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How To Remove Tomato Stains From Your T-Shirt

Stains are one of the most annoying things to deal with when it comes to T-shirt care. Often we find that a perfectly nice white or light colored T-shirt can be ruined by things like tomato stains. So many different dishes are tomato based and therefore it is a very common stain. Luckily T-shirts can usually withstand heavy duty stain fighting, so you can get rid of almost any stain, even the pesky tomato stain.

First and foremost, try to treat the stain as soon as it happens or as soon as possible after you notice it. Remove any excess tomato on your tee by scooping it off with a spoon or gently scraping it with a knife.  Flush the area with cold water from the back of the stain to force as much of it out of the fabric as possible. Timeliness in getting started on removing the stain is the biggest factor in how successful you will be with stain removal.

When as much of the stain is out as possible, it is time to get serious. You should apply liquid laundry detergent to the stain and gently work it in from the outside inward. If you have a T-shirt that can be safely bleached you can add a touch of bleach to the stain also. If you want to avoid using something this harsh, applying lemon juice, white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to the stain can also have a bleaching effect. Continue rubbing the stain alternating the use of laundry detergent with the bleach until the stain is gone. Rinse the T-shirt well and check it in good light to make sure all traces of the tomato stain are truly gone. Apply a commercially produced stain treatment and let sit for 5 minutes, before laundering as usual.

After your T-shirt is washed double check it to be sure that the stain is out. Once it dries in the dryer, it is most likely set for life. Therefore it is important to check clothing as it comes out of the washer to minimize the possibility of permanent stains. If you catch it before it hits the dryer and the stain is still visible treat it by rubbing more laundry detergent into the stain and soaking it in warm water for no less than a half-hour.  Rinse, then apply stain remover and wash your T-shirt in the washing machine again.

If after all these steps, you find that you are left with a stained T-shirt, you do have options. Have a new T-shirt custom-made to replace the one you have stained. You can recreate your old T-shirt exactly by having one customized to your own design. You can opt for a more tomato-friendly color like black. You can also make fun of tomato stains, by having a tee made that says “Official Tomato Eating T-shirt” or Official Spaghetti Shirt”. By doing so you can get away with any tomato stains that may come your way.

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Why Does My T-Shirt Have Discoloration?

Don’t you just hate it when you go out and get the absolutely perfect T-shirt and after the first time you wash it, you pull it out to wear it again and you are struck by the discoloration of your new T-shirt! It just isn’t right. T-shirts are not meant to be something that you wear just one time. They should endure numerous wearings and still look good. So what is behind those mysterious discolorations? Surprisingly, it could be any of a number of things.

T-shirt discoloration can easily result from spills and stains that occurred while you were wearing the T-shirt. Unfortunately stains can set in and become hard to remove if you do not treat them promptly. Sometimes we don’t even see the stain until it has gone through the wash and dry cycle. That dry cycle is hard on stains as the heat tends to set them and make them very hard to get rid of. The trick to avoiding discoloration of your favorite T-shirt is to check it carefully for stains before laundering, so they can be treated properly. If you notice a stain on your T- shirt, treat it immediately in order to avoid it becoming permanent. Before putting it in the dryer, make sure the stain is completely gone. If not, treat it again and re-wash it.

T-shirt discoloration may also be a result of bad dyes used in the dying process of the yarn or a sub-standard technique used while coloring the textile. Major fading often occurs on very cheap products. If they have not been dyed properly using quality products, you run the risk of the color bleeding, running or fading fast. It will only get worse with every wash. Adding table salt to your very first wash of a new item of clothing will help to set the dye in it. This will reduce color fading and help you keep your clothes looking newer and more vivid longer.

If you have a T-shirt that suffers from discoloration, it may be time to invest in a new one. If you want to make sure that you never have to contend with such issues again, the key is to make sure you purchase quality T-shirts. By buying only custom-made T-shirts, you will ensure top quality products that do as you expect them to. You can also choose the absolute perfect color and style to coordinate with the other clothes in your closet. You can even personalize the T-shirt in any way you’d like. Some of the great things people do with customized T-shirts include:
•    state their beliefs
•    show their support of a particular cause
•    brag about someone or something they are proud of
•    flaunt their hobbies
•    show they belong to a group
•    make a joke about their profession or spouse
•    tell about accomplishments
•    commemorate special events and much more.

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How Can I Remove Grass Stains From My T-Shirt

Removing stains from T-shirts or any item of clothing can be challenging. Pesky stains can easily ruin your favorite clothing and unfortunately they happen so easily. Often times you are enjoying yourself or even just doing day to day things and look down to see a stain on your shirt. Luckily with a little work and some knowledge on your side, you can get just about any stain out of your T-shirts, even grass stains.

The particular challenge involved with getting grass stains out of any clothing is that typically these types of stains are ground in. It’s actually pretty hard to find grass stains that are not ground in. So no matter which pre-treatment you choose to use on your grass stain, be sure to work it in gently by rubbing it a little with a cloth or a soft toothbrush, so you get the entire stain.

Since grass is a protein-based stain, you will need to treat it with an enzyme-based pre-treatment and laundry detergent. Rub the pre-treatment into the stain and let it sit, so it can start to work. Once you put the tee in the washer with the detergent, let it agitate for a minute or so and then turn off the washer and let the T-shirt soak in the soapy water for a little while. When the shirt is finished washing, check carefully to make sure the stain is gone before putting it in the dryer, because the heat from it will set the stain.

If after this initial treatment you still have a grass stain on your T-shirt, there are other things you can do. By applying rubbing alcohol to the grass stain with a sponge, you should be able to lift much of the remaining stain out and then re-launder as usual. You can also use chlorine bleach or color-safe bleach on the stain to get it out, depending on the care instructions for your T-shirt. Remember the key to successfully removing grass stains or any stain is to get to them as soon as possible.

If you still have a grass stain after all this hard work, you might just want to throw in the towel and use your stained T-shirt for puttering around in the garden. If it’s one of those shirts you just love, you can have it recreated by ordered a custom-made T-shirt. By doing so, you can choose the color, style, design and text that you want for the absolute perfect tee. If you have frequent grass stain problems, you might even want to have a grass stain T-shirt made so you don’t have to worry about getting such stains out.  You can have a fun line of text like one of the ones below added to a T-shirt to create such a useful shirt.

•    Official grass stain shirt
•    I got these stains playing soccer
•    Don’t ask about the grass stains on my shirt
•    I don’t do stain treatments
•    Grass stains are cool

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How Do You Remove Sunblock From A T-Shirt

Sunblock stains on T-shirts are common summertime laundry problems and they can be difficult to deal with. Often sunblock stains do not even show up right away, but may turn up as yellow or orange stains with time. If you are on top of sunblock stains, watch for them and know what to do about them, you can keep your favorite T-shirts looking great.

The best way to prevent stains is to carefully wash T-shirts in an enzyme-based detergent if they have been in contact with sunblock. Be sure to check the tee before putting it in the dryer, as heat will aid in setting the stain, making it even harder to get rid of. If you find that a T-shirt has made it through the washer and has a sunblock stain on it, you need to pre-treat it, let is soak and then rewash it.

Since sunblock is an oil-based product and is often waterproof, care must be taken in removing such stains from a T-shirt or your shirt may be permanently stained. Treat your T-shirt as you would for any item of clothing that came into contact with a greasy mess. You can use dish detergent that has grease-fighting properties as a pre-treatment. You can also apply a protein-based stain treatment that is good at dealing with oily stains. If the laundry detergent you use is protein-based, you can also pre-treat with it. After applying the pre-treatment, let it sit for at least a half hour, although overnight is best. Rub it in gently to make sure it gets into the fibers of the clothes. Then wash the T-shirt in the hottest water that is safe for it.

If you do get to the point of seeing those unsightly yellowish stains appear on your T-shirt, there is still hope. Bleach and vinegar are often helpful with small or light colored stains. For bigger or darker ones, there are bathroom cleaners on the market that advertise that they remove rust and hard water stains. You may use those in your laundry to remove those impossible sunblock stains that nothing else will work for. Just be sure to not mix those cleaners with other detergents or bleach. Wash once with the bathroom cleaners and then a second time with laundry detergent for the clean scent and soft feel.

A great solution to sunblock stains is to opt for T-shirts that are darker in color and will not show the discoloration from such stains. You can also try to prevent the stains by putting on your T-shirt only after your sunblock has dried. You can also try having a little fun with the idea of sunblock stains and having a T-shirt custom-printed with something like:
•    Official Sunblock Stain T-shirt
•    Yes, I wear sunblock. See the stains!
•    My sunblock did this (arrows pointing to collar and sleeves)

If your favorite T-shirt gets ruined by sunblock, don’t despair. Thanks to custom-made T-shirts, you can now recreate your favorite T-shirt exactly. In fact, you can even get a couple of them in case it happens again.

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