What to Wear on Vacation in Europe


If you are planning a trip to Europe you are in for a wonderful time and will experience things that you may never experience again. What is very important when you do visit Europe though that many Americans may not take into consideration is the way you dress. If you go looking like ‘an American’ you will be labeled as such and you could miss out on a whole bunch of things as many Europeans are on the stuffy side and will tend to judge you by the way you dress. So how should you dress when on vacation in Europe?

Europe is a big place and depending on where you are going it could be hot and balmy or cool and crisp so it pays to be prepared for anything. Here are some tips for how you should plan on dressing when you are getting ready to head over to Europe:

•    Classy cloths: Again, many Europeans will judge you solely on the cloths you are wearing. Unfortunately for you, the bulk of the people you will meet in Europe are hotel workers, restaurant worker, and so on. In order to get the good rooms, good tables, and good food you should always dress as though you have it coming to you.
•    Slacks as opposed to jeans: Jeans started gaining popularity in the 1990s in Europe but there are still a great number of places that won’t even let you cross the threshold if you are wearing a pair. A nice pair of comfy slacks made of wool and polyester will have you feeling and looking great and will be much more excepted wherever it is you go in Europe.
•    Dress in layers: This goes back to the point about being ready for any type of weather and climate. Europe has the tendency to even change from town to town when it comes to temperature, humidity, rain or shine, you name it. A great way to be prepared is by layering your clothing. What this means is that you are simply going to wear items that can easily be removed and then added back as the weather permits. Always start off with the most layers on in the morning and then adjust as the day goes on.  Make sure that you look great no matter what layer you may find yourself in.
•    Shoes: Europeans love their shoes and you will notice a great number of them looking at your feet way before they ever look into your eyes. The most important rule with shoes in Europe is to have a pair that is already broken in. If you look like you just bought them to fit in, you’ll be a dead giveaway and almost instantly be labeled as ‘the American.’ Be aware of what shoes you are wearing with your outfit and as cozy as those old white sneakers are, leave them at home.

Europe is definitely a wonderful place to visit and your trip can be even more enjoyable if you follow the local rule; cloths make the man. Dress classy and comfy and you will never go wrong.

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