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How to Wear a Sari


The simplicity of a sari makes it popular to women nowadays. This kind of attire is so flexible that it can be worn in different wrap-up styles and can look formal or casual depending on the design. With so many colors and prints available, there’s a sari for every taste. The right sari fabric featuring the perfect print and color will make you the most fashionable and elegant woman at the party.

Choosing the right sari for your occasion is easy. First, think about what kind of event you’ll be attending. Is it formal, like a wedding or society party? Or more casual, like simple family gatherings or a party with friends? A sari can fit in with any party, as long as you choose one that’s appropriate. They vary from elegant drapes to simple drops, from detailed prints to simple ones. Knowing in advance how fancy your party will be will save you from the embarrassment of being underdressed or overdressed.

Choosing the design, print, and fabric for your sari is another thing. For formal and serene occasions like weddings, elegant designs are preferred. Go with warm and classic colors like beige, cream, white with touches of gold and silver. Choose a fabric that compliments your figure best. Slim women should have cotton or silk so as to enhance their curves, while curvier women will prefer chiffon or georgette fabrics.

There are two more crucial pieces you’ll need to choose carefully once you’ve picked a design and fabric type. You’ll need a petticoat and a blouse. The waist-to-floor length petticoat, which shouldn’t be visible outside the Sari, must match the color of sari as closely as possible. If you have a dark fabric sari, any dark color will do, but for lighter ones, stick to a color that’s very close to the sari’s color. The blouse should end below the bust. Look for a blouse that features a very simple design that compliments the elegant drapes your sari makes when you wear it.

Dressing in your sari starts with tucking the plain end of the fabric into the petticoat, preferably on the right side of your navel. Make sure that the whole fabric is gathered on your left side and that the lower end of the fabric is touching the floor. Then wrap it around again enveloping your body from right to left. Starting at the tucked-in end, make equally graceful pleats (the number of pleats depends on the style you want) and tuck them into the petticoat, at the waist, directly opposite the other tucked end.

After that, raise the remaining fabric up under your right arm and over your left shoulder. This way, the level of the safari is at knee-length already. Lastly, you can prevent the pallu, or the loose end of the sari that’s hanging over your left shoulder, from slipping off by fixing it to the blouse with a well-hidden safety pin or two.

Use your imagination to create other wrap-up styles. The possibilities are endless – but make sure you take pictures so you can recreate a winning wrap again. Have fun and be beautiful with your own sari!