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Should I Wear A V-Neck OR Crew Neck Undershirt?


Men often wear an undershirt as a part of their everyday outfits. Some of them opt for undershirts for comfort, warmth or to hide a hairy chest. Others simply like the look and feel of a tee under a button down shirt or a sweater. However, the question of whether or not to wear a V-neck or a crew neck undershirt is a common concern.

The standard undershirt is a crew neck and is the first choice for most men. It provides a classic look that is unmistakable. The hunks throughout history that made undershirts cool did not do it with a V-neck but with a simple white crew neck tee. The look of the crew neck collar under a sweater or button down shirt makes for a wholesome touch.

On the other hand, a V-neck undershirt adds a touch of style. It is a little something out of the ordinary for an otherwise very ordinary piece of clothing. As long as the V-neck depth is very shallow and only a touch or less of chest hair peeks out, a V-neck undershirt is a decent option for most men. Typically however, V-necks tend to be worn more by men who are on the cutting edge of fashion than the regular everyday guy.

Another reason to wear a V-neck undershirt is if you want to avoid showing an undershirt collar beneath your button down or sweater. The V-neck works with the neckline of many other shirts in order to allow you to make it less obvious that you are wearing an undershirt. If you have a tendency to leave your button down open at the neck, a V-neck is a good choice.

For women, an undershirt is more often a more delicate garment termed a camisole. However, there are many ensembles that women wear using T-shirts as undershirts also. Again the choice of crew neck or V-neck depends on the top being worn over it. If you are wearing an undershirt with a suit or jacket, a V-neck tee gives a more stylish look to the outfit. A crew neck undershirt is a more conservative look for a woman.

If you are wearing an undershirt simply for layering purposes, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for a V-neck or a crew neck. However, matching necks tend to look a little better when layered over each other.