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What to Wear with Wedges


Wedges are an extremely popular shoe style, but not everyone knows just what makes a wedge a true wedge. Before you go shopping for one of this season’s hot shoe trends, let’s do a bit of research. On most shoes, the heel of the shoe extends from the heel of the foot to the ground. Wedges are designed differently. A wedge heel extends under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the middle or front, and provides total foot support.

Wedges can vary in height. Many are high-heeled, giving them the familiar triangular “wedge” shape. When the front of a wedge is also elevated, it is called a “platform wedge.” High heeled wedges tend to be easier to walk in than stiletto heels while still offering lots of height to those who are vertically challenged! Not all wedges are high heels, however. It’s the shape and length of the heel that determines if a shoe is a wedge or not. This shoe style is wonderfully versatile and comes in a rainbow of designs and heights, making it adaptable to most any outfit, from dressy to casual.

Wedges add instant cosmopolitan flair, so be sure you’re ready to up your fashion quotient before slipping on a pair. They work best with certain outfits, depending on the look you’re going for.

Jeans. Wedges add a cute, fresh look to jeans. If you want to go casual with your favorite jeans and a tee or tank, try a pair of canvas wedges. They’ll not only be a great alternative to sneakers, high heeled wedges will add instant length to your legs. And for the best of both worlds, try a pair of sneaker wedges! For a dressier ensemble, wear your jeans with a pretty silk top (or other flowing fabric), then add coordinating wedges in leather or with embellishments. Because their unique design gives wedges a very sophisticated and sexy edge, they are a great choice for a night out on the town.

Skirts. Wedges are a perfect complement to skirts because they offer a more casual look than the traditional high heel. For a balanced look, wear wedges with a flowing skirt rather than a tight pencil skirt. Because of their size, wedges tend to make your feet look clunky when paired with slim skirts, so definitely stick with a loosely fitting skirt. There are wedge styles with straps that wrap up the leg, adding even more interest and sex appeal to an outfit.

Pants and capris. Pants and capri pants go nicely with wedges. But remember what we discussed when wearing skirts with wedges: wedges add visual weight to the foot area, so go with a wide-legged pant or capri to pull this look off. Don’t pair wedges with tight pants or capris or they’ll end up making you look like you’re standing on concrete blocks.

If you’re dressing for a formal event, wedges probably are not the best shoe choice. They tend to send out a fun, flirty casual vibe. In these cases, a stiletto heel would be the better match for your gown or party dress.


What to Wear with a Corset


Back in the old days women wore corsets under their clothing in an effort to shape their torsos in a way that was becoming of the time. These days women still like to shape their torsos with a corset but they are no longer trying to hide the fact that they are wearing the garment and instead are wearing corsets as an outer wear piece as opposed to an underwear piece.

Corsets can be worn in a number of different ways and paired with many different looks to create certain styles. Here are some ways you can wear your corset:

•    With jeans: A great look with a corset is a great looking pair of jeans. Because the corset is tight the jeans too should be tight. With this look you can go totally risqué and wear jeans and the corset only or you can go with a long sleeved undershirt that is open at the neck line and wear the corset over top of that. If you wear a standalone corset you will obviously get one that covers your breasts but if you wear a shirt underneath then you will want to opt for the type of corset that goes just below the bust line. Finish off the look with a strappy style heel.
•    With dresses: This look is being made popular by a number of Hollywood starlets on the red carpet. A nice form fitting dress that puffs out at the bottom is what you will start with and then finish it off with a corset over top. The corset will be the type that goes just below the bust line and it should contain a contrasting color in relation to the dress. Your shoes should be heels and should complement the dress you wear.
•    With tights: Another popular and easy look to pull off with a corset is the tights look. Start with a pair of black tights and then get a short sleeved white t-shirt that is longer than normal and that will hang off of one shoulder. Then wear a black corset that comes just under the bust line and complete this sassy look with a pair of black heels.
•    With a jacket: This look requires jeans to start off with that are usually a darker color. Next you will wear a standalone corset that will cover your breasts. The corset can be any color you like, but a brighter color such as red will draw more attention to the fact that you have it on. Finally wear a blazer style jacket or even a leather jacket and the look is complete. High heels go perfect with this look.
•    Pencil skirts: Wearing a pencil skirt and a matching stand alone corset makes for a great slimming look. The corset can have some simple designs to it such as vertical stripes if you like or you can opt for a solid color. This style is complimented well with a pair of matching pump-style heels.

Corsets are not just for making women look slim anymore. They are now in the mainstream of fashion and make a statement of confidence and sexiness all at the same time.


What to Wear with Pearls


There was a time in history when wearing a string of pearls meant that you were on the more affluent side of the tracks. Back in the twentieth century it was only older, well established women that were seem wearing pearls. Basically back then if you were not born into money, then pearls were something that had to be earned at a later point in woman’s life. Now with the advent of many different priced pearls, this is no longer the case, but many people still associate pearls with the’ rich and stuffy’ class and don’t give them a second thought when it comes to fashion. But pearls can make for a modern look if they are properly paired with some of today’s fun fashions.

Many feel that you can only wear your peals in a formal situation. While this is indeed true, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little risky and wear your pearls to a more casual setting. It is all in how you wear your pearls. Here are some ways that you too can dress up or down in your pearls:

•    Formal: Pearls are synonymous for going with black-tie affair fashion. When you break out that little black dress there is no other accessory that will make it look better that a nice string of pearls. But instead of over dressing yourself in other jewelry, try wearing just pearls. A great pairing with formal wear is a pearl necklace, simple pearl earrings, and a pearl ring. This will give you a different look form the gold that usually litters the little black dresses at formal events.
•    Casual: Just as you can wear your pearls with formal wear, you can also wear them with casual wear. A nice pair of jeans and a casual blouse will actually be just fine to wear your pearls with. To detract from the fact that you are wearing pearls and to bring the tone of the pearls down just a bit, try layering several pearl necklaces with other more conventional necklaces such as different bead necklaces or gold necklaces. Go with different styles and lengths for an ultra chic look, just be sure that you don’t go too heavy on the bling or you may be mistaken for a rapper.
•    Mix up the colors: Pearls are generally associated with black only but the fact is that pearls can go with a number of different colors. While you will want to avoid pastels and fluorescent colors as the pearls will get lost in them, there is nothing wrong with many other colors in the color spectrum. Colors such as violet, sunshine yellow, and canary red really bring life to a nice string of pearls. Have fun here and mix and match to come up with different combinations that will look great on you.

Every woman should have pearls. Pearls offer a wider variety of fashion choices then you might think and when paired with the proper fashion, you can look great in pearls no matter how fancy or laid back you want to be.


What to Wear with Camo


When you think about camo your mind probably wonders to the military and hunters. But camouflage is actually a quite versatile style that can be worn with a number of fashions that will have you coming off looking great.

Of course it all depends what it is you are wearing that is camo. You will obviously wear different garments with short, pants, and shirts that are sporting the camouflage pattern. Here is how you can tackle the camouflage look no matter what kind of camo garment you are wearing:

•    Camo shirts: If you are fond of wearing camo shirts them you need to get yourself some cargo pants. Cargo pants complement the look of a camo shirt very nicely and you can go with a couple of different colors too. Black will probably look the best but if that is not your style you can also go with a darker color green. Another option for camo shirts is a nice pair of blue jeans. Really the jeans can be any dark color you like and as long as you don’t go too light in the color you should be alright.
•    Camo shorts: Camo shorts are being seen more and more these days and they too can be paired with a couple of different things. A black short sleeved t-shirt will look great with camo shorts and if you want to you can even wear a Polo style black collared shirt. If you are simply looking for an ultra-casual look you can always go with a black tank top.
•    Camo pants: Camo pants look good with a black or other dark colored t-shirt or a black or other dark colored long sleeved shirt. Camo pants tend to be a bit on the baggy side so stay away from shirts that have collars as they look a little too dressy for the camo pants. You should also stay away from button down shirts as typically you will be leaving your shirts untucked when wearing camo pants.
•    Shoes: The type of shoes you will want to go with will depend on what it is you are wearing that is camo. With camo shirts you can wear work boots if you are wearing longer pants. If you are wearing camo shorts, you can get away with a darker color sneaker or even flip-flops if you are simply going casual. Camo pants are paired perfect with work boots or black combat boots.
•    Hats: If you are wearing camo pants or shorts you can cover your head with a camo hat as well. However, if you are wearing a camo shirt, then you will want to avoid a camo hat and just go with a dark colored hat as the hat and the shirt being camo will not be offset by anything the way a solid dark shirt will offset camo pants and a camo hat.

When all else fails dress up in everything camouflage, but be aware that you will then look like a hunter or a soldier.


What to Wear with Argyle


With the popularity of such shows as Gossip Girl, it seems that argyle is making a comeback, and why not? Argyle is a very versatile pattern that can be worn in a preppy manner but can also be worn in a casual manner. Because of this fact, more and more people are finding the look to their liking. Knowing what to wear with argyle really depends on what the occasion is and what type of argyle garment you are wearing.

Argyle patterns can be found on a number of garments these days, but the two most popular remain the sweater and socks. Here are a few ways to pair you argyle garments and look great doing so:


•    Jeans: Though you may not think so you can pair an argyle sweater with a nice slim cut pair of jeans. You will want form fitting, but you don’t want to have the jeans fitting too loose. This will give the illusion of a casual-prep. To compliment the jeans you will want to wear low cut ankle boots and some light accessories. Scarves work great with this look and a tote of some kind also fits the bill.
•    Dress pants: A nice pair of dress pants and an argyle sweater makes for the perfect preppy look. You can compliment this look with a dressy pair of shoes and by doing so you will have a great look for a professional work environment.
•    Sweater vest: You can re-define the preppy look by wearing an argyle sweater vest over a long sleeved white shirt. This can be paired with either jeans or pants depending on where you are going.
•    Skirts: This look has just recently gained popularity. Finding a really cute skirt to pair with your argyle sweater gives the young and fun look. Wearing this outfit with a pair of baby-doll heels completes the look of this fun fashion. The skirt should be a darker solid color like black to work right.


•    Golf: Nothing shows the tradition of golf like a great pair of argyle socks. Wear these with what are known as knickers and you will look like the golfers of yesteryear.
•    Leggings: This look was made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker in the show Sex and the City. To pull off this look wear a pair of thigh high argyle leggings with a short black skirt. Any fun top will do and you can finish off the look with a longer style rain coat that is a darker color.
•    Kilts: Ok, maybe you are not going to be wearing a kilt anytime soon, but if you are you can complete the highlander look with calf high argyle socks. Finish off the look with decorative pins that are attached to the top of the socks.

While argyle may be a funny name and a distinctive look, that look is not only back, but it is here to stay. Pairing your argyle fashions with the appropriate garments may have you looking and feeling a bit more preppy than usual.

White jeans

What to Wear with White Jeans

White jeans

While most people are afraid of white jeans (think ketchup dripping off a burger at that summer barbeque or a Starbuck’s cappuccino that attacks you in the car), this look adds infinite possibilities to your wardrobe. Nothing says spring and summer better than a great pair of white jeans paired with a breezy top. And when you pair white jeans with the right top, shoes and stylish accessories, you can even slip them on year-round.

If you enjoy wearing denim, adding white jeans to your wardrobe is an absolute must. Any outfit will look fresh and contemporary anchored by them, which is the look you’re going for in summer wear. Don’t believe the myth that you have to be super skinny to wear white jeans either. As with any pair of jeans, the factors that will determine how you look are fit and fabric. Find a pair that fits you correctly, and you’ve added tons of versatility to your wardrobe.

Seven for All Mankind’s Ginger jean is a sophisticated pair that hugs in the right places and loosens at the leg, making it a good choice for both thin and curvy silhouettes.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Cigarette Leg Jeans are another white jean style with great versatility. The lean look balances out longer tops, and flat shoes won’t get lost underneath its narrow leg openings.

Here are few ideas for items you can pair with a great pair of white jeans to create head-turning looks.
•    A flowing, Bohemian-style top is the perfect compliment to white jeans. Add sandals for a modern summer look that can easily go from casual to evening.
•    Like the Bohemian shirt, tunics are also great to wear with white jeans. A long, loose tunic will cover the butt and help the legs look longer and leaner. Balance the longer layers with a long necklace or a few strands of beads.
•    For a stunning monochromatic look, pair a white t-shirt with white jeans. Metallic accessories and shoes will really stand out against this look.
•    With black and white gaining popularity again, wear white jeans paired with a black sweater and black shoes. This look can easily be dressed down for out-and-about wear, and strappy heels with take the look into the evening.
•    Pair a simple tee or tank with a linen blazer and white jeans for a classic summery look.
•    For a leaner look, don’t wear a belt with white jeans. A belt that’s any color other than white will divide your body horizontally and make you appear shorter.

Finally, before you leave the house, check your butt to make sure there aren’t panty lines or shadows to mar your look from behind. Denim is a heavy fabric, but the wrong pair of undies can wreak havoc with a lighter weight pair. Stick with white undergarments when you’re sporting white jeans. You might also consider buying jeans with a lining, although these are less common than those without.