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How To Choose The Best Bra For Your T-Shirt

T-shirts are one of the easiest and most fun things to wear. They are versatile enough to take you from very casual situations to more dressy occasions when a part of the right outfit. It may seem that wearing a T-shirt is as simple as pulling it over your head and going. However, there is one thing for women to think about before they put on a tee, and that is the type of bra to wear under your shirt.

There are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing the best bra to wear with your T-shirt.

•    Cup Texture: It is very important to choose a bra with a smooth cup in order to create a sleek, elegant line. This means no bras made of lace, which can be bumpy and create unusual looking ridges under your T-shirt. You should also avoid bras that have seams running across the front as they interrupt a T-shirt’s ideally smooth appearance. A smooth natural looking cup emphasizes your breasts, while bumps from a bra distract.

•    Support: This would seem to be an obvious point for choosing a bra, however it still needs to be reiterated, because there are lots of people out there who simply do not get the support they need. A bra that has insufficient support will not produce the sexy silhouette you are looking for in a T-shirt. Therefore when you go bra shopping, wear a T-shirt. With every bra you try on, pull your tee back on and turn sideways to look in the mirror. If you are not as perky as you want to be, that one will go in the reject pile. Continue trying bras till you find one with the desired effect.

•    Color of the Bra: It is important to choose a bra in an appropriate color for the T-shirt. One that matches the T-shirt in color is always a safe bet. Choosing a skin color bra is also a good option. This works particularly well for thinner T-shirts and ones that are somewhat transparent. If you have a T-shirt that shows off a great amount of décolletage and occasionally a bra strap, opt for a bra that matches the tee.

Can a Girl Wear a T-shirt Without a Bra?

Looking great in whatever a woman chooses to wear is something that many women stress over. Even a simple t-shirt and jeans combo can cause worry about the appearance. One of the worries is how the woman’s chest will appear in the shirt. Is a bra needed? Will it show under the shirt? The stress can make you go mad! So is it okay for a girl to wear a t-shirt without a bra?

The answer to that question is a resounding…maybe. There are several factors to consider when deciding if it is appropriate to wear the shirt without a bra. One of those factors is color. The color of the shirt should influence your decision. If the shirt is light in color a bra is almost certainly needed. It isn’t appropriate to wear a shirt in public for all around to see your girlish assets more than necessary. If you can see through the shirt then you need to wear a bra.

Another factor to consider is the fabric weight. If it is a thin fabric that leaves little to the imagination then wear a bra please. This simple act of putting on a bra will be appreciated by those around you as it will be much more comfortable for everyone. If the shirt is a heavier fabric that blocks most of an unsupported chest then you may be able to get away with not wearing a bra. Without a bra you will not be fully supported, but as long as others can’t “see” too much then you should be okay. Making others uncomfortable may cause you to be uncomfortable as well. You may also hear unwanted comments about it if you aren’t careful to keep your body properly hidden.

Going without a bra is also a matter of comfort. If you are comfortable without a bra in public then go for it. Just be considerate of what your t-shirt looks like without the bra so you don’t embarrass yourself or others by exposing too much. As long as you can’t be seen too much through the shirt and you don’t mind going bra-less then enjoy. Just be aware of the consequences if you choose to be without a bra. Consider what will happen if you get wet or too cold before you step out into the world.

Wearing a t-shirt shouldn’t be as complicated as it truly is. Deciding what will be comfortable as well as appropriate can cause stress and confusion for some women. Taking  a little time to decide what you want from our clothing and what will make you comfortable in any given situation will make you decision a little easier for the next time you have to make the choice. The most important factor is your comfort and confidence in your choice. After you have made your decision feel confident and self assured with it. If you want to listen to listen to the opinions of others you can, but don’t feel you have to. Just enjoy your clothes and be comfortable in them.

Is it Fashionable to Wear a Black Bra and White T-Shirt?

What is in fashion always depends on whom you ask. It changes from one time to another, place to place and even one age to another. Many newspaper columnists and entire magazines are devoted to determining what is in and what is not. While there are many similarities between what two different fashionistas say is hot for one season, many other things are different.

Wearing a black bra with a white T-shirt definitely makes a statement. It shows a little devil-may-care type of attitude. It tells others that you don’t like to follow rules and that you think outside the box. It says that you are an independent kind of person who takes the path that is less traveled. This look also tells that you are relaxed and laid back. A white T-shirt that has a black bra underneath is definitely a casual kind of look and not one for the office.

Many people will say that it is a fashion faux pas to wear a black bra under a white T-shirt and for those people, there is no convincing them otherwise. Many people feel that the most acceptable type of undergarment is the one that cannot be seen. It simply does its job without calling attention to itself. In the case of the white T-shirt that would mean either a white bra or a nude colored one are the bra colors of choice. However, even with these 2 options there is still debate. Some people feel that the white under white works best, while others feel that the best choice is a nude one, as it is the least noticeable.

Whether you are for the black bra-white T-shirt combination or against it, there are guidelines to keep in mind. The absolute best bra, regardless of color, to wear under a T-shirt is a seamless smooth cup bra, that is a solid color. Stay away from lace or bras with designs on them as it will take away from the clean line of the T-shirt. Be sure to choose a bra that is not see through, especially if the T-shirt is white. You’ll be getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

No matter what your feelings about bra color under white T-shirts, there is nothing more adaptable than the addition of white T-shirts to your wardrobe. They go with practically everything. You can have plain ones for those dressy occasions or printed ones for everyday. There are so many fun things to have printed on a custom-made white T-shirt, that you can have one for every day of the week, every season and every mood. They cam be to show off something you are proud of, make a statement about something you feel strongly about or just simply for fun. You can get sexy white T-shirts, large white T-shirts to sleep in or casual white tees.

Order your custom-made white T-shirt today and show off your fashion sense, with a black bra, a white bra or no bra underneath!