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What to Wear to an Audition


The way you dress for an audition says a lot about you as a performer.  It’s important to create a specific plan for exactly what you want to wear in order to project yourself in the right light. You want to create a favorable first impression of you that paints you as a responsible person who will dedicate yourself to a role as well as someone who can relate well to the character.


Many people choose to wear simple, black outfits to their auditions. This is a sort of blank slate that shows you as you are and how you can be molded into the character. A simple outfit that doesn’t call much attention to you can show that you are adaptable and can change to look more like a character. To do this, a simple pair of black pants and a black t-shirt is perfect. Make sure they are in very good condition, are ironed or pressed and have no stains.

Character Dressing

Another school of thought is to dress in a way that is suggestive of the character. To do this, you don’t want to put on a costume per se. What you want to do instead is to wear things that suggest that you have a lot in common with the character. For instance, if the audition was for cowboy, don’t show up in spurs and a 10 gallon hat. Instead, perhaps wear cowboy boots with jeans and a leather jacket. You might also style your hair in the way the character will. This may be particularly important if you are auditioning for. You might wear modern clothing abut style your hair as they would have during the time period.

If you believe that a costume might be in order, you might pack one and bring it with you in a duffel bag. The costume will then be there in case casting seems reluctant to consider you in the role. You can then change into the costume and perhaps have a better chance of succeeding.


In most cases, you want to project an air of confidence in your own abilities to play the character. To do this, it’s important to stay comfortable. If you’re wear clothing that is very uncomfortable, it may be distracting to you and they make you nervous. Instead, find clothing that will work but that will still be comfortable. This may take planning for a week ahead of time, but it’s worth it to look calm, assured and dressed well during your audition.

You also want to feel attractive during your audition. If you feel attractive, you will make others believe you are. Most of being attractive is just projecting your own confidence in yourself. Try on your chosen outfit to make sure that you feel attractive than it. If not, choose something else. You will be in and audition to advertise yourself. If you don’t feel attractive and confident, you will not advertising yourself in your best light. You must believe in what you are advertising to be able to sell it to someone else.