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How to Celebrate Anti Valentine’s Day

Happy Anti Valentine’s Day!

Let’s face it. Not everyone is in love or part of a twosome, couple, better half or long- term relationship. While Valentine’s Day is for lovers, a growing trend in recent years has been for singles and those otherwise ‘unattached’ to literally boycott Valentine’s Day. All done in good fun, the fad seems to be taking not only the United States, but also the world, by storm.

Every February 14th, lovers and couples around the United States enjoy receiving and giving cards that gush romantic poems, flowers and candy, stuffed animals and any other treats and goodies that millions of Americans purchase every year. However, doing so leaves singles out of the day’s festivities. Recently, typical American wit and subtle and humorous sarcasm entered the mix. Greeting cards that glorify singleness are hitting the card shelves, and one of America’s largest greeting card manufacturers, American Greetings, has added nearly a dozen ‘Anti Valentine’s Day’ cards to their lineup. Whether attached or not, men and women of all ages want to be able to participate in the traditional holiday, but are, depending on how you look at it, fortunate or unfortunate not to have someone to celebrate the day of couples with.

Greeting card companies are also leaning toward providing picky Americans with less sentimental cards meant only for lovers and couples, adding cards which are more suited to close friends rather than soul mates. Hallmark Cards, another leading manufacturer of greeting cards, has offered humorous Valentine’s Day offerings for years and believes the trend toward more subtle Valentine wishes is due largely to the types of television shows aired today. Today’s couples and almost-couples are leaning away from traditional, syrupy offerings and go for humor and generic, friendship-geared cards.

Valentine’s Day is an important day for florists, candy and greeting card companies. It’s a day when money is exchanged in bulk. Companies have spent decades building many holidays to their benefits, which is natural and to be expected, but you can bet that they are watching the trend toward celebrating individuality and singleness rather than just focusing their attentions on couples. Young people are a major portion of Valentine’s Day marketing endeavors, and 21st century lovers are not what they used to be in the 19th century. Every year, greeting card companies sell nearly 200 million Valentine’s cards alone, and while some of those are the cards purchased by school children, the vast majority is not. Even American Greetings Card Company states that their biggest sellers are cynical humor offerings, which seem to appeal to the younger crowd.

Many Americans are protesting the consumerism that is involved in so many holiday festivities and customs, and for them, Anti Valentine’s Day is a day to protest such a rampant trend. They refuse to purchase due to peer pressure and expectations and do their own thing instead. They utilize popular online card company offerings to save paper, or purchase cards from local artists, shunning the huge card conglomerates.

A disturbing trend? Perhaps. However, Americans have always enjoyed testing boundaries and customs, and perhaps Valentine’s Day is no different. Why not mix up the rule? Is there any law against change? What started off as a joke for some unattached men and women in America has become a new trend in marketing holiday traditions. While February 14th will always be a day for lovers, the future also sees it as being a day that celebrates singles and friends and relationships that are not quite at the level of making that everlasting commitment. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your better half or alone, take heart in the fact that America, and Americans around the country, will be celebrating with you.

What Is Singles’ Awareness Day

Celebrating Singles’ Awareness Day

Not everyone is, or wants to be, married or part of a couple, duo or partnership when it comes to the men and women in their lives. As a direct response to the overwhelming promotion and marketing campaigns that occur every February 14th on Valentine’s Day, a new holiday has made its presence known throughout America. Welcome, Singles’ Awareness Day! Celebrated on February 15th, this day is just for singles!

The overriding goal and mission of Singles’ Awareness Day is for people everywhere to celebrate their ‘singledom’ without feeling guilty about it. Parties, get-togethers and special events designed and enjoyed by single people is the focus of this growing trend in American culture, one that places no expectations on anyone to find a soul mate when they would rather be single. For thousands of years, mankind has placed expectations on men and women to find a mate, marry and procreate by the time they’re in their mid-twenties, at the risk of being labeled and words like bachelor and spinster were whispered behind closed doors and matchmaking couples considered it a personal failure if they couldn’t find a match for the unwed men and women in their community.

Today, such expectations are ignored. The glory of being single is celebrated and envied as never before. Developed by single people who have grown tired of being left out of events that typically expect couples to partake, Singles’ Awareness Day is a chance for all those unattached men and women to party hearty. Whether you are looking for a mate or one who likes to be single, such events take the pressure off relationships and lovers and focus on what’s more important… you!

While Singles’ Awareness Day used to be known as SAD, such is no longer the case. Singles today revel in their independence and continue to send flowers and candy and cards to other singles, while at the same time enjoying personal and financial independence. The day has become popular, not only around the United States, but around the world as well, and is celebrated in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and all over Europe. In parts of Asia, Singles’ Awareness Day has grown into a protest against extreme and public displays of affection between couples, which many people around the world also commiserate with.  In some locations around the world, the day is also known as Black Day or Quirky Alone Day. All meant in good, clean fun, Singles’ Awareness Day is meant to celebrate a day for those not involved in a romantic relationship. The reasons for any given gathering can range from commiserating on singledom to glorifying in it, depending on your point of view.

An overwhelming sense of humor is behind the driving focus of Singles’ Awareness Day, and provides participants with plenty of laughter and communal support and friendship for those who wish to participate. Regardless of race, language and beliefs, unattached men and women around the United States now have a day to celebrate, or commiserate, their state of un-attachment on this special day. Whether or not Singles’ Awareness Day will ever become a nationally recognized holiday or not is knowledge that only the future will bring.

Until then, millions of Americans can celebrate a day especially designed for them, to recognize the fact that it’s all right not to belong in a relationship. The pressure is off on Single’ Awareness Day, and now offers a day when men and women of all ages can enjoy their freedom and independence as they were meant to, without being pressured by card, floral and candy companies. So whether you’re unattached due to preference or fate, February 15th is your day.