearing them and unbutton your cuffs.
2.    Flip the cuff over, then pull it up toward the elbow, smoothing it as you go. Stop when the cuff is just above the elbow.
3.    Evenly roll the inside-out material hanging below the cuff up until it covers half of the cuff.
4.    Leave the rest of the cuff visible, so that it peeks out of the roll.

Method Two:

1.    Unbutton your cuffs and remove any cufflinks you may be wearing. If you are wearing cufflinks and prefer not to remove them, just detach them and refasten to the outside cuff before rolling up your sleeves.
2.    Fold the cuff up to the same width as the cuff.
3.    Continue folding the cuff, making sure that the folds are the same width as the first cuff fold, until your sleeve is the desired length.
4.    Be sure to smooth the fold after each roll to prevent lumps and wrinkles.
5.    This method can also be used if you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt without a cuff. Simply fold the bottom edge of the shirt up 2-3 inches, then continue with steps 3 and 4.

Method Three (The Italian Method):

Italians have a way of adding stylish panache to just about anything, including rolling up sleeves. Here is how the Italian-style method is done.
1.    Unbutton your cuffs, first removing any cufflinks you may be wearing.
2.    Flip the cuff up, then pull it up until it reaches the middle of the elbow.
3.    Fold the shirt material below the cuff up either once or twice, depending on your length preference and how thick you want the roll to be, until it reaches the top of the cuff.
4.    An Italian fold never goes past the elbow. The roll is always tight and flat, without any bulk.

How your sleeve is folded and how high above the elbow the fold goes can be as telling about you as the clothing you wear. Roll up your sleeves with style to achieve a cool, can-do look.