What Does Fabric Softener Do To A T-Shirt?

Fabric softener has been around for about 100 years and is a very popular product in many homes. Many of us use fabric softener on our T-shirts and other clothes to eliminate static cling, to make clothes softer and to give them a great scent. In fact nothing smells as good to some people as the smell of freshly laundered clothes that have treated with fabric softener. Whether or not you are a lover of fabric softener, you’ve probably asked yourself exactly how it is that fabric softener actually makes clothes softer. It is all a matter of chemistry.

Fabric softeners are a combination of water, oily conditioning agents, fragrances, dyes, emulsifiers to hold it all together and preservatives to maintain it. This combination coats the fibers of the T-shirt material with a type of lubrication, which causes it to feel softer, smell better and reduces static cling. Without this lubrication, the fibers of a T-shirt are rougher and feel more uncomfortable to the touch and for the person wearing it. The most important part of the fabric softener is the conditioning agent. This substance is positively charged and therefore adheres well to fabric that is negatively charged and subsequently makes all the difference to the feel of the item of clothing.

Newer versions of fabric softener even offer extra bonuses for your wardrobe. They can provide stain protection. They can reduce wrinkling that occurs in the washer and dryer. They can even facilitate ironing. Fabric softener can solve problems we didn’t even know we had.

Fabric softeners do a great job of making a T-shirt extra soft, however there are some downsides to their use. Their environmental impact is questionable. Some of the chemicals in them are even known to be dangerous. Therefore, it makes many people wonder about the wisdom of putting such chemicals next to their skin all day, every day.

Luckily there is more than one way to ensure that you have a nice soft T-shirt next to your skin. By buying higher quality T-shirts you will have softer more luxurious cotton in what you wear. Cotton grown in certain parts of the world, like Egypt and Arizona, is known for its softness and high quality. In addition, combed cotton, another high quality product, is cotton that is combed through more than usual before being made into fabric. This ensures that the harder parts of the cotton fiber are removed, leaving touchably soft cotton only.

If you want to minimize the use of fabric softener and still have irresistibly soft T-shirts, invest in custom-made T-shirts of high quality. By choosing to go with custom-made T-shirts you can choose the design, color and style you want in the quality cotton you want too. In fact, you can even get a T-shirt made that educates others on the use of fabric softener.

Get your super soft custom-made T-shirt today and be free to choose whether or not you want to use fabric softener.

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